our 4th of july in the city!

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 20171

i hope you all had a very happy 4th of july! we started ours off with festively decorated bikes and scooters for a little children’s parade that went down in central park! by the way, if you were ever wondering, i’m totally that mom who runs over to michael’s right before they close the night before the 4th to load up on supplies for said decorating. while to some that might make me sound like the biggest procrastinator ever who doesn’t have her anything together, i’m happy to report that this meant everything was 50% off! so you know, jokes on anyone who bought it all at full price weeks ago. JUST KIDDING! but you know, it did help me feel better considering i really am a procrastinator and really don’t have my anything together! ;)

our little family spent 10 consecutive hours outside yesterday (with just one little stop to drop off the bikes and pick up the stroller) and honestly, it was exactly what we needed. seeing friends, hitting up splash pads and playgrounds all over the city with a little pizza and ice cream in there, too. and it’s never as fun to blog about, but there were some healthy salads and snacking on peppers and grapes in there as well, so the day was a rather well balanced one if i do say so myself. :)

some of my favorites from the day!

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 20171-6

that serious conrad face! he did not want to take that sucker out of his mouth!

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 20171-11

all lined up and ready to go!

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 20171-7LOVE TAZA 4th of july 20171-10LOVE TAZA 4th of july 20171-9

that tiny spec up in the tree would be my son, samson. the years he’s taken off my life aren’t a joke! but his adventurous spirit is one of the things i love most about him.

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 20171-8LOVE TAZA 4th of july 20171-2LOVE TAZA 4th of july 20171-3LOVE TAZA 4th of july 20171-4LOVE TAZA 4th of july 20171-5LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-7

these faces!

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-25

grabbing a slice for lunch at pomodoro’s in nolita!

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-24LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-19LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-23LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-26

still one of my favorite corners in all of manhattan.

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-18

tip toes all day every day. you don’t have to try to poke fun of it in the comments, it’s been a long time running joke already over here because i just don’t ever realize i’m doing it.

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-14

seeing this beautiful friend and her sweet babies is something i always look forward to, even if it’s not as often as i’d like because we both seriously struggle syncing up our schedules and making it happen regularly. if you could see the amount of times we tried over the past year! haha. finally, though, we made it happen again. and vowed to make it happen more. love you, latonya.

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-15

never met a splash pad he didn’t like!

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-16

and i’ve never met an ice cream cone i didn’t like. these ones from taiyaki in chinatown were delicious!

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-17LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-8LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-9

subway robots! making blast off flying sounds. and a papa that is so playful all the time with his kids, it really is something i so admire about him.

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-10LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-11

had to include this photo of samson’s empty lemonade cup because we ran into two of the cutest little sisters ages 8 and 10 who had a little cookie and lemonade stand on the corner. we bought some of their cookies and lemonade and asked them about what they were going to do with all the money they earned. they were like, “well, we’re wanting to spruce up our room with a few new touches.” haha! then they went on to tell us about a hanging chair for reading they were saving up for! their parents told them they would pay for the installation and labor if the girls paid for the chair.  the chair is around $200 and they said  according to their calculations, they should meet their goal after 5 days selling this week! i was so impressed with them. josh asked them if they had done lemonade stands before and the older one replied that the last time they did it, they earned money to donate it to a charity in colombia when they had the flooding there (their mom is from there). we were really really impressed! 

anyway, here’s a fun throwback to when samson and eleanor did a hot chocolate stand to help save the bats because i had totally forgotten about that until we passed these cute girls on the street and eleanor told them about her hot chocolate stand from last year! i just watched the bat video for the first time since i posted it last fall and gosh i love those kids of mine and their passion for all things bats!

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-12

when we’re walking somewhere and i’m holding the camera and i call out, “josh!” this is what he does! hahahahaha! like, within .5 seconds of me saying his name!

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-6

sparklers! one of our favorite parts of any fourth of july!

