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love taza HORSES

a major highlight for all five of us this week was getting to spend time with these gorgeous horses up at a ranch in the adirondacks. especially when the kids got to wear tiny cowboy hats that look straight out of the movie toy story! eleanor has actually worn hers pretty much all day every day since!

as you know because i feel like i’ve opened up about it a bit before (specifically with our choice to stay in nyc right now and move coming up shortly into our new apartment), sometimes i get so torn about the whole city kid childhood verses one in the great outdoors. but i know the city is where our family needs to be right now and getting to have experiences away from it all on occasion has been just right. samson was so sweet our first morning at lake george.  the lake was right outside our hotel room door, so josh ran down early in the morning to jump in and the kids were all trailing behind him.  samson, who was barefoot, kept tiptoeing as though he was stepping on hot stones being barefoot on the grass and dirt yelling back to me, “are you sure about this?!” it didn’t take long though for him to get accustomed to the feeling of the earth beneath his feet and feel free. loved getting to stand back and witness that.

below are a bunch of photos from our time with the horses and with the sweetest little crew of other little animals they have on property. (this was at stony creek ranch resort for those curious, where we were making a video for a work project. they were so kind to host us for the day and show us around while we made the video, which you’ll see on instagram and twitter soon.)

love taza HORSES 01-11love taza HORSES 01-8

my all time favorite movie as a little girl (still a huge fan) was wild hearts can’t be broken, and every time i see a horse, i think about how badly i wanted to be a horse diver like sonora webster. :)

love taza HORSES 01-7

right before they saddled up!

love taza HORSES 01-9we all fed carrots and apples to the horses!
love taza HORSES 01-6love taza HORSES 01-5love taza HORSES 01-3love taza HORSES 01-12love taza HORSES 01-18

also, there was a time i really really wanted a pig as a pet. and i wasn’t a little girl during this period of life. :) fulfilled so many dreams getting to pet these cuties with the kids.

love taza HORSES 01-17love taza HORSES 02love taza HORSES 01-15 love taza HORSES 01-14

kisses for the sweetest little bunny!

love taza HORSES 01-16love taza HORSES 01-13love taza HORSES 01-2 love taza HORSES 01-4love taza HORSES 01-10

until next time, horses!

i hope everyone has an amazing weekend! with the 4th of july around the corner, i hope it’s filled with lots of festive colors, food and sparklers, too! love this time of year so much.


  1. jessica basso

    You have such a beautiful family!! I have loved following along the past couple years. & Good luck with the move, I secretly envy your life in NYC. always been a dream of mine!

  2. Katlin

    Oh my, I use to love the movie “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.” Ian going to have to watch it tonight, haha. Beautiful photos and what a fun experience!

  3. Tracy

    I was obsessed with Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken when I was younger. Have completely forgotten about that movie and now need to go find it on Amazon !!

  4. Such beautiful photos of the horses and your kids. I love their cowboy look, totally works on them! The horses look so elegant and it’s fantastic when kids are not afraid and feel confident approaching them, stroking them and feeding them, It sounds like it was a fantastic time out there. I am totally with you regarding city life – I love our life in London – but I found even short trips outside the city feel so refreshing for the body and the soul. Have a great weekend! Julie xx

  5. Kim

    What a beautiful family! I bet this will be a memory for them to remember forever!

    Simply Lovebirds

  6. hanna

    Looks like a lot of fun! –Hanna Lei

  7. Kaley

    Amazing pictures! Where did you get the kids’ cowboy hats?

  8. I used to love that movie too! The photo of that horse was so beautiful!

  9. Lauren

    Oh my gosh I LOVED wild horses can’t be broken! That was my movie growing up!

  10. Amy

    I used to visit Lake George every Summer growing up. To this day, it is still my happy place. I wish I had the opportunity to go back there every Summer, still.