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this week, we got the keys to our new apartment and took the kids over there for the first time to introduce them to their new home! we had included them in a lot of our conversations this past year about staying in new york or finding a new place to put down some roots for our family, but they still hadn’t seen the new space yet since only josh and i had walked through it with a broker beforehand. it felt like christmas morning watching them run through the empty apartment with the biggest smiles on their faces! we brought over a few blow up mattresses and our pajama’s, and ate take-out on the floor together before spending the first night in there. it was really really special. i have a good feeling about this space.

we put so much thought and prayer behind staying in new york, and we feel really good about this next chapter. i cannot wait to show you more of the apartment as we move our things in and really make it a home. we are going to officially move in next month since our current lease isn’t quite up yet and we will be traveling a little bit in august. leaving our current apartment feels so bitter sweet, that we are really happy to have a few more sleeps in it this next month before we say so long forever.

i know i’ve talked a lot about the why already, but one of the main reasons we wanted a bit more space was to have a separate space for our work each day– a home office if you will. i know sometimes people are like “oh blogging and all that! so easy! no work involved! what do you even do all day?!”  but there is actually quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work that we put into what we do every day and while we have loved our current apartment, we really don’t like working in front of our kids or having our computers and phones out in front of them during the day, even though we focus hard on taking turns so only one of us has to work at a time. we don’t have a big team behind this blog like a lot of people do. it’s just josh and me and i think we’ve done a good job for the most part of separating work and family life the best we can when it’s all intertwined a bit in our days. we feel so fortunate that we get to work from home and really tag team it and co-parent with the kids each day and having this chance to turn what we love into something we can do for work has been incredible, but having a space where we can close a door and get things done away from the family will be huge. right now, all the rooms flow together in our set up and you have to walk through our bedroom and the living room to get from the kids’ room with their toys and games to the rest of the apartment for food, bathroom, piano, the front door, or whatever. excited to have a space where our computers will remain so we can keep them in there, have the door shut, and have a better grasp on separating it all! we are working on some really exciting projects and i think this will help as get further into them. i’m excited to share more when we can.

i just want to thank you guys again for all of your support and kind words about the new apartment. i really have the best readers in the world and you guys mean so much to me. we are coming up on ten years of blogging next month and i just can’t believe what this turned into and the kind of community i get to be a part of! i started this thing long before instagram or social media was around or even before blog partnerships and campaigns and while i’m so thankful for the fact that we are able to support our family doing what we love because of all of those amazing things i never had imagined when i started, i’m mostly just so thankful to have a space to share and connect with many of you. the blog is what started it all and it will always have a special spot in my heart over social media and everything else that blogs have turned into because it came first, and it’s because i have all of you here who have kept reading or checking in and being a part of this little thing which has allowed me to keep on sharing and posting and i just hope you know how much it’s meant to me.

and now, while i have you here, let’s discuss paint colors! because you know i can’t keep a white wall white for long. ;) tell me what you colors you love and think could work with all that woodwork and stained glass! i’m listening!

ps. wearing this dress and kate spade heels (similar here.)

  1. Hannah

    I’ve been following your family for years. It’s so wonderful to see the new apartment you have been blessed with!! Enjoy making memories in there!


  2. Emma Sears

    Light olive or sage green. So pretty! Excited for you!

  3. kim

    cobalt blue! love the new place! can’t wait to see the rest!!

  4. kim

    cobalt blue! love the new space! can’t wait to see more!

  5. Elaine

    I will be anxious to hear what your readers say about paint colors. The woodwork is so incredible and the off white is classic so I will love seeing what you do to make it your own. Congratulations on such a beautiful space… and it also finding something that is so good for both work and family.

  6. Morgan

    Light peach, light blue, light mint

  7. Jennifer Hyman

    Maybe a light blue or a light yellow for the walls? I’m so excited for you and all the new memories that you and your family will make inside your new home! Separating your work from family time and minimizing screen time in front of the kids totally makes sense. Good luck on the move and I can’t wait to see what you guys do with all that space!!

  8. Rachel

    A beautiful grayed out mint would be lovely!

  9. Margaret

    I hope you have an amazing summer of travelling and enjoying the last days of your old apartment and having fun moving into your new one. Can’t wait to see more photos… it looks a stunning place from the little sneak peak!!

