ten years of marriage.


did you get through all those photos?! haha! that was a lot of just josh and me, i know! (and sorry.) but i feel like celebrating the ten year wedding anniversary mark (which we celebrated this past monday) gives me an excuse to go through many of our photos from the last ten years of marriage and share a few of my favorites. also, it kind of dates us as we no longer have round baby faces. and also, you’re welcome for that trip down memory lane of all my obnoxious hair changes (gosh! i even forgot about some of those colors and cuts!)

ten years.

it feels like a lifetime. but it also feels like yesterday. isn’t it weird how time works?

ten years. the very best ten years. full of hard work, ups and downs, accomplishments and successes, disappointments and mistakes. so much to navigate and figure out. no one else i’d rather do it with than josh davis.

our marriage is not perfect. we haven’t ever had all the answers and we’ve had our share of trials and hurdles that have left us wrecked. there are incredible highs and incredible lows in marriage, but at the end of every day, it’s the most lasting and real and deep friendship and love i have ever experienced.

it’s also so much fun. and i don’t think anyone ever told me about that part, just how fun marriage can be. so i didn’t expect it. and it’s been the best surprise of them all. even ten years later, it’s so much fun.

i’m thankful to have a man by my side who has always fought for me, as i have for him.  because the world changes, and you change, too. through living and experiencing, you’re destined to over time. even when people or beliefs might tell you not to, or expect you to remain same. but who we are today is certainly not who we were ten years ago. and with all the growing and learning and evolving one should do in life, you cross your fingers and say your prayers that you can grow and change and develop together, not apart. or at least respect one another’s growth if it varies from your own. and in these first ten years of our marriage to one another, i’m mostly just thankful for learning to understand that, and having a husband who does as well. because it’s brought us closer together through the years even as we’ve had to figure things out for ourselves, and it’s made all the difference. for us, marriage has been a safe space for exactly that, and it’s strengthened us individually and as a unit, which i’m thankful for.

thanks for being my best friend, josh. for prioritizing our relationship and being such a supportive and encouraging teammate. thanks for the hard work you put into us every day, and for putting up with all my ridiculous food cravings that take place inside and outside of pregnancy.

we are just ten young years in, but i’m so excited for the next ten years and all the years after that! we have eternity together and it still doesn’t feel like enough time. i love you so much, josh. happy anniversary!

  1. happy, happy anniversary you two! all those pictures are just so dang adorable.

    xo, brittany
    summer reads are on my blog today!

  2. Corina

    you bring tears to my eyes with every post about your family
    you are such a ‘real’ person, Naomi Davis, and I truly hope you will carry on writing (here or anywhere else you are given the opportunity) for as long as your fingers can type.

    Happy anniversary to you and Josh!

  3. Danielle

    You two are the cutest couple!

  4. Daliana

    You guys are amazing! such a great example!Congratulations!

  5. such a sweet post! Love this!

  6. Ivana

    You are so lovely and a beautiful couple! Seeing you two as a inspiration for a respectfull relationship and family. Happy anniversary!! Ten years are wonderful!

  7. Zeynep

    When I didn’t hear from any of you last weekend on Instagram, I was worried but now I know that you were celebrating each other on those amazing 10 years together!

    Happy anniversary– to many more 10 years!


  8. Katie K.

    Happy Anniversary!! <3

  9. Kim

    Oh my goodness, congrats! What a sweet message you wrote about him too :) <3

    Simply Lovebirds

  10. Natali

    Oh you guys!! 10 years is a long time!! Happy anniversary to you and may there be many many many more to come!


  11. Happy wedding anniversary dear Naomi & Josh, you look such a fabulous loved up, beautiful and supportive couple! I think 10 years of marriage is a big milestone especially if you welcomed kids during that time. We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last May and we headed to the Cotswolds (where my husband proposed more than 10 years ago) for 2 days. I could not help thinking of you and you inspired me to visit Lower Slaughter which I had not visited during our previous visits to this gorgeous area. We loved re-visiting this charming area of England and taking the kids with us on this occasion? What are you guys doing to celebrate your 10 years of marriage? I hope you’ve got something special lined up unless your trip to Bermuda was already part of the celebrations? Wishing you many more years together and please, keep bringing to our lives your positive energy! Julie xx


