late night date.

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josh and i had one of those date nights last week where we were still sitting in a restaurant downtown at 10:45PM and as parents, it felt so rebellious and thrilling and fun to be a part of that sort of nighttime nyc scene that we really aren’t at all a part of these days. i know i’ve talked before about how we try hard to squeeze in date nights every so often because we find them to be so important for our relationship and marriage, but it’s just that when we do go out, we’re usually home fairly early. we’re just too tired! and sleep! sleep is such an incredible godsend when you have little ones at home.

we had dinner at minetta tavern, a special spot josh has been wanting to go to for years so it was fun to finally make it happen (it was great! we recommend it!). before dinner, we wandered all around the west village talking and taking in the scenes around us. it was a good night, and one of those summer nights where new york felt really special.

we don’t often take the camera out with us on date nights, but i’m so glad we did on this night because we had a lot of fun snapping pictures like the olden days (before having kids i feel like i always loved documenting date nights more.) anyway, night time pictures are so different but kind of great in their own right.

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this handsome man is my favorite.

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i ordered the mussels and then the pasta zaza which was so good. josh ordered the endive & trevisano salad and did the black label burger because he’s back on the hunt for his best burger in nyc and anxious to try them all! he usually prefers a thinner diner style patty over the thicker bistro kind, but this one surprised him because of how great it tasted the whole way through and didn’t even need cheese because he kept saying it was so rich! anyway, that’s the burger review. (by the way, if you have any burger spots in the city worth trying, send them our way. josh is very much into finding the very best these days!) also try the pommes anna (an alternative to french fries that was amazing.)

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and this chocolate soufflé was incredible. someone at the table beside us ordered one and when i saw it i was like, “that looks like it feeds at least six people!” but then somehow josh and i plowed through the entire thing just the two of us and i was all, “never mind!”

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this little block holds a special place in my heart from a million years ago when i first happened upon it. it’s also where our family took our christmas card photos this past winter.

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summer nights in the city. hard to top. love this place and getting to explore it with my man by my side.

WEARING: this white dress with these silver sneakers and similar bandana.

  1. Rena

    I so understand you feel rebellious and you look absolutely adorable in the white dress you wore for the date night!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Kim

    Date night is soo important to keep up for relationships! I’m glad you enjoyed your time with Josh. My fiancé would love the endive burger, since he can’t have cheese anyways! Lovely pictures! I love taking pictures during my dates but I bet the wait staff think I’m crazy for it! Can’t wait to see this years’ Christmas cards, although that’s months from now haha!

    Simply Lovebirds

  3. Emma

    OOhh, I love your photos, There is a special atmosphere!!! I am crazy to go to New York.
    LOL from Barcelona,

  4. Nicole

    Isn’t it thrilling to be out late as a parent?! I love it! (But part of me misses my little guy still haha)

    • josh


  5. sally mae

    Is that the same block from the red balloon photos, way back?!?! I think I’ve been reading too long!!!! ;)

  6. Jane

    Check out Prime Meats in Carroll Gardens for one of the best burgers in the city. It doesn’t disappoint!

  7. Kate

    That little block is special to me too! My first trip to NYC, I had a work dinner at Commerce (now closed) and that street made me fall in love with the city. So much so, that I immediately made a trip back a few months later with my husband and ate there again!

  8. Maryline Mermin

    Wow beautiful pictures !
    I want visit new york !
    The parent’s life is very difficult when you have three little monsters ;)
    Your blog is very cool, i comment for the first time, i follow you since few years, since i was a teenager !
    Thank you for your work from the south of France, Hyères in the French Riviera ;)

  9. Meg

    Try Whitman’s in the East Village!
    Such a delicious burger :)

  10. Mollie

    Minetta Tavern looks so cute and the food looks incredible! Definitely it’s making me so hungry right now!! What a lovely date spot.

    xoxo Mollie

  11. Super sweet pictures! And I understand Josh’s run for finding the best burger. I’m doing the same in Copenhagen :)
    The one I liked the most, when I had the pleasure to visit two years ago, was at New York Burger Company, not far away from the High Line. It was gooooood! :D

  12. megan

    Witman’s! It’s my fav NYC burg! There’s a new one in Hudson Yards, and the first one is in the East Village. Love love love!

