little letters, braids edition!

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dear hair that’s finally long enough to attempt all the braids with,
it feels like 2010 again and i welcome you back!!!

dear kesha and your new song,
thank you for sharing such an incredible and powerful piece of music with all of us. i’ve had it on repeat all week and it’s still giving me goosebumps each and every time i listen. (also, can we talk about that high note towards the end?!)

dear manhattanhenge,
after tucking my three babies into to bed, i walked myself down to midtown to watch the iconic sunset that you are at exactly 8:21pm the other night. i listened to all the music and felt all the feelings on my walk, quietly crying happy and then sad and then happy tears again as i made my way to 57th street. this week has been one the best and simultaneously one of the most difficult. and then, clouds. so many clouds and no sunset at all. looks like it’s been a week for us both. so manhattanhenge, let’s promise each other to both have a killer next 365 days so when we meet again next summer, there aren’t any tears or any clouds in sight. yes? i can’t wait. looking forward to it!

dear otter pops,
when i bought a big pack of you and pulled you out of the freezer as a surprise for my kids, samson excitedly ran to find his sister yelling, “ELEANOR! MAMA GOT US BEEVER POPS!!!!” and for some reason, it’s been hard to not call you beaver pops since. i’m sorry. he’s so cute though.

dear barcelona,
we have been counting down the weeks until our trip to spain for like nine months now and are so excited to visit you next month!  (speaking of, wanted to get all of your tips and recommendations in advance of good places to eat and things to do while we are there? i know a lot of my readers are from or have visited spain so i want your expert opinions! thank you in advance!)

dear warm homemade chocolate chip banana bread fresh out of the oven,
i’m confident you’re better than any cookie or pie or piece of cake i ever did encounter. i’m officially the most banana bread obsessed girl that ever did live.

dear everyone,
thank you for the kindest responses to when i shared a photo of our new apartment! we are so excited to move in and make it a home and continue to live our little new york dream for a little longer. i can’t wait to decorate and organize and move things around a million times and share it all with you!



this blush pink lace eyelet top (on sale!)
denim one piece  jumpsuit (worn here belted, too!)
pink suede birkenstocks
sunglasses in the color pink
wearing this matte lipstick in shade mauve


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  1. Emma

    Hi Naomi,

    Barcelona is amazing! I highly recommend Mercat de la Boqueria, it is just off La Rambla. It’s a fantastic fresh produce market in the middle of the city. Make sure to try the freshly pressed juice, it’s a perfect refresher on a hot day. Have a great trip!


  2. Brittany

    Pretty braids! And I hope your week is better than last week, mama!

    Xo, brittany
    Pretty target finds on my blog today!

  3. i’m not sure what the sad tears were about, but i know when i left the house i brought my baby home in, it was so heart wrenching. i had spent so many hours listening to fleet foxes and putting away the most precious tiny clothes one late summer with a baby in my belly and leaving the house–and particularly that room–made me so sad. it was a good move, and one i was excited about, but hard too. maybe that’s it, and maybe it’s not, but i’m sure there are so many bright days ahead for you davis’!

  4. Natali Karppinen

    You’re looking amazing in this retro chic outfit and I’m obsessed with your hairdo!

  5. Elaine

    Your new apartment looks amazing. Can’t wait to see how great you and Josh make it look. I love those fabulous moldings… and knowing you they might have been the selling point! Plus a few extra rooms. Congratulations

  6. Angela

    Barcelona is a special place for me- it was the first place that my (now husband) and I used to take weekend breaks when we were dating. It’s such a great city whether you want to hit the beach or head up high into the hills! I would recommend taking a swim up at the Olympic Stadium diving pool in Montjuic because the views are incredible and its only open in July and August for swimming! If you are planning on hitting the beach, I think the ones further up from the W hotel are most family friendly (at Sant Miquel or San Sebastia) only because La Barceloneta (the city centre one) gets pretty crowded (and a lot of toplessness from all ages happening, just as a heads up) I think you guys would love exploring the MACBA too! Parc Guell for sure for the quirkiness (in fact, all of the Gaudi designed buildings are fab) I preferred the metro to get around as it’s really easy and cheap to use but I have done the hop on and off tourist bus too to do all the main sights in a day. The El Born neighbourhood has a lot of restaurants and is probably my favourite area in the city- it just has a nice vibe! Barcelona is a real night owl city, and you’ll see people and families only setting out to eat dinner at 10pm or later. It’s just such a unique place, I hope you enjoy it!

