bikerides and splashpads and playgrounds all day!

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this post is in partnership with BAND-AID Brand. all opinions expressed are my own.

in our family, summer days mean full days spent entirely outside. and even with being a city family, that’s never stopped us from getting the most out of our adventures outside. we’ll bring out the bikes and scooters (both of which my kids have learned to ride here in nyc) and hit up several of the splashpads and playgrounds and parks that our tiny island of new york city has to offer.

i’ve learned over the last few years that the biggest secret to a successful day out with three kids in a concrete jungle which they use as their playground is being prepared for anything. we never leave home without the obvious… water, snacks, a little bit of sunscreen and our swimsuits incase we happen upon an inviting splashpad. also, a first aid kit! between raising tiny dare devils who like to climb any tree in sight or ride extra fast on their little two wheelers, being their designated person means they can trust me to have the necessary first aid products on hand at all times to fix up any cut, scrape or other minor boo boo that would otherwise hold them back from enjoying the rest of their day of play. BAND-AID Brand has all the first aid products we use in our family, which helps to keep this mama looking like i have my act together when someone runs over towards me at the playground with a fresh boo boo and some tears. it’s nothing a little kiss and some first aid can’t tackle, and for a few seconds there in my day, i definitely feel like a super hero.

sharing a few of the BAND-AID Brand first aid products we bring with us on the go below, as well as a few photos from last week when we rode bikes to a playground and splashpad to have a little fun.

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biking by the flower garden in riverside park is one of our favorites. every time we cruise by i wanna run straight home and watch an old-school romantic comedy. it’s such a great gem here in new york and one we love getting to pass on our way to one of our favorite playgrounds in riverside park.

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so we usually take all the products out of their boxes and pack them in a more compact carrying pouch so we can fit it into any size bag or backpack for the day. the BAND-AID brand SKIN-FLEX bandages are for sure the first staple to our first aid kit. i talked in more detail about them in this post, but love that they really stick to your skin making it feel like second skin. and a major perk is that you can get them wet (so helpful!) and it’ll last just fine for 24 hours!

another great thing to have is BAND-AID All-in-One Gauze Pads in medium size since our kids are proving to be the most adventurous this summer and really enjoying the task of keeping mama and papa on their toes. (samson just got rollerblades for his 5th birthday and is starting to do tricks, so…yeah.) they are best for tending to minor cuts, scrapes, and burns and help lock in the ointment with double thick layers of cushioning. and also Cloth Tape in case you need to secure anything better. (it’s really strong but you can tear it by hand and we love that it’s breathable and not made with natural rubber latex.) and gosh do we love and use our Pain + Itch + Scar Neosporin Ointment regularly in our home. i know i talked about this one a lot last year, but it’s great, so that one is a must have.

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wanted to try to show you just how thin and soft this BAND-AID brand SKIN-FLEX bandage can be which is why it feels like a second skin when you wear it. my kids always request this one now, even over their BAND-AID brand bandages that maybe have star wars characters on them! haha, they still love those too, but i think they’ve noticed just how comfortable these one feels, and are gravitating towards it for that very reason.

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ok, these two top photos might be my most favorite photos from this summer. big brother spraying little brother and those faces! happy boys!

LOVE TAZA summerdaysout0284-11LOVE TAZA summerdaysout0284

always lending a hand (or back) and it’s what i love about them! they do this sort of thing all on their own. figuring out how to make things work just the two or three of them! i admit i haven’t loved this idea of teamwork when it’s come to trying to get into top cupboards where i try to hide the treats in our kitchen, but at the playground, it’s super cute.  ;)

LOVE TAZA summerdaysout0284-2LOVE TAZA summerdaysout0284-8LOVE TAZA summerdaysout0284-7LOVE TAZA summerdaysout0284-12 LOVE TAZA summerdaysout0284-13LOVE TAZA summerdaysout0284-4LOVE TAZA summerdaysout0284-16LOVE TAZA summerdaysout0284-20 hope you all are having a wonderful summer outside!

  1. Kim

    Aww so glad you can make the most of the outdoors even while living in the city. Also happy that you guys all wear your helmets, hehe. My fiancé loves biking and has been trying to convince me to mountain bike with him. Maybe I’ll say yes this summer! Can’t wait to see all the other adventures you have in store!

    Simply Lovebirds

  2. Rena

    Oh, mostly it is definitely fun to go on a bike-tour with kids :) Love the cute pictures, thanks for sharing!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Amanda

    Is the romantic comedy you want to run home and watch You Got Mail!? I can picture the ending scene taking place right in that garden! Beautiful pictures, what a fun time! 😄

  4. Erin

    Agreed! Riverside Park = You’ve Got Mail. ❤️

  5. Joyce rein

    Where is your shirt from?? Super cute

  6. you guys always look like you’re having so much fun!

    xo, brittany
    my nordstrom sale picks on my blog today!

  7. Stacia

    I love the bike seat you have for Conrad! What brand is it? We have an almost 10 month old, so am looking for something to put on our bikes! We’re DC-based, so biking around the city is one of our FAVORITE activities. Thanks!!!

  8. hanna

    Looks like a lot of fun! Love the helmets –Hanna Lei

  9. Azzurra Bignardi

    Your pictures are amazing! The light, colours! Do you usually use a specific filter? It’s adorable!
    ps. Your blog is so cute, I love reading it and check you last photos on Instagram, thanks for sharing!! xo Azzurra

  10. Lauren

    I know you feel like you aren’t doing enough as a mother constantly, worrying about a million things at all times, being hard on yourself for so many things every day. I don’t know your life. But from what I see; you’re an amazing mother. They love you, you some how get them to eat healthy (miracle) you expose them to different cultures, you are constantly mindful of their needs and are always showering them with affection. You are enough. You are more than enough. And I bet God thinks so too. You’re an incredible mother Naomi. God bless you and you’re children. #goteamDavis