  10. The windows are so beautiful, and you twirling in that dress with those braids is a fairytale scene! You and Josh are amazing for running your business all by yourself, and being so conscious about work life and family life. So happy for you and your family! Wishing you all the best! I remember my first night in my first apartment was so special, even though it was mostly bare :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  11. Lindsay Conley

    Love it and your beautiful family. I’m thinking dark colors. Dark green, navy, grey or black. I think it would be gorgeous with the woodwork. Oh, and maybe a clay wall for Josh 😄

  12. emily dickinson

    i loooooove (warm) white with wood trim. colors are very tricky, but soft colors (hint of sage, hint of slate, hint of peach/pink, etc) are nice. i’ve been very intrigued by this room, though: http://makingitlovely.com/2016/12/19/color-in-home-design-is-trending/ wood trim with black! how fun. our woodwork is all painted now and clients are never brave enough for black : ) beautiful apartment and congrats on a fun new chapter!

  13. Christine

    A nice blue would make the orange on the stain glass pop! Maybe navy if you have enough sunlight in that room so it won’t see as dark. Or maybe even an ice blue if you don’t have enough natural light coming in!

  14. Korin

    Oooooh so many ideas! Painting is my FAVORITE. How about olive green, charcoal, plum, or black? Can’t wait to see more of the new space!

  15. Clémence

    Hello :)

    It’s the first time I am writing to you guys. I’ve been following your adventures for quite a while now, on instagram mainly.

    Your “old” apartment was very cute. But this one simply looks beautiful. I am from France, and a few years ago I visited a beautiful place called Giverny, in Normandie, were you can visit the house of Claude Monnet, the painter. I was charmed by the color of the walls in the house, différent in every room, painted in bright, wonderful colors. Now I wish I had a bigger place, to paint it like that, but my Parisian appartment really is the smallest. Anyway, I was thinking about yellow, like Monnet’s kitchen, for one of your walls. I think it would suit very well the wood. Not to put to close to your yellow piano of course … but it’s a happy color.

    Are your kids going to have their own room now ? I’m sorry, but it was actually the first thing that came on my mind cause I think they were in the same room before right ? I also am very curious about how your children feel about your job as a blogger. On the pictures they almost never seem tired of you taking pictures haha.. my dad is a photographer and I know I actually don’t really like taking photos because I feel like I don’t live in the moment. You know, I don’t want to be this person who goes on gorgeous trips just to take beautiful pictures and show the world how cool and lucky she is. And as nice as it is to see you guys always happy, I just can’t buy so much happiness haha. Just to say, I really hope for you, that you are protecting yourself and your family from this “perfect image” you give to the world. Like, I would love so much to hear you talk about somthings more “real” like how your going through hard times sometimes, you know … I would be very interested in your opinion on this ;)

    Anyway, I love you very much. I am very happy for you guys, and I can’t wait to see more of the new place ! It’s gonna be fun to decorate :)

    Lots of love,


  16. Sandy Bohanon

    How exciting! It’s just beautiful!!

  17. Nolwenn

    Hello Naomi,
    This is my first comment on your blog even though I have been following your adventures for some time now.
    I must say I love the white walls! 😄 sorry I am not a big help. It’s difficult to imagine another color but the room looks very bright which is so nice!
    Like I said not a big help. Maybe a pastel color… 😉
    Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to see the rest of your new place!

  18. Hannah

    deep sapphire blue! it’s the opposite to the color of the wood on the color wheel so it would compliment it so well.

  19. Clare Travers

    Hello from Sydney, Australia! I have been reading your blog for several years now, although I’ve never commented before… but I just wanted to send some love and say how excited I am for you all regarding this new chapter!

    I’ve so enjoyed keeping up with you all and have shown so many videos of your family to my family over the years – to the extent that some of them have been so oft-quoted they’ve become part of our family’s vernacular! (The video of Samson playing the guitar in particular and singing to Conrad when he was a baby? – “Conraaaad. I love you so muuuch!”)

    Hope all goes smoothly with the big move!

