soft serve summer!

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our family has been up in the adirondacks the last few days (more on this later!), but wanted to pop in and say hello and also share some photos! so many of you were so sweet to call out one of your favorite spots up here near lake george, martha’s dandee creme, on instagram earlier today, and you all never lead me astray when it comes to good stops for good treats, so i must say, THANK YOU! we stopped by on our drive to saratoga springs and it did not disappoint. between the water fountains in the front (samson left with a fully wet shirt! see photos below), to the fried dough (which i neglected to take a photo of because i inhaled it too quickly), it’s a spot we’re putting on our maps.

also, it totally reminded me of this little drive-in type spot i used to go to with my family when i was a little girl. it was called glade’s drive-in (anyone?!) and it didn’t have particularly amazing food, but it holds dear memories for me of times we’d stop by on warm summer nights for an ice cream cone with lots of fun toppings on top. such good nights back in the day, and i loved reliving some of those feelings today with own little crew. i’m a true believer in that you don’t need a big grandiose event or tradition to build special memories, and i was reminded of that once again today as we lingered about the little ice cream shop after eating our cones while samson had the time of his life with the fountains and we sat on a step together just chilling.

some photos…

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this sign alone wins all the points for being too adorable. where can i find something like this for our new apartment?! i’d totally hang that over a fireplace mantle and die happy. ;)

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can’t get over these sweet faces and personalities that shine so bright.

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discovering the water….

love taza marthas-2

waiting for the water…

love taza marthas

and, HAPPY FACE!!!! this kid was completely soaked by the time we returned to the car, but he was having the time of his life and we had our packed bags in the car so lots of extra shirts to change into, so we just went with it! i’m trying to remember, they get one childhood, when that voice in my head wants to come out and be like, “don’t do that” or “hold still” or “hurry up.” i’m not the best at it, but this was one of those times i’m glad i quieted that voice and let him be little. we all had a good time because of it.

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and while papa remains the staple of self control in our home waiting until his next birthday to enjoy any ice cream, i can give the full report on this here soft serve and say it was delicious!

WEARING: this levi’s jean jacket, anthropologie skirt (old, but similar here), and this teva sandal. josh and samson’s matching polo shirts (josh’s) and (boy version), samson’s waterproof birkenstock sandal and eleanor sneakers and conrad’s sneakers here.

  1. Elaine

    I’m the first one here again to say the cones look amazing. I want the green if it’s mint not lime! Glad you are having such a good time. The kids would be happy to learn we have bats nesting in our eaves and are definitely trying to get rid of them!

  2. Ashley

    I LOVE Glade’s!! My father-in-law is buried at the Spanish Fork cemetery and we always stop at Glade’s on our way home from visiting his grave. The white sauce for the fries and the rootbeer freeze!

  3. There’s nothing like ice cream to scream summer! // Are your Teva slides in tan? It looks lighter on the catalogue than it does in your pictures, but I prefer your darker, more orange/brown shade -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  4. Clémence

    I really love how you edit your pictures ! It would be so great to see a before-after ! :-) Hi from Belgium !!!

  5. Emma

    Hi Naomi, I sometimes like to go back and watch your “Postcards from Italy video from this post:

    I think it’s such a lovely, beautiful film and I like to watch it sometimes if I’m having a bad day.

    Anyway, when I went to watch it today I noticed that it’s not working, and didn’t know if you were aware or not, so thought I’d just to let you know :)

    Also I love soft serve ice cream, here in the UK you can only really get vanilla, occasionally chocolate, strawberry or lemon sorbet so all these flavours look so nice!

    Love your blog, thank you for sharing!

  6. Alicia

    I live in Saratoga! Have a great visit!

  7. Caitlin

    Seeing photos of you in Lake George absolutely warms my heart! I spent 10 transformative summers on LG as a camper and a counselor at the most amazing YMCA sleepaway camp up there, Camp Chingachgook (it’s a short drive from Martha’s, where we’d go frequently on days off). When your children are a little older I cannot recommend it enough. Enjoy your stay, Lake George is a treasure <3

  8. Carly

    Such a cute ice cream stop! I love how Instagram is so helpful when it comes to finding little local dives that normally we would never find on our own. It’s one of those hidden treasures of that app.

    Also, how cool is it that they have water fountains?! I’m convinced more places need those. They should pretty much be everywhere there are sno-cone stops or ice cream stops.

    You guys look cute as always.

    Carly from

  9. Sammy

    Looks good for a summer time treat!

  10. They are so cute when they smile! Love you all!

  11. Shannon Reilly

    While you’re in Saratoga springs you have to go to Sweet Mimi’s for brunch (their pancakes may even beat Bubbies!) and Druthers for a great burger and the best mac n cheese! Or 15 church if you’re feeling fancy. And the governor’s sandwich at Putnam Market (really any of their sandwiches) is beyond incredible!

  12. Olivia Allison

    Did Eleanor loose a tooth?!

  13. Kelly

    Ah, this hurts my heart a little. I thought, recently, we were going to move back east and the Adirondacks was on my list of places to visit. I’ll be looking forward to a report so I can live vicariously!

  14. hanna

    Awe your littles are so cute! –Hanna Lei

  15. Becky van

    Hi! I grew up on in northern lg and now live in quueensbury. I have a few littles my self and actually had a girl a few months ago unnamed Martha! One of favorite spots is magic forest! It’s right down the road from Martha’s! Super trippy and awesome spot for photos!

  16. Becky van

    They even have a horse that jumps off a diving board!

  17. Angela

    Glade’s Drive-In?! That’s in my hometown! My family also goes there occasionally and hold a special place in my heart. So many good family memories there (: