seated ballerina.

LOVE TAZA seated ballerina 9375-6

eleanor and samson have been killing it at tennis camp in the mornings this past week (feeling so proud of them!) and it’s been extra sweet getting to have our mornings with just conrad. we try our best to really make time to do things throughout the year with each of our kids individually or one on one, but having a full week of mornings with just conrad has been wonderful.

on one of these mornings, we swung by the seated ballerina by jeff koons that is at rockefeller center for a few more days (until the 17th!) to see the 45-foot-high inflated sculpture in person! i’d seen so many photos of it, but it truly was unbelievable to see in person. conrad was especially taken back and kept giggling when he looked up at her, pointing at her blue shoes while waving and yelling out, “hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!” i love him.

LOVE TAZA seated ballerina 9375-5LOVE TAZA seated ballerina 9375-11

conrad said at one point while we were beside the sculpture almost underneath it, “she’s looking at me!” and i thought it was so sweet. kind of magnificent to see a sculpture larger than life that is also looking down and almost over you.

LOVE TAZA seated ballerina 9375-4LOVE TAZA seated ballerina 9375-8LOVE TAZA seated ballerina 9375-9LOVE TAZA seated ballerina 9375-2LOVE TAZA seated ballerina 9375LOVE TAZA seated ballerina 9375-10LOVE TAZA seated ballerina 9375-12LOVE TAZA seated ballerina 9375-7LOVE TAZA seated ballerina 9375-14LOVE TAZA seated ballerina 9375-13

i loved how the seated ballerina looked entirely different from the other side. almost like she was in a mid stretch or moving between dance moves.

LOVE TAZA seated ballerina 9375-3

also, does this get anyone else crazy excited for the rockefeller center christmas tree that will be up in approximately 4-ish months?!


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  1. Rena

    For sure she was looking at Conrad! I do understand you enjoyed the week only with Conrad, thanks a lot for the lovely pictures.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Brittany

    So cool- it looks HUGE! Love your floral top too!

    Xo, brittany
    My Nordstrom sale picks are on my blog today!

  3. Hope

    Haha I love your comment at the end – I’m always ready for that giant Christmas tree and this summer heat has me wishing it would come sooner!

  4. Tracy

    Always waiting for the tree!

  5. Kelly Laws

    I have been in such a Christmas mood recently!! Never been to NYC, but love living vicariously through your family–especially at Christmas! xo

  6. Elaine

    I want to see the pictures from tennis camp even though Conrad is pretty cute! xoxo

  7. Maria

    This looks amazing!

    I hope your week of alonetime mornings
    turns out wonderful.

    Maria ||

  8. Alison B

    We were in NY last week for a short 5 days. I am so appreciative of your blog! Even more so after our trip. It was our first trip and your blog was a huge resource to us! I loved seeing so many things I’ve read about that you have posted. A wonderful resource for eating!! We packed in so many things in our short stay! Thank you for taking the time to document pieces of your life for the rest of us to enjoy! My favorite and our oldest daughters (16) was visiting The Met. The rooftop museum was breathtaking! Julianas pizza after our walk across the Brooklyn bridge was beyond delicious and the best $20 spent!

  9. Ellie

    Sooo excited for Christmas since my military husband will be with us again at the beginning of next year!!!!

  10. Aah one on one time is the best! I’ve just had my 3rd baby, and it will be lovely to spend some time with him whilst my others are at school, and also when he gets older :-) Lovely snaps as always Naomi

  11. The scale of the ballerina is so striking, and I also love how it looks from different perspectives :D I can’t imagine what kind of experience it might have been for little Conrad! // Oh I’m so excited for Christmas :3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  12. Lauren

    YES!! Getting so excited for fall! I went to NYC for the first time last thanksgiving and it was beyond magical and I can’t wait to go back!