    :) Clare x

  20. Sabine

    I am a big lover of high ceilings and woodwork. I’d stick to lighter colours, whites, egg shell, beige. Maybe some color matching the stained glass from the windows for the bottom half of the wall?!
    Looking forward to seeing more pictures!


  21. Elise Roy

    Yellow!! Yellow walls! If those glass panels are purple then yellow would be perfect since that would be its complimentary color. Not to mention it’s the color of sunshine and will keep all around you happy and full of sunshine. Congratulations on your new place! It looks beautiful.

  22. Trish O

    Your new place looks like it is beautiful. I have very similar woodwork. I have made many color mistakes in the 20 years I have lived in my house. Some color that I really like with this type of woodwork are Benjamin Moore Linen (it looks like vanilla ice cream on the walls) Benjamin Moore Cement (it is a grey with purple undertones) and a nice army green (but I can’t remember the Benjamin Moore color I have used). Have a great time experimenting. I am very excited to see more of your new space.

  23. sally mae

    You should work with Emily Henderson to help design the new apartment!! You two would make a fabulous design team. :)

  24. Holly

    Be sure to use the home office deduction on your tax return next year!! Looks like a beautiful space.

  25. Ana

    Hello from Brazil!
    I love the new place… all that light :) I’m already in love! Can’t wait to see the rest

    I love how creative you guys are with color/decor and small spaces, with all this extra room I’m positive you’ll do wonders!

  26. Elizabeth Thacker

    Okay, nobody’s mentioned this yet, but I think an emerald green would be SO AMAZING with the wood and no too dark since you have so much natural light. Just throwin’ that out there:)

  27. Katie Owston

    Naomi, seeing your new apartment makes me so smile from ear to ear.

    Living in Colorado five years ago, your life in NYC sparkled and shined more than the sweet blue shoes you are wearing in this post. You brought to life a magic I wanted to experience here myself, in whatever way was meant to be for me.

    Things have been far from easy since moving four years ago, and nothing at all like I expected. But your sweet family and this very blog is a constant reminder that when you do things that make you happy, only good can follow. Thank you for being such a light in my days. I admire you and Josh as business developers/bloggers, and as a strong example of what it means to love and be loved in return. With each other, and with your kids.

    As for paint colors… I vote a pale periwinkle blue or very pale salmon pink. :)

  28. you are so cute! thanks for allowing us into a little piece of your life all of these years. you are my favorite blogger and I’m always excited to see your new posts.

    btw, the place looks amazing!!! wishing you all the very very best. <3


  29. Annie

    Really love your blog! I actually put your blog link on my Google chrome top tabs!!

    How about Viridian Blue or Blazing Yellow! It goes with the vintage theme of your lovely new apartment!

  30. Ginny

    couldn’t possibly be more excited for you guys. my vote: crocus petal purple by benjamin moore – xo!

  31. Mar Quirós Vital

    Lovely place, really. I loved read your blog through the years with your “normal” apartment for inspiration, a lot of people is living in a small space nowadays and see how you organized yours was great.
    Can you talk a little about family budget? Maybe not now ( well done) but when you were younger how do you do your Family budget?
    Soooo impatient to see your new place

  32. kim

    Flamingo feather by behr! a mauvy pink that will look amazing with the wood!

  33. sarah

    amazing! i’m so excited for you and the family! i love a good white wall, but i’m kind of feeling a dark green somewhere in here! xoxo

  34. Marine

    wow it’s incredible! your new place is amazing! i love it! i can’t wait to see the rest! take care of you ! kisses from France!

  35. Jo

    oh i bet the kids will be pleased to have some personal space as well, i assume they will no longer all be in the same room? the woodwork and light is gorgeous

  36. Cait

    I think those windows and that trim need either a white like you have now or a peacock blue or teal! Definitely go with the jewel tones over anything pastel.

  37. Haleigh


    Naomi, YELLOW!