  7. Jill

    It’s about an hour train ride from Barcelona, but visiting Montserrat was life changing. It’s a monastery carved into a hillside. You take a gondola up the mountain and there are dozens of grottos with statues from different artists. So worth the trip! Make sure to stop and buy some bread and charcuterie before you arrive and you can make a picnic out of it too!

  8. Tracy

    Love your outfit, Naomi!

    Barcelona is amazing. You need to visit La Rambla and all the small flower vendors on the street as well as the desert waffle cart. Then make your way to La Boqueria Mercat for all things amazing FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Visit Park Guell and Sagrada Familia. Buy your tickets ahead of time for both as they have long lines and not many slots open throughout the day.

    Can’t wait for the new apartment tour!

  9. Mathilde

    Casa lolea has the best homemade sangria and patatas bravas !
    Make sure to reserve because it’s always full

  10. Naomi!

    We just got back from Barcelona and I totally fell in love with the entire city (honestly my husband and I were looking at real estate!). Off the top of my head some of my favorites were Picnic for brunch and Tapas 24. I wrote all about my favorites here (not to spam! Just don’t want to write out every single restaurant/hotel/coffee shop we went to here) So I hope that is helpful! And I’d be happy to answer any other questions!


  11. Barcelona! Such a wonderful city. I’m not sure if it’s too late or not, but try and make a reservation to Tickets! It’s the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life. Seriously. We had to book two months in advance right at 6pm (reservations open at midnight, but yay time difference) and we ordered the chef’s menu and wined and dined all night long.

    Also, sad to hear you were crying on your walk. I hope everything is okay… Thinking of you!

  12. Kathleen

    Rent a car and take a day trip from Barcelona to Costa Brava. Cala De Sant Francesc is a great beach for kids with a shower and restrooms and easy parking if you get there early.

  13. Parc de la Ciutadella, Estatua de Colón and Sitges! Tibidabo park is dreamy.
    Kisses 💛

  14. Audrey

    We just got back from Barcelona!

    All the Gaudi stuff – pre-buy your tickets!

    I would definitely say for Sagrada Familia and Park Guell to pre buy tickets online. We bought the full package including the tower, and it was worth it. Park Guell, we unfortunately didn’t pre buy tix and it was sold out when we got there that day – BUT we still spent a couple of hours wandering around the Park itself. Just be prepared as it’s a little outside of the main city areas, so if you were jonesing to see the Gaudi stuff in the park, get the tickets online! (only 7Euro!) I would also pack a picnic and hang out at the park.

    We didn’t buy tickets to see the other casas that Gaudi is famous for, only looked at it from the outside.

    La boqueria is very touristy – get there a little early. However, each neighborhood has their own markets, I’d say to find another one! We went to the market in casa gracia area and it was great.

    Best tapas we had was Bar Canete (you can reserve online) near Las Ramblas / La Boqueria area if you’re staying near there. The squid ink paella was amazing. Bar Ramon was more “local” and had amazing tapas as well. One of our favorite places was a place called “maitea” ( – it is a pinxtos restaurant, so they have tiny bites on display and you can pick what you want to eat and you pay per toothpick – your kids will love it! The food was amazing too. We went to San Sebastian afterwards (pinxtos is a Basque food) and Maitea was definitely really good.

    The beaches are good – stay away from Barceloneta beach (the main one) if you go, there are more family friendly ones down the road. Not to say barceloneta isn’t family friendly, but it gets very crowded and a ton of guys selling drinks and it’s a little annoying.

    Other things we loved was just exploring the Gothic Quarter and Born area. You can get really lost in the alleyways and it’s awesome. The kids will also love the Xurrerias (churros!)

    Not sure if you guys will stay up late to eat dinner at normal Barcelona times, it took me some time to get used to…but I will say it was kind of nice to go to a restaurant at 8PM (basically our 5Pm for dinner time) and not have issues getting a table!!! Also, we learned that siestas are a myth…it’s only apparently a thing in Southern Spain where it gets super hot.

  15. Soledad Camps

    Sorry, I forgot:

    Very good paella and tapas and better views.

    Can go from the port to there by cable car (teleférico in spanish).


