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what is it about getting your hair done that is just so much fun? between the part where you get to have someone else wash your hair, to having your hair actually feel soft and strong towards the end of your appointment to walking out of a salon feeling like a million bucks, i really think it’s up there in my favorite things to do for myself.

last week, i was able to have a special protein treatment done on my hair as well as a fresh cut at the nexxus new york salon! you might have caught the entire process live as it went down on my instastories! and you might remember when kevin mancuso brought my bangs back a few years ago at the salon (still loving these bangs!) i really love getting to be a nexxus partner since i’ve been a big fan of the salon and their products for a few years now.

while there, i was able to have an emergencee protein treatment done to my hair which left it feeling so strong and thick afterwards. it’s one of the things i love about nexxus, how they treat hair with proteins to recover what it has lost, to truly restore the hair.  josh was with me taking the pictures and he did not stop commenting after the treatment about the feel and look of my hair! lol! the salon in tribeca has just officially opened its doors to the public so if you’re in the area, they offer several protein treatments tailored to your hair needs in addition to getting your hair cut, colored and styled. i seriously loved how replenished and new mine has felt this past week since my protein treatment. you can learn about making appointments here or email [email protected]

some photos below from the morning at the salon!

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i have maybe been feeling overly confident at times the past few months with scissors in my hands and have maybe been attempting to cut my bangs several times this past year. thank you for fixing them, kevin! ;)

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a few nexxus products kevin recommended for me to use at home… the nexxus promend repairing system to help bind my split ends with flax seed oil and elastin protein and the nexxus encapsulate serum which helps restore moisture to hair through natural proteins and nutrients.

love taza 9755-7love taza 9755-4love taza 9755

all done! wish you all could feel my hair from before and after the treatment. i know you can see it here but the feel is what really gets me! it’s incredible. thank you for having me back in your beautiful tribeca salon, nexxus! and thank you for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. it looks so smooth and shiny! i love your yellow top too!

    xo, brittany
    the best summer sandals for babes on my blog today!

  2. Love those little white sneakers you’re wearing!

  3. Hannah Degn

    It looks so healthy and beautiful! Do you currently dye your hair at all or is this your natural color! (Also girl good work on letting it grow out! 👊🏽)

  4. Bruna

    I couldn’t agree more, for me, the best thing about going to a salon is having your hair washed by another person, it’s so relaxing!
    Also, your hair looks no shiny!


  5. Rachel Simmons

    Gosh this sounds amazing!!!! My dry hair needs a big drink of water!

  6. Lisa

    Yes! It’s always so nice to get pampered, but with the right professionals! I’ve heard horror stories of people being completely disappointed after a visit to the salon. Thankfully, not your case! :) Your hair looks beautiful and healthy!

    P.S. I cut my son’s hair… hope he won’t feel disappointed in the future… lol!

  7. Melissa

    Your hair looks amazing! I need to go get my hair done ASAP! Postpartum has killed my hair! Or my baby is just storing my hair to make a little wig for himself! Love your shirt

  8. Teresa

    Such a fun treat! I think that as a moms we often put our babies before ourselves and don’t pay much attention to treating ourselves to a nice haircut/style. I love that you took the time to do this….AND it looks amazing! I need to schedule an appointment for myself soon.

    sending love your way today!!!



  9. Eisha

    You look beautiful, as always!!

  10. hanna

    Your hair looks gorgeous –Hanna Lei

  11. Kim

    Getting a hair cut is such a fun experience, especially when they apply product! Looks gorgeous!

    Simply Lovebirds

  12. isabelle

    You have lovely hairs done ! I saw you in blond on older videos, what a shock ! not the same person ! but it suits you both ! you are lucky you can change at any time. Thank for this sympatic post.

  13. Sarah

    What a fun shirt!! Can I ask where it is from?