  38. AL

    OKAY i don’t know if that border around the stained glass pieces is really as bright purple as it looks but I think a play on purple would be outrageous in the most sophisticated way! I live in Prague and am looking at that woodwork style all of the time – I think it totally suits your style (and by style i really just mean your baby name style :)
    okay okay getting to the point – PURPLE can be fun in so many ways. You could go dusty lavender if you wanted to keep with the century theme of the woodwork or I even see a light/bright shade that is almost too similar to the stained glass border BUT would still work with thick, grounded furniture pieces. FULL DISCLOSURE I’m no interior designer but when I see something, I see it. I am excited to keep following along as I have been since college.
    Sending good vibes to your new place!! -AL

  39. Olivia

    Congratulations on your new apartment! But most importantly…that dress! You look so beautiful! Best of luck with the move.

  40. Alida

    Judging by that one corner, this place is amazing! I would agree with pink for a wall colour, but also imagine some floral wallpaper here or there?

  41. Tanya

    Jewel tones, bright or dark!

  42. kitty

    Congratulations on your beautiful new home, I would suggest going with very soft grey for the walls and all trimmings white.

  43. Chelsea

    Salmon pink!

  44. Erica

    How about a light cream color on the top part of the walls, and the he orange that matches the stained glass window on the bottom portion! Beautiful wood work deserves walls with character ;)

  45. Agnieszka Polak

    Hi Naomi! Congrats on your new apartment. It looks stylish and for me, the best option is to leave the cream colour on the walls..but if you aren’t keen on the cream colour, than maybe light violet or light blue will go with the stained glass? I also thought about mustard yellow but I’m not sure it’s a good company for the wood.. can’t wait to see your choice.

  46. Love the stained glass window + the dress you’re wearing!

  47. Olga

    Wow!! the new apartment looks marvelous!
    I wish you all the happiness!
    Thank you for sharing

  48. Claire

    Sunny yellow or lavender to pull from the gorgeous stained glass!!

  49. Amy

    Congrats! The apartment looks AMAZING.

  50. Jill

    Thank for your blog. Started following about a year ago. It gives me an extra bit of light and positivity during the day. I’ve also noticed I have a greater a appreciation for the arts. Our family has seen many of the museums and cultural events in our area. Which in large part has been result of your influence. Thank you for what you and your husband do! :)

  51. gigi

    this apartment is fantastic. so happy for you and your family.

  52. Bren w

    What beautiful space! The wood tones seem to be on the warm side, so I would go with warm colors such as yellow, orange, cream, etc. Try taping larger paint chips on each wall and viewing them at different times of the day to see how they look in various lights.

  53. congratulations! so excited to see you guys make this new apartment home :)

  54. Jessi

    I can’t wait to see more photos!! I’ve been following you for years and it’s so nice to have inspiration for activities for my girls.

    Has your old/current apartment rented yet? I have a friend moving to NYC in September and is looking for a place.

  55. congratulations on your beautiful new home!!! those windows… i mean… stunning!!! and, of course, your dress is as well!! i have been following you guys since your early blogging days, which is crazy because it doesn’t seem like that long to me!! but so many blogs that i followed in those early blog days have dropped off the map, and i just looove that you guys have been able to keep it going and share your adventures with your sweet fam!! thanks for being such wonderful inspiration!! xoxo

  56. Periwinkle would be cute! It’d bring out the purple in the stained glass. Yellow would be fun too!

  57. Whitney

    Keep ’em white Naomi! Maybe even a brighter white- they seem kinda of white in the above pics. Show off the beautiful woodwork and stained glass!

    Your kids room was the best room in your old apartment. White makes all the beautiful colors you love so much pop AND looks best in photos. You know it girl.

  58. Kim

    Aw congrats!! I love the sneak peek of your new place! I just moved into a new apartment this month, even wrote a blog post about my tips for moving yesterday, but I doubt it’s as extravagant as yours! As for the walls, I’d keep them white, since you have wooden trim! Although, I bet you could make color look great with wood!

    Simply Lovebirds

  59. Congratulations!
    First: I’ve been following your family for years and you guys are just the cutest!
    Second: obviously chalk board wall is in order, maybe olive green to make those windows pop!
    Third: im dying to know if there is a double sink ? LOL

    Jenny :)

  60. What an exciting time for you and your crew! My family and I recently purchased our very first home, so I’m experiencing some of those same excitements and anxieties about starting a new chapter (while closing an old but good one!). I love the reason you had for searching for a new apartment. Putting your kids first and how they view their time with you guys is beautiful. Can’t wait to see your new adventures unfold!

