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saturday-24sharing lots of photos today from our saturday in central park last weekend with friends. we started the day off at the granite slide, then a mini picnic on the grass with some ball and playtime on the big rocks. we wandered through the park up to shake shack on the west side for dinner and played lots of duck duck goose and red rover and tag by the natural history museum afterwards. so much wonderful conversation while the kids let all their energy out! a great saturday for sure…


the longest and sweetest hair i ever did see on my baby girl! she has been growing it out, not wanting me to cut or trim it or ever style it up these days. such a big girl!


lots of duck duck goose and how does this game never get old?!


also please note how conrad ducks his very own head when he goes around the circle saying “duck…. duck…” to each of his friends in the circle. i was cracking up! he is so silly!


mister samson and all his tricks down the granite slide! lots of twists and half flips and everytime he made me nervous! haha. goal accomplished i guess!


7 kids in-between the two of us but it won’t stop us from being ridiculous together pulling out all the dance moves and taking a million pictures! the best ones were the ones the kids photobombed!


wearing these denim leggings from HERE that are my all time favorite. everything else is linked at the bottom of this post if you’re interested!


eating all the ice from shake shack!


that sweet panda has been with us on basically every trip and outing since eleanor’s first christmas! she is for sure part of the family at this point.

saturday-7saturday-5 saturday-6

conrad’s face here! haha!


wishing you all a great weekend!

WEARING: this blush pink eyelet top, these denim leggings, these sandals and similar hat. my kiddos are wearing these water proof birkenstocks.

  1. Kelly

    So many adorable photos from what looks like an amazing day!!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. brittany

    looks so fun- you guys played HARD. love your peplum top!

    xo, brittany
    weekend links + steals on my blog today!

  3. Rena

    I see you had lots of fun! I love it also wearing a hat as sun protection :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. you are a “jumping family”. lovely day

    Kisses from France

  5. Tracy

    Is E the only girl out of the 7 kids? That is wonderful and special to have so many boys to be around!

    Some of my greatest guy friends are from my childhood that I grew up with!

    Looks like a fun day!

  6. Those are the best kinds of weekends! Family + playing in the park = bliss. I remember those being some of my favorite memories with my parents and younger brother.

    Also, Eleanor’s hair IS so long and gorgeous!! And that outfit looks so cute on you. :)

    Have a great day!!
    xo E

  7. I love how active you are with your kids! Summer in NYC sounds so lovely.
    Also, Eleanor’s long hair is beautiful!! And the panda? So sweet.

  8. Emma

    Random comment here since I couldn’t comment on your older post about lipstick: I found a maybelline shade similar to ‘pink me up’ but a bit more matte, It’s called Almond Rose (#565), just in case you want to check it out next time you’re lipstick shopping ;)

  9. loulou

    It sounds lovely, but I find it harder and harder to read your blog and see no mention whatsoever of what’s going on currently in the world and the United States.
    Coming from a family who seems concerned about well-being and ecology, and solidarity, your silence on all the terrible decisions being made at the moment, for women, for the planet, for people, feels inappropriate.
    I understand this blog is meant to be a bubble of family life, and to remain peaceful and relaxed, but by not saying anything in a way or another, by showering instead the blog with pretty pictures, it feels like you are living a life unconcerned by what is going on.

  10. Gem

    Loulou we have the NYTimes for that. This blog gives me a mere two minutes of peace to my day.

  11. I love your outfit! The straw hat, that top, the shoes! Eleanor’s outfit is cute too. You two both have that peplum thing going on! Matching outfits are always fun :) // omg Conrad’s “duck”! Reminds me of Amelia Bedelia. When I was little, whenever people asked for “a round of applause,” I’d clap my hands in a circle :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  12. Caitlyn

    I am appreciative this blog doesn’t highlight issues. We all have our opinions and beliefs. This blog helps brighten my day and put the light back on family and motherhood Which we can all benefit from

  13. Ariella

    I don’t know if you guys have heard that the museum is proposing some expansions to the building that would completely gut the park. I honestly love that park and I’m there basically daily with my kids, and I know I’ve seen you all there before too. It’s one of the nicest spots in the neighborhood. You guys have such a large reach here, if you wanted to help petition against tearing up the park it would probably help get a lot of support. I’d really hate to see it go it’s such a special place for my kids Thanks!

  14. Ariella

    Follow up sorry should have said this in the last comment. There’s a public hearing June 15th at 6pm at the museum if anyone reading is interested. The more people the better. You can get more information at

  15. Julia

    Beautiful photos and it looks like a lovely day, though I agree with Loulou. I’ve been going back and reading through the archives and Taza used to mention some things going on in the news without it taking away from the beauty and inspiration of the blog. I don’t think she has to do a whole post or post constantly about the news but a mention here and there would make me feel a little better, more connected.

    I loved previous posts from a few years ago like the “Are you pregnant?” (which was amazingly written and inspiring) or the volunteering at Meatloaf kitchen posts (also very inspiring). Also Erin Boyle from Reading My Tea Leaves is still a great escape from the everyday but still mentions things happening the world.

    Love- a new but dedicated reader. <3

  16. goodness! Love these moments so much!! Thanks for sharing your joy!

  17. Lu de la rosa

    please tell us how to play this games, look so fun!!

  18. Thank you for prompting me to book a weekend in NYC this summer (from Boston) so we can finally see that granite slide in person!

  19. hanna

    Looks like so much fun! –Hanna Lei