  16. Teresa

    So pretty. I’m so excited to see all of your Barcelona adventures. Also, banana bread on repeat at my house too!

  17. Raquel

    Uou!! Maybe i’ll see you in BCN!! With the kids i highly recommend you Caixaforum (Science museum) and to eat you must go to El Nacional is so beautiful!! Hope you will enjoy my city!! Love!

  18. So excited to hear you are visiting Barcelona!

    I know someone who’ll love The Parc del Laberint in Horta, and it’s a relatively secret spot for tourists too ;)

    You should have dinner in Arume at the Raval and brunch at Granja Petitbo. Delacrem has the best gelato in the city (coconut + dulce de leche is my favorite) and you should definitely stop for the best horchata at Sirvent if you plan to go to Parc Güell.

    Also, Parc del Tibidabo is a gem and has a carousel with the best city views.

    I could be writing recs all afternoon… Just ask if you wanna know more!

  19. Marguerite

    You absolutely MUST go to Brunch & Cake, it is a life changer. If you can make it out of the city, Monserrat is a breathtaking mountain range perfect for a day trip or even a few days!

    Have a lovely trip!


  20. julie

    I can’t believe yall are traveling again!! I feel like that’s all yall! Yall are truly some blessed individuals!!!

  21. Ana

    Hello! I’m from Barcelona! The truth is that there is so much to see in barcelona that it is very difficult to choose. You can visit the Sagrada Familia cathedral, it is spectacular, go to the Tibidabo amusement park, you can see the whole city from the hill. Stroll through the streets of gothic, born and raval neighborhoods. Go to the citadel park, there is a zoo and on weekends there are always organized activities for the family. In the mountain of montjuic, see “the magical fountain” you can go up to the castle, in summer they project films in original version .. in order, that surely you will not get bored for sure

  22. Maddy

    Can you share your banana bread recipe? I read that and my pregnancy cravings went crazy!!

  23. Sara S

    just got back from Barcelona & fell in loooooove with that city. if you’re in the mood for brick oven pizza/italian food try Mamma Mias <3 <3

    gotta give Copesetic a shout out too since we went there 3 times for breakfast, lunch & dinner (I'm gluten free & their menu impressed even my gluten loving husband).


  24. Cristina

    Dear Taza and family, Please don’t miss the best place in Barcelona to have some Spanish food and drinks, Ciudad Condal (rambla de Catalunya, 18). Make sure that you have time to visit Parque Güell, I’m sure you´ll get amazing photos with your kids there. Enjoy!!!

  25. Erin Gorman

    So excited for you to start a new chapter in the new apartment! Change is hard but necessary. As for Barcelona, I have been twice and my absolute favorite was taking a bike tour through the city and along the beach. Possibly they offer bikes for the littles. Also if you choose to tour the Sagrada Familia, do the audio tour. It helps explain the symbolism and every little detail of the massive masterpiece. Food market that was mentioned above is a must, too! I look forward to seeing all of your pictures.


  26. Margo Philipp

    The absolute best Tapas place in Spain is in Barcelona! It is called Bodega Biarritz 1881. It is super tiny and hidden in a side alley. It is totally worth the line (it looks more intimidating than it is).

    I am also a huge fan of the free New Europe walking tours if you’re wanting to learn a bit more of the history of the city. We did Barcelona’s last summer and it was wonderful. Have so much fun!!

  27. Cassidy

    Barcelona is a dream! My husband and I spent our honeymoon there last august. Tucco was our favorite restaurant for lunch, a little hard to spot but we stumbled upon it and went three times while there! It’s quiet and cozy and the staff and food are amazing. Poble Espanol is for visitors certainly, but shows what all the regions of Spain are like so you get a feel even if you can only visit Barcelona. There are so many gorgeous tapestries, beautifully intricate doors, walls covered in flowers and bright colorful fences- not to mention the cute shops! The kids would love watching the man who makes little glass figurines of animals and mermaids and such. I hope you love it as much as we did!

  28. Pam

    Your little letters are the best! They always make me see life just a tad bit different. Hope your days and weeks get better. Love ya!♥

  29. Callie

    Here are my favorites in BCN! Have fun!!