    • TAZA

      hitman’s sounds like a must! we’ll try it out and report back soon!!!

  13. megan

    Oh! Just noticed I have a twin commenter ALSO recommending Whitman’s! Meg’s know their burgers. :) xx

    • josh

      Haha! Will have to try this for the Megs.

  14. Marcella

    So I don’t know anything about parenting since I just graduated college last year, ha but I have always wondered do y’all just sneak out after the kids go to sleep? Or do you get a sitter even though it’s already late? Lol now I wonder if my parents ever did that. Just wondering!

    • TAZA

      we usually are the ones who put the kids down to sleep but we always have someone at the apartment while we are away incase they end up needing anything!

  15. Callie

    The burgers (and pizza!) at Emily in West Village or their sister restaurant Emmy Squared in Williamsburg are the very very best!

  16. Ashley

    Great pictures! What kind of camera do you use?

    • TAZA

      thanks ashley! we used our canon 5D mark III!

    • josh

      Thanks, Sarah. And wow! My beard was so long!

  17. Rachel Elise Simmons

    you SERIOUSLY make me want to travel to NYC! LOVE the night shots, so dark and mysterious and inviting. LOVE it

  18. Rebecca

    I second the person recommending Emily in Brooklyn. Although the burger at the original Emily is better than the one in Williamsburg and truly is he best in the city!

  19. Kate

    Love Minetta Tavern. One of my best friends lives on Minetta St. so we’ve been more than a few times. Love a good Minetta Burger and also it was on an episode of Mad Men once which made me love it even more. Love a good late night date night. Cool pics.


  20. Joann

    omigosh! Josh is my spirit animal. When my husband and I went to NYC for our honeymoon (we’re Canadians from Vancouver) I wrote a blog post exactly on my great hunt for the best burger in NYC.

    I ended up not loving the Minetta burger :( Maybe it was just too hyped for me.

    Fav = the lamb burger at The Breslin, and the burgers at Five Leaves in Greenpoint

    • TAZA

      we’ll have to put this on the list! thanks for the tip!

  21. Is that Commerce St? We love that little street too. Did you know Aaron Burr used to live on it? His old house is the one for sale right next door to Milk & Cookies!

  22. Sweet! You look so cute and happy! Amazing night!

  23. Laureen

    Love these night photos of New York! I live in Brooklyn and have been dying to capture pics like these, but I don’t know how! Would you guys ever do a tutorial on night time photography in the city?

  24. Maria

    Regarding a good burger place (maybe very juicy but it saved my slow days during my travels to NYC), try Choice Market in Brooklyn 128 Lafayette Ave, 11238 Brooklyn. They also have great coffee and very deli salads and bagels. Loved it there, met nice people. Its a bit of this rushy thing, where you wait in line when you are coming at a “wrong” time. But I guess thats something you are used to ;)

  25. Amy

    I still think the best burger in the city is at JG Melon in the UES. I’ve never tried Witman’s though, which i’ll have to give a try based on all these stellar recommendations. Looks like a very romantic and fun date night!

  26. Oh I love this post! Thanks for sharing. You and your husband are just adorable and I love that you go on dates so often! Also – that dress is so cute.

  27. I am new to your blog but loved reading this article. I admire the fact that you’re raising 3 (!!!) little nuggets in this crazy, wonderful city and hope to do the same one day. props to you and your hubby for not only going on a date night, but also for shlepping all the way downtown for that amazing minetta burger :)


  28. Kelly

    Such a fun Summer look and that spot looks amazing, I’ll have to check it out!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  29. Katie

    I love seeing your photos of NYC at night! Such a different perspective :)

  30. Jacinta

    I love that you can go out for a meal so late, and it still be so busy. Our restaurants close so much earlier in Melbourne!

  31. Rachel

    The best burger I’ve ever had is at the Brooklyn Beet Company in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Like SO amazing. Highly recommend it. I take all my company there.