girls weekend in montauk!

LOVE TAZA montauk003-7

on friday morning, i drove out to montauk with a few girlfriends who were going out for the weekend (thank you to those who gave us great recommendations on my last post!) i’d never been to montauk or really any of the beach towns out on long island before this trip and now i’m looking at the calendar like, when can we plan our return trip?!  while i stayed just one night and came back on the train saturday evening, it was the perfect amount of time to really relax and sleep and just enjoy the beautiful beach with incredible weather. the food was out of this world amazing as well (see some pics below), and of course i always come back from time away with girlfriends so refreshed and rejuvenated because these ladies listen and love and motivate and encourage in all the right ways, and i always walk away feeling so thankful for them.

my friend morgan came all the way from california to montauk for an event for her cute kids swimwear line, minnow swim, and it was the perfect excuse to make a girls weekend out of it. (also loved seeing her in her element with minnow and so proud of what she is accomplishing!).  i know i mentioned in my last post but i didn’t think i could swing time away when my friends originally started planning, but on wednesday, the text messages got really convincing and josh is such a great husband in the way he really pushes me to go and get away and have a break. he actually had beautiful sunflowers waiting in the hotel room when we arrived with a little note telling me to enjoy my time away and the gesture seriously made me start to cry. little things like that go such a long way with me and i ended up carrying those flowers all over the beach on friday because they meant so much.

anyway, below are some photos from our stay in MOMtauk (between the four of us ladies, we have 10 and a half kiddos between us), which is probably why we all crashed and couldn’t stay up any later than midnight on friday. truly, one of my favorite parts of this trip were the nine hours of uninterrupted sleep i got on friday night. that is definitely not the norm at our house even still, so i felt like a new woman on saturday!

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my friends found a cute little hotel on the water called hero beach club and they had these beds by the water that made beach naps a dream.

LOVE TAZA montauk 10

stopped by the montauk lighthouse on our way to the beach.LOVE TAZA montauk3

for those who have asked, my dress is by mara hoffman and still available here.

LOVE TAZA montauk004-2LOVE TAZA montauk 15

yummiest lobster roll at the lobster roll restaurant which i think is mostly known as lunch. lobster rolls are my favorite so i was in heaven this entire trip.

LOVE TAZA montauk2

on our way to dinner we noticed the hotel had bikes and decided a bike ride to the candy store was a much smarter decision. ;) speaking of, has anyone ever had chocolate covered swedish fish? because they were amazing, and we definitely went back for more on saturday.

LOVE TAZA montauk003-5LOVE TAZA montauk003-4LOVE TAZA montauk003-3

besides discovering chocolate covered swedish fish for the first time in here, they had a lot of great old fashioned candy among other fun treats so i got a few things to bring home to eleanor, samson and conrad the next day.

LOVE TAZA montauk003LOVE TAZA montauk003-2LOVE TAZA montauk 10-8LOVE TAZA montauk004LOVE TAZA montauk03-3on our drive to montauk on friday morning, we pulled over to target (i think we originally went in there to use the bathroom) but i walked out with this amazing ruffle wrap dress that made my day! it’s only $36.99 so that sort of made my year. my sunglasses are from here, my hat is from here (bought a few years ago and i don’t see it available anymore) and teva sandals in tan from here.

LOVE TAZA montauk03LOVE TAZA montauk 10-9LOVE TAZA montauk 10-10

my favorite meal of the trip was our lunch on saturday at 668 the gig shack where i had a lobster roll on a croissant that was out of this world. also worth noting was their tropical rice which we all loved (had coconut milk and mango in there, so naturally!)

LOVE TAZA montauk 10-2LOVE TAZA montauk 10-4

at the lighthouse on the way to the beach again! (my dress is on sale here!)

LOVE TAZA montauk 10-6LOVE TAZA montauk 10-3 LOVE TAZA montauk 10-7LOVE TAZA montauk 14

it was so strange but it felt like we had the beach to ourselves for the most part on friday. didn’t mind one bit, made it feel all the more special.

my white cover up dress is from here.

LOVE TAZA montauk 10-11 LOVE TAZA montauk 10-12

pulled out the old popsicle suit (still one of my favorites!) it’s not available anymore because it’s from a different season, but from here.

LOVE TAZA montauk 11LOVE TAZA montauk 12LOVE TAZA montauk003-8

dreamiest stay, exactly what i needed and so thankful i was able to go and have this. hopefully i’ll see you again soon, montauk! thanks for an amazing time, ladies! and josh, for holding down the fort back home so i could swing it!

  1. Natali

    I’m obsessed with all of your outfits, they’re so perfect for Summer and so retro chic! :) Great photo diary, seems like you had an amazing getaway!

  2. Bridget

    That looks like the most incredible time! That area is one of my favorites ever to visit! If you ever want to take the kiddos out to that area too (or without them even) I highly recommend checking out Sag Harbor. It’s such a cute town and there’s a lot to do – including a great new donut place (highly recommend the lemon poppy one – so good!) There’s also a monday (sometimes tuesday) free movie night playing classic movies at the Southampton arts center. Sorry I have so many suggestions all over that area, its such a dream! glad you had such a wonderful time and got a nice break!

  3. Josh is so sweet! // I had a phase in my life when I was REALLY obsessed with Swedish Fish, and during that phase, my friend bought me a whole box of Swedish Fish from Costco or something as a birthday gift! I would never have thought of pairing it with chocolate, but with your rave reviews, I’ll have to give it a try and be on a lookout for it! // I’m also still loving your popsicle swimsuit as much as ever! :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  4. Rachel

    Wish i could afford that dress!!! Do you ever still sell your old stuff on that Instagram page?

  5. Kim

    What a lovely weekend! I would love to get out to Montauk someday. It’s only an hour drive and a ferry ride for me! I love the sunflowers that you brought around and your outfits! The popsicle bathing suit is too cute!

    Simply Lovebirds

  6. hanna

    Looks like a lot of fun –Hanna Lei

  7. Your weekend adventure makes me wish for some extra time to relax and slow down this summer for a nice vacation. I’ve never had a lobster roll, but I’m moving that to the top of my list of life experiences I need to indulge in soon.

  8. Kelly

    This looks like the best weekend and I LOVE that you thanked Josh!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. Ellese

    I love this entire article!! I cannot believe that wrap dress is from Target. OMG what a great find! I need to go for a Target run now. Looked like a wonderful trip to Montauk. Xo, Ellese


  10. Candacy Rodrigues

    This looks like so much fun … where did you guys stay?

  11. Norma Ramirez

    It’s Morgan from Laguna Beach!, How did you guys meet?

  12. Georgia

    The colors on those hydrangeas are just out of this world. Don’t you love New York Summer florals?

  13. Mollie

    You guys all look like you walked straight out of a J.Crew catalog! What a fun trip. I will have to add Montauk to the list of places to visit!! Gorgeous!

    xoxo Mollie

  14. Erika

    haha morgan from laguna beach!! loved that show.

  15. Morgan

    Aww you’re too sweet to me! These photos are out of this world. Best weekend ever!

  16. vicky

    i love that you carried around your sunflowers – looks so fun there!

    love this post!

  17. Jill

    This weekend looks dreamy! I think girls trips are a must, even when they are short. Completely worth it. And how sweet of your husband to send flowers!