    Food: Brunch & Cake (will remind you of NYC and kids will love – sit outside on the sidewalk!), Cuines in Santa Caterina market (local, but large menu so good for kids), Tapac 24, and El Informal, any of the Tragaluz restaurants

    Do: do one of the big red bus tours – I know they are touristy, but it’s such a great way to see the city and get your bearings. Must go to La Boqueria but do it early. If you can, eat at El Quim de la Boqueria or Bar Central in La Boqueria if you can find seats. Also, walk along the beach and through the Gothic and Born areas – so picturesque. Check out all of the Gaudi stuff, especially Sagrada Familia! Tibidabo would be fun with the kids too!

  30. Kristie

    This casual look is adorable. The braids and sunnies are giving me a serious 70s vibe. I’ve never been to Spain but traveling always enriches life in some way. Hopefully, this will as well. Have fun and can’t wait to see the pics!

    • josh

      So helpful. Thanks for letting us know!

  31. Bego

    Kid friendly Ialian restaurant in Barcelona: la mafia se sienta a la mesa.
    Good plan with children: the aquarium + beach.

  32. Bego


  33. V

    Oh I love your braids! I’m currently waiting for mine to get that long again. Having a crazy amount of baby hairs made me cut it all off with my first child. I’m not making that mistake again (second bub due very soon).

  34. hanna

    So excited for you and your new apartment! –Hanna Lei

  35. Ela

    Hej Naomi,
    how do you feel about a new little hair-tutorial? Your braids look fantastic :)


  36. Vanessa Pellisa

    dear taza and family! I’m so happy to hear you are coming to my hometown! It’s so exciting!!!!! yeah!!!! I’m a long-time fan of your blog (I started reading it after I purchased an elastic headband from your shop to attend a family wedding!loooong ago!)
    Barcelona is wonderful, but crazy in summer. Expect sweltering heat and crowds in the city center. Ramblas is terrible unless you go there very very early and you’ll find very few Catalans walking them, but Rambla Catalunya and Passeig de Gràcia are a whole different story (friendly comfortable walking areas which double as great shopping destinations and endlessly rewarding facade-wise).
    Here are some off the beaten path suggestions:
    Take the FFCC to Vallvidrera and enjoy the view and the pretty villas from the top of the hill. Then hop on to the train again and stop at Sarrià. Sarrià is pure uptown cool: take a kid-friendly stroll around the old part of the neighbourhood, have vermut in a terrace and enjoy its cute stores – then hop onto FFCC Metro and head straight to barri de Gràcia to experience a hip more laid-back version of a yet-another kid-friendly, cute-stores-by-the-dozen, terrace-filled neighbourhood.
    If there’s any energy left on the day:
    Walk from Barceloneta metro station to hotel Vela (walking is better than bike riding here- it’s a short promenade) and when you reach the hotel, climb up the concrete stairs to its right- a breath of fresh air! and finish of at Cal Maño for some delicious tapas.

  37. Chelsea

    We just got back from Barcelona a week and a half ago. We went with our two kiddos, ages 2 and 4 months. We loved visiting the Barcelona Zoo and the nearby park, the Sagrada Familia is a must, La Boqueria off La Rambla is an amazing market not to be missed, and we enjoyed El Nacional for food (in addition to non-stop tapas and pinxos, of course!) Other than that, we loved just wandering the streets in the Gothic Quarter and seeing all the amazing little alleyways and shops.

  38. Mireia

    Hi Naomi!

    I am delighted that you will visit my city next Agust! In 2014, I had the opportunity of meeting you when you recorded one of your videos about NYC in the area of Dumbo, Brookling and now, I am impatient that you come to visit this great city! I’m sure you will love Barcelona!

    If you have the opportunity, you should rent a car to visit the villages of the Costa Brava (Cadaqués, Calella de Palafurgell, Tamarit …) The northern Mediterranian coast is really worthwhile, too. The city of Girona which is one hour from Bcn and not far from the coast villages I mentioned, has also a lot of charm…for me it’s beautiful! The old city ( mainly the Jewish neighbourhood and the walls) is just wonderful!

    In Barcelona there are many places for dinner but I would like to recommend you some restaurants that I love in the city: El Nacional, Petra, Chéri, Tunateca, Oval, Cu-Cut Gastronomic tavern, Toyo, cup&cake….

    I hope this information will be useful you! Enjoy my city!
    If you need some information you can send me an e-mail! ☺



  39. Mireia

    Sorry, I forgot

    Cala De Sant Francesc, in Blanes ( Costa brava) is a good beach for kids! It’s my favourite near Barcelona!

