samson’s 5th birthday party, magician style!

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LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday-5

we had the very best time celebrating our sweet boy samson last week who turned 5 years old!

we had planned on throwing a magic party complete with two magic shows (one from samson and one from a magician!) in central park the afternoon of this birthday. we literally got everything out to the street to walk over to the park… i’m talking balloons and cupcakes and everything in hand, when the biggest rain storm hit hard! we’d been checking the weather diligently through the day which kept showing no signs of rain despite a big grey sky that felt confusing, but we figured we’d go for it. hahahahaha! joke is so on us! after it started raining, we hauled everything back upstairs and decided we’d just have to host all 15 of samson’s little friends in our tiny apartment instead. a magic trick in and of itself if you ask me!

we had a great time though! this boy was on cloud nine performing for his friends and then watching a special magic show as well! i had wanted to find a magician for the party but i didn’t want a clown, and so it was proving hard to find! i actually started looking on yelp which is where i found and hired gary the great who you might have seen perform some magic on my instagram story videos last week during the party. i was slightly nervous to hire a magician via yelp (lol) but this gary was seriously amazing (and great!) and i don’t even know how he did half the things he did! he was so entertaining for the kids, it was kind of adorable to see so many tiny ones laughing so hard and also impressive to see their attention kept so well in one sitting! samson and eleanor have not stopped talking about it.

i’m really glad it all worked out, even with the rain! and i can’t believe this little baby boy of mine is 5! he’s been rollerblading around the apartment nonstop this morning and i just feel such pride for the incredible human he is! love getting to be his mama.

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samson picked out all the balloon colors with his papa earlier in the day at the balloon store! i loved his color palette!

LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday-20

starting off the party with his own little magic show!

LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday-18LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday-19

samson’s signature magic trick move is pulling a bunny out of an empty hat, which was my inspiration for the birthday cupcakes you’ll see below!

LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday-22

i kept this party so very simple. josh popped a ton of popcorn earlier in the morning and we handed it out to the kids during the magician’s magic show! then we just had cupcakes afterwards instead of birthday cake!

LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday-17

gary the great!!!!

LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday-12

and a little five year old who i think it’s safe to say, was having a good time! ;)

LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday-13

this boy is so loved. he had friends come from his little preschool class, from church, and some all the way from westchester and brooklyn! it meant so much to have everyone trek on over in the middle of a rain storm, too!

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i made a bunch of cupcakes with marshmallow bunny ears on top (found the idea on this website) and then i put them in mini magic hats so it (kind of) looked like the bunny was inside the hat.

LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday-9LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday-8

when your little brother blows out one of your candles before the song is over! lol. sneaky conrad! we lit it once more so samson could blow all five out!

LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday-7LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday-6LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday1

after all the chaos died down and all the friends left, had to sneak a picture with my birthday boy!

LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday-2 LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday-3 LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday-4

they make me feel like the luckiest mama in all the land. i just count my blessings all day everyday i get to spend life and the eternities with them. they are my everything and i love those silly gooses to the moon and back.

LOVE TAZA samson's magician birthday

and this papa of theirs as well. love him so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my incredible samson!

ps. since it’s always fun to look back over the years, here is samson’s robot birthday party from last year if you’d like to see, as well as his third birthday here, and here is his very first birthday party which we did in central park as well.  also, THIS  VIDEO of samson eating his birthday cupcake on his first birthday is everything.

  1. Looks like they had a blast! Happy Birthday Samson!

  2. Brianne

    Happy Birthday Samson! What a fun party! I remember his robot party from last year! Seeing you celebrate family and mama-hood make me so happy! I have two kiddos just older than yours. In a few months my daughter will turn 8 and get baptized, my son will start kindergarten, and then turn 6 all within a month of each other. My heart has been aching over it a bit lately and this post reminded me that it’s also (along with a few growing pains, haha) going to be an amazing time celebrating my loves!

  3. Ula H.

    We should learn from children. They know how to play !

  4. Corina

    The sweetest and most handsome magician of all times! Love him

  5. what a sweetheart!! this party looks so fun- good job, mama!

    xo, brittany
    white eyelet tops for summer roundup on my blog today!

  6. Pam

    Saw your instagram stories on this day and I can’t believe how cute and happy he was!
    Glad he had a great time playing magician with his little friends.
    Happy birthday, again, sweet samson! <3

  7. Moran

    Everything looks amazing! Where can I get those magician hat cups for the cupcakes?

  8. Lauren

    What a great birthday party! So fun even I wanted to come! So funny. And I love the little cupcakes!

  9. happy birthday samson!!!! your family is too cute. so much love going on in there. love love love it!


  10. This is adorable! I can tell by the looks on all the kids’ faces that they just had a blast. What a sweet birthday party. :)

    Also, forever amazed how you squeeze so many people into your apartment, haha. I’ve got a one bedroom in LA with just my husband and dog and always feel like we’re all on top of one another!

  11. Tobi Miller

    love taza my dearest,
    I’m so loving the yellow shirt you’re wearing in your feature in People. Where can I get one? I must have!

  12. Bren

    The look of wonder in all those little faces has me in tears! Such a special time for you all, happy birthday Samson !!

  13. aww happy birthday to your handsome little man!!! it is crazy how fast time flies!!! and i have to say, your bunny cupcakes are AMAZING!!! great job, lady!! what a loving mama. :)

  14. hanna

    Awweee the party looks like so much fun –Hanna Lei

  15. Britt

    Oh my goodness, that picture of Conrad watching the magic show, he looks so adorable! Like a Little Rascal :-)