  61. alex

    what a beautiful apartment ….i’m in love with the windows!
    I will paint only the lower part of the walls in black and leave the white top to bring out the wood….
    Good moving !

  62. Sonya

    Definitely keep / go with a bright white! The trim and stained glass should be the the focal points. I’m sure you’ll decorate with other fun colors with accessories etc. Don’t over do it with color.

  63. Madison

    Either pale turquoise or a light buttery yellow!

  64. vivi

    Hi Naomi! All the way from Canada. Congrats on the new place! I don’t think you should go yellow. You need a colour that will make those beautiful stained windows and brown trims pop. I think a nice colour would be a green. Hard to describe the exact green I’m thinking but not too dark and not the light green either. I think its sage green. It would look so nice with the yellow, purple and brown in the window. Plus you have that yellow piano. You defiently don’t want alot of yellow going on.
    Can’t wait to see it!!!

  65. Loulou

    Love ❤️ your new apartment guys! It seems so New York! Love those windows and I hope you upload more photos of it! Can’t wait to see how you decorate it. Those beautiful walls will look great painted in light blue, the Tiffany light blue, maybe a darker tone. White is a nice color too!

  66. Lauren

    It’s a gorgeous apartment! I LOVE the wood!! You’re making me nervous. You’re talking like you’re on the way out of blogging and NYC when you said you will be in NYC for a little while longer. Please keep blogging! This blog is a little corner of sunshine in this crazy and sad and beautiful world! Go team Davis!!!

  67. Susanna

    Congratulations to your new home! It looks beautiful and if it has to be a colour (I personally would leave it white at least for the first months…) a light yellow shade would be perfect.
    Have fun in your new space. :-)

  68. Sarah

    Huge congratulations to your beautiful family, Naomi!
    What an exciting time for you all, best wishes in your new home!
    And enjoy having a door to your work space it’s such a luxury, you’re going to love it! ❤ Best, Sarah

  69. Laure

    Good God, the new place looks amazing! I can’t wait to see what the rest looks like?

    Do you still live near your sister?

  70. Michelle

    Oh please don’t touch the walls! The classic off-white you have going is perfect! It allows the woodwork and windows to be the star of the show. (I live in a house with similar wood work/floors. The former owners had a Tuscan style wash done on the walls and while I love it, sometimes I debate going lighter…especially in the winter months.)

    Congratulations on the new place. Wishing you many happy family memories there!

  71. delphine

    i don’t remember how i found your blog but i instantly love your couple and how you shared such a wonderful privacy.
    Love over all.
    I wish you great memories in your new apartment. Mine is almost finished…and it’s so wonderful to see the changing, choices of colors and fabrics. With no doubt your home will be unique.

    “”From Paris with love””

  72. Shelby Mcnabb

    Oh my gosh those windows look beautiful! can’t wait to see the rest of the house :)

  73. ana

    what a gorgeous space, and as someone who also works from home and blogs, and does 90% of it on her own…I hear you on the work life separation. Its hard…really hard. we have a house but a really tiny one with just one bathroom for five people and no extra room for an office. but like you we chose to stay in the city and so for now the work gets done at night or at nap time when I can shut my door or sit on the porch. i’m so excited for you guys and this new chapter <3

  74. Kelly

    Looks like a beautiful space. I’m loving the Frank Lloyd Wright look of those art-deco stained glass. If I were living in New York, I’d want an older apartment like this instead of a modern one with no character. Best of luck with your move! And my vote, for at least one of the rooms (maybe bedroom or office) is Benjamin Moore “Nimbus gray”. It’s calming, classy and beautiful. (ps-but have fun with color in the rest of the place – that’s my jam too!)

  75. Alex

    You’ve got to go with Benjamin Moore. I recommend Hale Navy for a bold blue.

  76. Congrats on a new place! Wow aren’t those windows simply amazing?!?!!
    As for paint color you must pick something that goes with the woodwork.
    Something historically timeless but also feels relevant for today.
    I am thinking a rose color would look nice. Benjamin Moore Monticello Rose is one of my current favorites. Be sure to test out swatches on your walls because lighting will change throughout the day!

  77. Nour M

    My favorite blogger! keep sharing :)