    Cosmocaixa ( science museum for kids)




  40. I had Kesha’s song on repeat when it came out! So powerful. // Loving the windows of your apartment! When my roomie and I first moved into our apartment, we had cheese and crackers on the floor for dinner the first night :P // I’ve seen those sunnies everywhere! I’ve been wondering whether they’re actually functional as sunnies. Are they? At the very least, they look super cool! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


    Hi naomi! Barcelona… ♥️ You have to visit Tibidabo amusement park, walk along the ramblas, eat in El Nacional and La Boqueria, visit El Born, La Sagrada Familia, Parque Güell, of course … and I would recommend you visit the Costa Brava because it has Awesome places! I travel to New York for the first time next month …. a dream!A greeting ♥️

  42. Teresa Carles is a very nice restaurant in Barcelona, where you can make your own saladbowl with everything that’s on their menu. It’s vegetarian, and reallllllly good!

  43. Caroline

    Go to Brunch and Cake in Barcelona!! They have several locations. Best brunch I have ever had!

  44. Tily

    I think you will love Barcelona. Be prepared for the heat. It’s an amazing city and i am sure you will enjoy it thoroughly. All the Gaudi buildings are amazing, especially the cathedral. The queues move fast so don’t worry. Try the Paella dish or any other local that seems interesting. I would recommend using the metro – check to see if you can buy ay passes or something similar. Also the cable car that hoes up to the hills from the beach is amazing – but try to buy the tickets online beforehand. It’s crazy slow and we gave up… Looking forward to reading your impressions of the city. I am personally looking forward to going back with my little one.

  45. Sara

    There’s an amusement park on top of a mountain called Tibidabo and it is so so fun! Great for kids–you take a vernacular to get there, it is such a unique little experience.
    For lunch one day go to bo-de-bee, awesome little salad place with really delicious options when you need a break from all the meat and cheese. La Boqueria and Parc Guell like most people said above are not to be missed!

  46. Jess

    Brunch and Cake is an amazing place for breakfast/brunch! The food is amazing and presented so beautifully. It is very busy though so either go right when it opens or be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes for a table. Highly recommend!

  47. Sierra

    I love this outfit and your hair looks amazing. I love braids but I am not really any good at them :( I can’t wait to hear about your time in Barcelona! My husband and I may be going to Barcelona and Madrid in September. Beautifully Candid

  48. Katie

    You can’t go wrong with any of those suggestions in Barcelona. There is so much and so much of it can be done with kiddos. I wish I was going back again a million more times. Hotel Market is fab as is La Bocqueria and really, everywhere. La Sagrada, yes!

  49. Courtney Nielsen

    La Boqueria oMqercat (Market) is essential!! We stayed right next to the Cathedral of Barcelona and could walk there easily so we went pretty much every morning. The most beautiful and delectable fruits you have ever seen-and $1 a cup! It was unbelievable.zzzmgt

  50. Oh How great you’re coming to Barcelona, can’t wait to see our city through your eyes!

    For visits if you have time I would make sure to include Palau Güell, which is less known but so interesting & in the city center. Although of course Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell & La Pedrera are a highlight.

    The Cactus garden is my favorite in the city & you’ll have city views too before getting there.

    A fun tapas place is Moritz beer factory, a locals favorite is Polleria Fontana in Gracia district (a shopping area). A cute coffee place for the kiddos is Pudding.

    We have lots of recommendations in our Barcelona guide here: :) in case you fancy some more tips & to watch our Barcelona videos too! <3

  51. shannon

    you will LOVE Barcelona! go to the beach where everyone will be naked :) and obviously go to Gaudi’s cathedrale and Park Guell. And brush up on your Spanish! Barcelona took my breath away, lots of fun memories there.

  52. Deepti Mendiratta

    Hi Taza,

    I love following your blog and look forward to it. We are visiting New York first week of August. I was looking for some suggestions for places we should see in New York City with a 2.5-year-old.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

  53. Hanna

    Can i just please be a little bit boring and point out:
    Please stop travelling so much! You know that all those flights that are done by all of us in the rich part of the world really are the worst CO2 bombs that are the easiest to something about!! Be a good rolemodel for your kids and your readers! I once worked in the UN, and se often discussed that making people fly less is one of the most difficult challenges. Every step counts for the planet; counting on you!