  12. Daantje

    Been following since before Eleanor’s birth, and the two have always inspired me. As a young person(20) in a young (2,2 yrs) relationship, the respect and admiration you have for josh has always kept me grounded, reminds me to put our relationship first and position myself as a person right next to it. To value the other, to believe in his feelings for me. To believe in general. You seem so good to him, so supportive. It often whistles me back to where I should be. I am definitely inspired by the way you love, and it has taught me a lot about how I want to love. Thank you for that, I know it has never been your goal, but this is what a love that appears as sincere as yours, does to young folks. Thank you. I wish you the very happiest of decades to come. #ialsowantmorehookssomeday

  13. Jen

    Happy anniversary you guys! My husband and I are celebrating 10 years together next week (4 of them married) and reading your post almost made me cry on a packed train on the way to work! Why? Because I feel exactly the same way. I feel so lucky that I met the person that would be my partner in everything in the same way that you guys are. Growing up, becoming parents and remaining true partners and best friends in it all. Congratulations you guys, it’s hard work but it’s all worth it. Xxxxxxx

  14. So sweet! Happy anniversary, guys!!

    I do love looking at all the hair changes, and I think it’s cool to see that you’ve explored the hair gamut and settled into a style that is really well suited for you.

  15. Sydneylyn Tan

    Happy Anniversary to you both. I can’t believe that I have been reading your blog for more than 10 years already. Gosh how time flies! <3 Thank you for making work life less stressful with what you are doing. And for being an inspiration to me. All the best to you and your family.

  16. jenn

    happy 10th anniversary!
    I’ve loved following you, josh + your family for at least 8 years now.
    you two are a good example of how a married couple should be. ❤️

  17. happy 10 years!!! wow!!! i can’t believe it’s been that long. your blog is one of the first that i ever started following, back when you two were newlyweds [and i was, too!] and it’s the only that i’ve solidly kept up with for that long. the world needs more like you guys. :) wishing you 10… 20… 30+ more happy years together!!

  18. Jillian

    This is so encouraging! I’m about to get married and can’t wait to experience all the joy and growth that comes with it. Absoloutly love your little family!!

  19. E

    Congratulations Naomi and Josh! It’s so strange but I kind of got emotional too while reading this post. You two and the kids have been a part of my life since the very beginning. I’ve been reading your posts since after your wedding, so it somehow is a 10 year anniversary for me as well. I spent almost all my teenage years reading your posts and I still continue at 22. Thank you all for being as you are and I wish you and your family everything your hearts desire.

    With love,


  20. Bhavneet

    Awhh that’s so sweet!! God bless you guys. Your posts are amazing and I ogten get the feeling that how beautifully bonded your family is. That’s very hard to see in these days as such values are diminishing as the days are passing by. Lot’s of love to you :)

  21. Ragna

    Happy 10th anniversary, Naomi en Josh!
    Me and my man (we’re not married, but he is my man for sure haha) are celebrating our 15 years this year. We’ve been together since I was 18 and he was 24. I truly understand and share your sentiment when you say it feels like another lifetime and also like yesterday.

    Lots of love from Ragna (and Gijs and our little girl Taro) xxx

  22. Alida

    Happy anniversary guys! And thanks for the photo’s, they sure tell a story of a life well lived. Also loved to see how you changed over the years, looking better than ever! I would love a blog post with something like a timeline on how your looks transformed and what was the major changes eg cutting out sugar, etc. All the best for the next many many years together!

  23. vicky

    congrats, y’all! 10 years, so awesome. I love all of these pictures!

    Your 3rd picture on the top row is the blog post when I first started really reading. I think that was maybe 2013? i still enjoy every post!

  24. Jessica

    Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  25. Jill

    Congratulations! You seem to have an amazing relationship! xx


  26. Ashley

    Thank you for your example, it has blessed me!

  27. Fefe

    Oh man, you haven’t aged a day – but he sure has grown up! He looks like a teenager in some of those pics :)


  28. hanna

    Congrats to you on reaching such a milestone –Hanna Lei

  29. Thank you for sharing your honest love story with us! It will be five years for my husband and I this October! Reading your post reminded me that all marriages have up and downs and if you believe in your marriage and each other it will prosper. Having faith and loving each other fully is what it is all about. May you have many more blessed years of marriage!

    Jennifer at http://www.belovedbehappy.com