favorite pizza in midtown!

LOVE TAZA midtown pizza-5

josh and i had a meeting in midtown last week and so we met our babysitter at bryant park so the kids could ride the carousel and play with her there while we were away before meeting back up afterwards for some of our favorite pizza together at lunchtime!

for a minute there, it felt like the olden days when i’d load up eleanor and samson before conrad was born and head to bryant park to meet josh for lunch back in his banking days! his favorite pizza spot in midtown was little italy on 43rd (the grandma’s style!) and it was so much fun to sort of revisit that old lunchtime memory together. anyway, it’s still our favorite pizza in midtown, and i included it on this pizza map we did of our favorite pizza spots in nyc if you’re interested.

LOVE TAZA midtown pizzaLOVE TAZA midtown pizza-2

josh and samson in front of that big bank of america tower where papa used to work! it’s so funny how much we see that building pop up in movies and tv shows the last few years. it’s definitely a beautiful building.

LOVE TAZA midtown pizza-14

the pizza we go crazy for from little italy on 43rd! the place is tiny and standing room only, but it’s close to bryant park so easy to just get your slice to go and eat outside when the weather is beautiful. we love the grandma style original slice (it’s the square one!)

LOVE TAZA midtown pizza-13LOVE TAZA midtown pizza-8LOVE TAZA midtown pizza-6LOVE TAZA midtown pizza-3LOVE TAZA midtown pizza-12

making a guitar out of a paper plate and getting into the music! she kept saying, “mom, what song is this.”

LOVE TAZA midtown pizza-7

also, nothing to see here. just a whole lotta pizza grease on one of my favorite skirts thanks to a little pizza that go shoved onto mama’s lap. honestly, this is nothing my bleach pen and self can’t figure out together, and i love that sort of challenge. i poured a ton of water on it to try to lift it the best i could while still at the park and got the rest of the grease out at home later that day. also, one of the reasons i so love new york. i don’t think anyone looked twice at the spot on my skirt during the rest of our time out together.

LOVE TAZA midtown pizza-9 LOVE TAZA midtown pizza-10 LOVE TAZA midtown pizza-11LOVE TAZA midtown pizza-4

don’t even mind if the kiss lands on my nose. i’ll proudly take it!

is it so wrong that it’s not even 9AM and i am craving pizza already? happy monday, friends!

PS. here’s our nyc guide to our 5 favorite pizza spots and here is a post all about things to do in nyc during the summer with kids!

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  1. oh my goodness- conrad eating his slice! so adorable! this is making me sooooo hungry for pizza!

    xo, brittany
    the clothes moms want to live in on my blog today!

  2. Katie

    I can’t wait to get back to NYC and try out all these pizza spots. I use dry shampoo, or talcum powder, on grease stains before I put them in the laundry. Works a treat!

    Katie x

  3. Wendy

    Also, a little bit of dishwasher detergent in the wash works like a charm on grease stains.

  4. Mollie

    I have yet to check out Little Italy for pizza! Definitely the next up on my list for my upcoming visit!

    xoxo Mollie

  5. rachel

    all of a sudden samson looks five!

  6. Jenny

    I worked just up the street on 5th when I lived in NYC, and we always used to order from there on late work nights or the occasional pizza lunch! So good, I sure do miss NY pizza!

    Also, you should try dish soap for your skirt :) it works wonders on grease stains!

  7. So fun! Your probably already know this, but Palmolive and a lot scrubbing with hot water will hopefully lift the grease! Luckily it’s a patterned skirt, so any residue that’s stubborn will hopefully be camouflaged! I also love a good stain challenge! :)

  8. I can’t wait to make it back to NYC. Aside from the sites, the food is one of my favorite parts about being there.

  9. This photos reminds me my honeymoon ten years ago!!! I want to come back this september but…. I not sure, maybe, perhaps, why not…. but I have to find something not very expensive :)

    Kisses from France

  10. Kim

    Yuuuum! I love pizza! Actually just had it for my engagement party on Sunday, my first time in a looong time. I’ve been missing out!

    So glad you were able to get the grease stain out!

    Simply Lovebirds

  11. Kristen

    Oh my goodness, your kiddos are looking so grown! So glad to hear you got the grease stain out of your cute skirt, and thank you for posting your favorite restaurants. :)

  12. Love this!
    I only have been in Bryant Park in December 2005 / November 2006, and it was beautiful!
    But this, in summer, makes me wanna fly immediatelly to NYC!!

    Sofia (Portugal)

  13. Briana

    Omg, this pizza looks so good! I had some delicious pizza at Ops in Bushwick and it was amazing, but this place may be my next stop. Also, Eleanor looks just like you, Naomi. So cute!

    Briana | youngsophisticate.com

  14. Can’t wait to try this place out. It’s crazy when you live here, I get overwhelmed at all the options of fun things to do.

  15. Sarah Yake

    Love this place!!! I used to work at the Ann Taylor right around the corner and always went for my lunch break. So good!! Great post :)

  16. Jeanne

    Naomi, I have been a reader for a while. Can’t wait to learn more about the new place in NYC! Also, had to chime in and finally comment… pizza is one of our family favs too but we don’t live near too many places so I’m living vicariously through you (and now craving pizza at 9:15AM!). And… growing up, I called my father Papa, never Dad or Daddy and now, my 3 kids call him Papa too! It’s so endearing (although they call their father Daddy usually). If we ever get up the courage to take 3 kids under 10 to the City, I’ll definitely be referring to your blog for places to visit!

  17. Danielle

    How do you handle three children so well? I have a4 year old girl and 2 year old boy. With another boy on the way. My 2 year old right now is at his terrible two stage. Running away from me when we are out. Throwing tantrums, screaming, etc. lately I feel I can’t go out with them without my husband. I know he will outgrow this, but I just feel bad for my daughter who is so good. Any advice, tips? Desperate mom here. :-)