blueberry picking!

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LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-16

we went blueberry picking last week and hands down, our favorite fruit to pick for sure! we’ve picked apples and strawberries together before, but this was our first experience with blueberries and maybe it’s because i have 3 blueberry monsters on my hands (confession, the blueberry into belly over basket ratio was most definitely not on our side), but we had the best time.  we went to fish kill farms (where we have picked apples before and also strawberries), and are excited for peach season approaching because peaches are my all time favorite and i’m anxious to get my hands on some fresh ones! do you have any suggestions on where to pick peaches?

do you remember when i told you guys we came this close to buying a farm a few states away? well, we have decided that if we do eventually gravitate back towards that plan someday of owning a little bit of land, blueberries are a must! samson’s idea, mostly. but we all liked the sound of it, and agreed together on the car ride home.  in the meantime, we’ll just keep taking little excursions out of the city to get our berry picking fix!

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i loved this moment when samson held down a branch to help conrad reach some of the berries. for the amount of sibling fighting that i feel i’m constantly trying to break up these days and sort out, there sure is a lot of brotherly love in there, too.

LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-15LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-19LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-4 LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-5

that face is the face of someone who took their shoes off and knows he wasn’t supposed to. it’s his, “notice anything different, mom?” face and it kills me!

LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-30

the farm had a few bushes of raspberries left as well, so we snagged a few of them too, but ended up eating them all as we blueberry picked! we made sure to tell the cashier at the end when you pay for all your berries that they should charge us for a few extra cartons since we ate so many in our process!

LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-26LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-28LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-29LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-25LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-11LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-10 LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-14LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-20 LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-21 LOVE TAZA blueberry picking july 2017-22

a major perk of summer, berry picking for sure! we didn’t have enough berries upon returning home to make anything with, but if you berry pick and are in need of a recipe, you must check out this pie crust and fresh blueberry filling recipe that ron silver, chef and owner of bubby’s, taught my girlfriends and me how to make last summer (see all the photos from our pie baking lesson HERE.) it’s seriously the greatest and i did have visions of recreating it last week if it weren’t for my blueberry monsters that sort of devoured all remaining blueberries we picked in the car before we even got back into the city! bless them. ;)

  1. Mollie

    How stinkin’ precious is this?! What a great idea. I’ve definitely got to take my nephews to the local “pick your own” spot in town. They will love it!

    xoxo Mollie

  2. hanna

    Great photos and what looks like a fun time –Hanna Lei

  3. blueberries are my favorite! looks like so much fun.

    xo, brittany
    toddler fashion picks on my blog today!

  4. I have a confession to make – I don’t like ANY berries! I wish I could just make myself like them, because this looks so much fun (and I know everyone loooves them!)

  5. Katie

    Check out Bishop’s Orchards in Guilford, CT for peaches (and more blueberries)! Also, the BEST apple cider donuts year-round!!! Hammonasset Beach State Park is nearby, as well as the Essex steam train and riverboat. And of course, there’s Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven on your way home!

  6. Love seeing your adventures! It seems like you all make the most of your family time. Cheers to blueberries and summertime!

  7. Steph

    Berry picking in white – you’re so brave!

  8. the close up of samson is soooo adorable.

  9. Melissa

    Looks like you guys had blueberry heaps of fun! I don’t know how you and Conrad are wearing white and seemed to have gotten out of there in one white piece!

  10. Kim

    Adorable! I love all the family time you get. I’m always too scared to wear white while blueberry picking because you never know if an accident will happen where it gets stained! Looks like you came out clean!

    Simply Lovebirds

  11. Kim

    P.S. YES to everything Katie said in the comments up above ^ I live in that area in Connecticut and those are the best places :D The coast of CT is so nice.

  12. Sierra

    These pics are so adorable! I love how you guys always have the best time. That’s how life should be. It’s a tradition for us to go blueberry picking every year and we’re planning on going next week. We’re just hoping there will still be some left. Fingers crossed! Beautifully Candid

  13. Harriet

    You would love my backyard. We have so many blueberries that it’s impossible to keep up with picking them! Out of all the things I try to grow, the blueberries and kale do the best. I love the example you showed to the kids by ‘fessing up about the extra berries <3

  14. Angela

    I’ve always meant to try blueberry picking. It looks like a lot of fun. But so far, I’ve only tried apple picking.

  15. Wonderful moments! Amazing experience picking blueberries! Lovely photos!

  16. Heidi

    Where is your shirt from?

  17. Maddie H

    check out the children’s book “blueberries for sal”- your kids might live it! Is all about eating the berries while picking them!

    • josh

      Such a good book!!

  18. Melanie

    Your kids are amazingly beautiful Niomi ! xx

  19. Melanie

    Sorry, Naomi *