    You will love Spain for sure!! Barcelona is a very beautiful city although Madrid is better for me. Maybe next time!! Spain in general is a special country, full of beautiful cities and places.I think you will love our way of live and specially the food (at less I hope that!!) Enjoy!
    Regards from Spain

  55. Sara

    Hi Naomi, I’m from Barcelona. All recommendations above are great. August is pretty hot, make sure you go to places early in the morning just to avoid crowds and hot temp. Please let me know if you need help when in the city!

  56. sarah

    Oh, my heart! We just moved back to Austin from Barcelona 2 weeks ago! I have 3 kids as well all similar to your kids’ ages, and BCN is SUCH a family friendly city! Some of our favorites were Mt Tibidabo (adorable, vintage amusement park with amazing views of the sea and city), the Cosmocaixa science museum, the zoo (perfect afternoon: walk through the Arc de Triumf, picnic in Parc Ciutadella, and then head into the zoo. You can also bring in your own food to the zoo), and I would absolutely recommend seeing a concert at Palau de la Musica. The afternoon shows are kid friendly and it is one of my favorite memories of our time there. It’s breathtaking inside! And of course, Parc Guell, La Sagrada Familia, the Magic Fountain, Montjuic (must go to the public pool- breathtaking views!), and the neighborhoods of El Born, Gotic, and Raval. If y’all are into hiking, I’d recommend Puig Castellar. Amazing views of the city, sea, and Montserrat. Plus, there are some small ruins of the first iberic settlers up there- so cool! Just go really early in the morning before it gets hot. If y’all want to escape the city, head up to Costa Brava. Finally, I’d recommend going to Girona, especially the Jewish quarters. Have so much fun!!! Que te vaya bien!

  57. Claire

    Hello Naomi &co!

    I have to comment this post because I really love Barcelona (and also because little letters’ posts are my favorites let’s be honest).

    I’m not very into touristic things and I hope I can give you some advices that you can’t find on the main travel books (even if i’m a tourist myself in barcelona).

    I really really love the neighborhood of Grácia, for me it’s the best. You can just hang out on the streets, visit all the good shops (that you will absolutely love I’m sure) and eat such good foods. Take the time to live on the spain schedule and to go to the restaurant and bars around 2pm if you can. You have to eat tapas, no excuse! (

    From Grácia you can go to the Park Güell, a must even if it’s so crowded.

    The former factory of Can Batlló is also such a special place (

    The Mercado (Mercat in catalan) La Boqueira is so beautiful and I can’t wait to see all the beautiful pictures you’re gonna take in there (and the food is so good).

    Two more neighborhoods that i love : Poble-Sec et Poblenou.

    And if you rent a car you can go to Sitges, beautiful place on the sea.

    Hope to have been somewhat helpful. You’re gonna love Barcelona. Que tengas un buen viaje familia Davis! Disfrute!

    Best from France,

  58. Kalli

    I just got back from studying in Spain for a year and it’s the best country! A few musts have to be:
    Rosa Negra for the best burritos of my life, they have the perfect sauces
    Montserrat is a gorgeous monestary in the hills with such interesting rock formations
    All of the markets serve fresh juices for only €1!
    I also loved spying the different animal shaped gargoyles on the cathedral of Barcelona
    It is truly such a magical city with so many sights to explore!

  59. Shannon

    Hey Davis’!

    So I can’t resist commenting as my husband and I are Coloradans that have been living in Spain for a year and a half now (though we’re spending the summer in Istanbul currently). We love Barcelona and Spain in general and I don’t want to repeat all of the great recommendations you’ve already gotten and have surely read in other places, but I do want to go ahead and echo one – the Palau de la Música Catalana is stunning inside and out (but don’t miss the inside! I think you would really love the interior so make sure you get your tickets for a tour in advance as that’s absolutely necessary.).

    Also, I’d recommend going inside and on the roof of La Pedrera, also known as Casa Milà. It’s a main Gaudi site and worth going in and to the top of for sure.

    Finally, the very top Barcelona, and possibly Spanish, sight, in my opinion would be La Sagrada Familia, in particular the interior. It is truly something else and you must experience it to believe it. Please do this while in Barcelona, you won’t regret it!