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-4LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-2 LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-3LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017 LOVE TAZA 4th of july 2017-5 happy 4th of july! it’s an exciting month for us, with our move coming up, and plans to stay put in nyc for the entire month to really take advantage of summer in the city. it really is the most wonderful time of the year. happy summer, friends!

PS. wearing this skirt and this t-shirt with these red sandals.

  1. oh, such a blast! you and your sweet fam always look like you’re having so much fun!

    i love you and your friend’s coordinating outfits as bookends in that photo!

    xo, brittany
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  2. ev

    that corner looks enchanting! is it near the pizza place?

  3. Allison

    Regarding the tiptoes, I do that too! Although I wasn’t a dancer like you, so if anything, mine is much weirder. Don’t worry though–you’re not alone in the tiptoes!

  4. Elizabeth scher

    What fun! I always enjoy reading your posts.
    What brand Samson and Eleanor’s sandals? Also, conrads shirt?

  5. zalinel

    I love your family so much, you are one of my greatest inspirations as a mom and wife :)

  6. lisa

    I tried googling the kids parade and can’t find any info. I’d love to go next year! We also live on the UWS. It looks so cute, let me know if you have a link. thanks!

  7. Cortney

    why poke fun at the tiptoes?? haha it looks cute in pictures and if it happens naturally then that’s even better! glad your sweet fam had a good holiday!

  8. filicia

    all the photos from this particular day are so sweet and lovely. i love the festive decoration and the sparklers one especially even though I am not American.

    Happy 4th of July!

  9. Teresa

    Oh I just think there’s no better place to celebrate the fourth than in NYC! It looks like you guys had an amazing time!


  10. Ali

    Looks like those scooters are the only way to go! What kind are they?

  11. Kandi

    These photos are amazing! Looks like you guys had a wonderful 4th of July, thanks for the share!

  12. Shealla

    Hi Naomi! I love the positivity you exude and it always looks like you guys are having the best time! I know you have a lot of people to message back, but if you get a chance, I would love to hear your suggestions on the must-dos in the city this summer. My family and I will be there at the end of July from DC. I have a 6 and 9 year old and we were hoping to check out Brooklyn and the best places to visit in the summertime. Any tips would be helpful! Thank you!

  13. Kara

    Love you pictures…always inspire me to get more creative when taking pictures of my little ones! Do you use your iPhone? Or a ‘real’ camera?
    Just curious

  14. Nadine

    Hey Naomi!

    here is Nadine from Germany :)

    I´ve been following you for years now (to that time you didn´t even have kids, crazy!:D) and I loved reading all your blog posts.

    In August I´ll be in NYC and D.C. with my family. Do you have any recommendations where we should really go during our 4 days stay in NYC or D.C.? Good food places? Good jazz clubs?
    What is you favorite corner in Manhattan? (you were talking about it in your last blogpost!?)

    I would really appreciate some tips from you and of course I already checked your NYC guide ;)

    Sunny wishes,

  15. Kim

    Such festive bikes and scooters! What a BLAST! I love it!! What lucky kids!! I hope to treat my kids with things like this… once I have kids!

    Simply Lovebirds

  16. hanna

    Happy (Late) 4th of July! –Hanna Lei

  17. Emma

    Aww I feel kinda bad for those girls with Josh asking them that. I think it’s great to donate money to charity but I also think it’s great for the parents of those girls to teach them that if they want something (the hanging chair), they can work hard to earn it for themselves!

  18. J

    I’m very intrigued! Isn’t there any other way two grown adults can earn money other than monetizing your kids’ childhoods?

    Josh is an idiot for asking those kids that, and you are similarly infuriating for sharing it like it’s a cute anecdote. But he was likely wearing a tie, so. He knows everything.

  19. Brianne H.

    Looks like you had the best 4th!!! I always love reading your blog, but this one particularly made me so happy! So full of the city, family, good food, tradition, and playfulness! It doesn’t get any better!

  20. Renae

    Oh my gosh your kids are always dressed like little models. I bet you’d love some of these boys clothes Their style looks like something you’d really like!