our day at the bermuda aquarium!

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one of our favorite days in bermuda was the one where we got to go to the bermuda aquarium, museum and zoo where we had the very best experience the year before learning all about the different animals and fish and sea creatures that live in bermuda. we also love seeing the way the aquarium helps to rescue so many animals who are hurt or suffering and help them get back to full health before returning them to their homes, like the sea turtle you see in these photos above and below! this was something our kids talked at length about all year long, so it was really special getting to go back and have another tour.

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this little sea turtle was found really sick, and the aquarium was helping get him back to his full health before returning him back to the wild. it was kind of amazing how much detail the kids remembered about each of the animals they’d met the year before. samson kept asking when we’d see the long tail baby bird that we had held the summer before, but it was kind of special to get to go back and have the aquarium share with him that the baby bird who they had rescued and we had held, had been released back into the air and out in the world once again! we were actually able to see some long-tail birds nesting in little caves (photos below) and i think it made samson so happy to think that maybe the baby bird who had been rescued in the middle of the street might live in one of those caves now with his own family!

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sea urchins!! our guide, patrick, took us over to trunk island for an excursion. the aquarium and the bermuda zoological association are working hard to conserve the island and restore it to its original state, a living museum nature preserve to help educate. we loved getting to walk around the island and see it in person.
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these tiny creatures are so smart!  we learned that they have little suction tube arm things to move rocks and things from the sea floor up on top of themselves so they are camouflaged. love taza 84J5J-7

conch!! do you see the eyes?!?!love taza 84J5J-13

touring the island!

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silk spiders (or banana spiders)! these things were everywhere and my kids were fascinated by them. hard to see in the photos, but they have these dots on their bodies that seriously look like they are glowing!

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patrick had the kids touch a strand of the web the silk spiders made to show them how strong it is, even a single strand. i had no idea spiders were going to end up being one of the kids favorite parts about this bermuda trip, but it was definitely exciting to check out. (i even touched the webbing!)

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eleanor is holding the spider’s exoskeleton here! all three of my kids wanted to bring it home with us but i successfully convinced them to put it down and leave it behind. love taza 84J5J-16

my favorite part of this photo is that little wrist watch conrad is wearing here. he can’t tell time whatsoever yet (obviously), but wants to be just like his brother and sister and loves looking at it throughout the day and being like, “what?! it’s so late!” or he’ll look at it and say, “wow, that was close!” and it’s kind of my favorite thing ever.

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bermuda smells like christmas! this is allspice! i couldn’t believe it. smelled so good and got me so excited for the holidays! love taza 84J5J-18

do you see the long-tail bird in that cave? on our boat ride from the aquarium over to trunk island, we were able to spot several nests in the rocks.love taza 84J5J-19love taza 84J5J-23love taza 84J5J-6

this is one of the sea turtles that they rescued after he was found hurt from a boating accident. they are working with him to get him healthy again. love taza 84J5J-4

the kids and i were so excited to see some of the larger fish in the aquarium, like a nurse shark and grouper fish. it was a highlight from last year when we visited the aquarium and was definitely a highlight from this trip as well. patrick was so sweet to take us out there even as it started to rain. we didn’t mind getting wet if it meant we got to meet all the sharks and larger fish once again!love taza 84J5J-3

hard to see in the water in this photo, but conrad was able to touch the nurse shark!

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and this big thing that samson is holding is an unfertilized nurse shark egg! one of the divers brought it up for us and we couldn’t believe it! it was huge! such a cool moment for our family, passing that shark egg around!love taza 84J5Jlove taza 84J5J-25

i really do think this aquarium is a big part of the reason we fell so hard for bermuda last year, and it really made our trip complete getting to go back again a few weeks ago and revisit! thanks again to patrick and the bermuda aquarium for being so great and giving us another tour!

PS. wearing dress by love shack fancy (c/o)  and similar this wide brimmed boater hat.

  1. Elaine

    Absolutely amazing photos and what a great experience for my darling grandchildren! Thank you for sharing!

  2. oh, my mind is blown by the allspice!!! and my heart is meltedddd at that baby sea turtle!! oh, i dream of seeing baby sea turtles crawl out to sea again one day! also, your sweet girl and the thrill on her face at that spider’s exoskeleton!!! i love how brave little ones are before they grow up and get grossed out by everything! [like me! haha!] these are the best. so glad you guys had such an amazing trip!!

  3. Teresa

    These pictures are so fun! Eleanore is so brave holding those banana spiders. They are all over the place in FL but I don’t come anywhere near them, I hope you guys continue to have a wonderful trip and safe travels back home


  4. this is so amazing- i love samson and his bird. that sea turtle is sooo cute!

    xo, brittany
    favorite etsy baby finds on my blog today!

  5. hanna

    Your family photos are always so priceless. Looks so fun –Hanna Lei

  6. Still can’t get over all of Eleanor’s freckles – so adorable!! Thanks for linking to a similar hat…I’ve been looking for a straw boater hat. :)


  7. Rachel

    Love it! Have y’all been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium? Even as an adult, it’s one of my favorite places in the whole world. They also teach you so much information about conservation since they have a research institute right next door. Next time you’re on the west coast, you should check it out (and/or follow them on Instagram, they have the best feed!)

  8. Brianne

    I absolutely love your hair! I know we are supposed to be looking at the sea creatures but I am trying to figure out how you get that texture! Do you use a salt spray? And which one?! Thanks

  9. Katie

    That’s a White-tailed Tropicbird. And they are SUPER cool. So cool you have that pic. -Your geeky birder reader!

  10. Amanda

    Wow! What an amazing experience for your kids (and you guys too!) and how exciting for Samson that he got to hear about the baby bird from last year and see similar ones nesting in the rocks. Your kids are going to really benefit from these trips. Thanks for sharing your day at the aquarium. Hopefully you were all able to enjoy yourselves even with taking all those pictures.

  11. Bruna

    How fun! I loved going to the aquarium as a child. If you ever go to Brazil, visit the Projeto Tamar, they have an awesome project with sea turtles ;)



  12. Kim

    What an amazing time! I LOVE sea critters and am insanely jealous!!

    Simply Lovebirds

  13. Emma

    Okay I feel really silly now because I didn’t realise all spice wasn’t just a mix of all the spices either AND I can’t get over that conch! I had no idea their eyes look like that, I feel like it looks fake like someone stuck some googly eyes on or something haha :)

  14. fefe

    The part about Conrad checking his watch seriously made me LOL in my office. He’s like a little old man, hahaha.