rowing on the hudson river + swimming in lake george!

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love taza ROWING

while we were up in the adirondacks last week, we took a row boat out on the hudson river, which was really beautiful. the kids had a lot of fun taking turns rowing the boat, and steered us towards a tiny island in the middle of the river that had some trees and rocks on it. so we spent about twenty minutes exploring the little island while picking up muddy dirt and throwing tiny pebbles into the river before getting back in the boat and rowing up and down the river some more. it felt incredibly peaceful out there (thanks to minimal arguing from the kiddos about who was rowing next)!

love taza ROWING-6love taza ROWING-2love taza ROWING-3love taza ROWING-4love taza ROWING-5

josh was on the crew team in high school and also at columbia during college for a bit, so this is his thing for sure. haha. i love how happy being in even a tiny rowboat on the water makes him. this is totally his jam. it’s adorable to watch.

love taza ROWING1love taza ROWING LAKE GEORGElove taza ROWING LAKE GEORGE1-3

an early morning dip into lake george were something our papa looked forward to on our very first morning. the kids were brave and went down to the water with him and got in up to their knees, but only conrad was willing to head far out and swim with him!


love these next couple of photos of conrad and papa!


and this one of my favorite. because after they swam together and came back towards us, conrad kept saying, “papa strong!” and making this motion with his arms and hands to show us what he was talking about. i think he felt very safe out there in the cold deep water on his papa’s back, and it was so sweet to see him articulate it all as they came back in together.

have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. Clare

    Last year, my husband and I decided that we were not going to have children–a decision that was hard for me, but for a variety of reasons, is the right one for us. Because it was a little painful and pointless to read about parenting and children, I unfollowed a bunch of blogs that focused mostly on those topics… but for some reason, didn’t feel like unfollowing yours–even though you talk mainly about your family’s adventures!

    Over time, I have realized that your blog stands apart because of your clear adoration of your little ones and husband; not a post goes by without you saying how much you love them, how you can’t get enough of their cuteness, how incredible and unique they are to you… It reminds me of how my own parents have always expressed their love of myself and my siblings, and of how essential that unconditional love within the family is for the well-being of all people.

    Thank you for spreading some of that light and love to the rest of us!

  2. Mollie

    The rowing looks like a blast! I bet the kids loved swimming in the lake. Swimming in lakes and ponds growing up yield some of my favorite childhood memories! What a fun trip.

    xoxo Mollie

  3. Sophie

    Hi! Such nice pictures!! :) I don’t know if you have talked about that before – but what kind of lense did you use for these pictures? Thank you so much!! Greetings from Berlin, Sophie

  4. hanna

    The scenery is so pretty –Hanna Lei

  5. these pictures just scream summer. looks so peaceful!

    xo, brittany
    our july wishlists on my blog today

  6. conrad is the cutest. no wait, all your children are loveeeeee!

  7. Teresa

    I love these images and how much fun you guys are having. It looks like you guys had an amazing time!

  8. Kim

    How adorable! I was hoping to visit Lake George someday, since I’m just 1-2 states away in Connecticut!!

    Simply Lovebirds

  9. Heidi

    What kind of lens do you use? What is your favorite to use?

  10. Lauren

    Love these photos! Time outdoors is something I always looked forward to as a child. I’m getting ready to take my little family out to Mammoth this summer and I can’t wait to get out on the water. Just out of curiosity, which camera did you dare to take out on the water?