    Enjoy the rest of July in New York and getting settled in your new apartment and then your time in Spain! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  60. Lauren

    I LOVE Kesha’s song “praying!” I’ve had it on repeat for over a week as well. She is so Christlike. She had been through so much and is forgiving Dr Luke for what she has done to her. So strong. Did hear her song “woman?” ANTHEM.

  61. Dunia

    Hola, Naomi!

    We just spent a couple of month in Barcelona visiting my family. I am born and raised there but now living in Boston. My kids love Barcelona, they are 5 and 2.

    I would definitely recommend all Gaudi architecture, from the Parc Guell where the kids can run free to all the buildings downtown. And La Sagrada Familia is a must, my daughter was really impress with the “magic colors” in the inside.

    I would ride the Funicular to go to Montjuic and have the kids run around there. you will also find the Fundacio Miro (painter and sculptor Joan Miro), which is really fun for the kids. At nigh they have a show called La Font Magica. It is a show with lights, colors and music that the kids will enjoy. The fountain is located in Plaza Espana,

    Oh, and the CaixaForum and Cosmocaixa are good for kids too!

    If you need any more kid friendly activities, let me now!

  62. Lucas

    Hello Naomi,
    Just a few recommendations: Boqueria and Las Ramblas are places to visit just once, they are very crowded and you won’t find any local people there. Try any market in other quarter, like Mercat del Ninot o Mercat de Sants to really experience the local vibe.

    Brunch and Cake is a place for tourists. We don’t do brunch! I’d go to any Catalan restaurant instead. Delacrem is just in front of this place and you will find the best ice cream there.

    To find places to go with kids, check this web:

    There are a lot of amazing parks in Barcelona, Hort-Laberint is one of tem. And Samson would love the train in this one:

    If you are planning to go to the beach, try to go some place near Barcelona, like Sitges or Vilanova.

    I hope you have a great time!


  63. Irene

    Hi Naomi,
    I love your blog and yet this is my first comment – Being from around Barcelona, I just had to write a comment this time 😉
    I’ve read some of the readers above and they have already given you so many good advices, you cannot go wrong with any of the tips they gave you.
    I would just add a must in Spain: Hot chocolate with churros or melindros (my favourite is Cacao Sampaka and Chocoa, more traditional is Granja Pallaresa in carrer Petritxol).
    I can’t wait to see your pictures. Have a great time!

  64. Ene

    Hi! I don’t live in Barcelona, but I’m from Spain and I’ve been there 4 times. I’m agree with all the recommendations (specially with buying all the tickets before and avoiding to eat in Las Ramblas: the food should be very expensive and not good.
    In Spain we have a typical sweet: turrón. We eat it in Christmas, but you can find it now. Also, you have to taste turrón ice cream. Trust me, I’m sure you’ll love it!
    Another typical catalonian sweet are panellets. La Colmena Bakery make a good ones. Ans its shop window is amazing.
    Although you’ll go to Casa Batllò and La Pedrera in the morning, is totally recommendable to walk there at night and see the front of buildings completely illuminated.

    Enjoy your travel!

  65. Jill

    I love these letter posts. And the beaver pops thing is adorable!

  66. Aida

    Hi family! You can’t miss cadaques, figueres and cap de creus in costa brava, it is wonderful! And if you had time, el vall de nuria is great for going with kids, as well as diferent areas of the pirinees.
    Enjoy your trip!

  67. Alli

    DEFINITELY get to Tibidabo in Barcelona!! I feel like a lot of people pass it up… or maybe don’t know about it?! But when my husband and i went about 8 years ago, a local on our flight from Madrid to Barcelona told us we HAD to get there, and it is by far one of the coolest places in Barcelona! We can’t wait to go there again this time with our three little kids, so im looking forward to seeing everything you guys do!

  68. BC Nguyen

    Hi Naomi, El Born is a magical neighborhood in the older part of the city. If you decide to go, an outdoor table for tapas at either Santagustina or Tantarantana is awesome. We’ve been there with kids and the squares where the restaurants are located provide such a great ambience for yhe adults and lots of stomping grounds for the toddlers. We also love the majestic fountain at the parc ciutatvella. We love Sitges for a day trip. Plaja d’Aro for overnight trip. I think along the coast there are many options for camping with great facilities that are very kid-friendly,

  69. BC Nguyen

    oops I mean the Costa Brava coast. Hope you have a great time here!