flying through the sky!

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this post is in partnership with BAND-AID brand, and all opinions are my own.

i have to tell you, for a girl who is absolutely afraid of heights and can’t even do a simple somersault on the ground, i’ve come a long way when it comes to one of my most favorite things to do… flying through the sky on a trapeze. it was something i thought i’d never be able to do, but after climbing that crazy tall ladder a few years ago, holding tight to the bar and jumping off the tiny platform while holding my breath, i can’t stay away. and i have been back every summer since trying to improve and learn new tricks and ways to soar through the air! it’s just so much fun.

josh and i were able to go last week during sunset, which was so breathtakingly beautiful to witness up on the open rooftop with the sun fading behind tall buildings around us. i’ve done the split before on the bar, and i’ve also been able to learn how to do the catch (where someone else flying on a different trapeze bar catches you in mid air as you let go of your own bar), but i haven’t ever been able to blend the two together and do a split on the bar into a catch. it was my goal for this last time we went, and after a miss, i stuck with it and finally got it on the very last try!

i’m excited to be bringing back to the blog a partnership with BAND-AID Brand who we loved partnering with last year as their bandages are something we are big fans of and use frequently in our home. i especially love their motto to Stick With It for their newest campaign and the new BAND-AID Brand SKIN-FLEX Adhesive Bandages that are some of our favorite bandages to date. they stick really close to the skin, you can wash your hands with them on, and they last for 24 hours. the motto to Stick With It is a big one for me that has carried me through much of my life. during my years studying dance so intensively at juilliard, during that end stretch of a pregnancy that brings you into a tough labor, and even in my day to day challenges of keeping on top of mothering, juggling work and also my personal goals of working out and keeping active and healthy. behind every triumph truly is a series of tries, and nothing makes you more proud of achieving your goals when you’ve experienced a few challenges along the way. i really feel this with my new found love for trapeze these past few years, and getting to pair the spilt and catch together this last time i was there made me feel like i was on top of the world for a  minute there, even if i only successfully did it once at the very very end of our lesson!

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up at the very top of the ladder, holding on for dear life while waiting for my turn to fly through the sky!

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i think the reason i can get behind trapeze is because you are strapped into a harness the entire time, so even if you do slip or let go of the bar or fall, they are able to catch your fall and make it into a soft landing, since you have ropes attached to your harness. so while it looks high and scary sometimes, it still feels safe every step of the way.

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and we’re off! i have to tell you, this feeling is unbelievable up there in the sky!

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strapping myself into the ropes before climbing up!

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getting into the split is a little hard for me every time, so every single time i feel like i climbed a mountain when i actually can get into it quickly and in one try.

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this was my first (failed) attempt at combining and going from the split straight into the catch, and as you can see from our fingers just barely touching in the photo above, we didn’t make it and i fell into the net! my hands are supposed to be reaching for and grabbing his wrists and i was slightly too far, even though still, so close! but not close enough.

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here i am though the final time i tried! successful catch from the split! letting go of our bar and reaching out for someone else so high in the air is crazy. you really do feel like you are flying for a split second there before your arms reach each other.

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i wanted to show you guys a close up of the BAND-AID Brand SKIN-FLEX Bandages box, that i was talking about before, because i feel like the hand in motion on the front of the box displays far better than i could ever articulate just how well the bandage is designed to feel really natural and flex around with movement. not everyone will be doing trapeze this summer, but there’s no reason for your summer plans and outings to stop just because you get a little cut or burn. these are great to have so you can feel prepared and stick with your game plan in the coming weeks and months.

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even with all the chalk, my hands still cracked open and blistered a bit. it’s ok though, because i like pretending i’m a gymnast in moments like this and i feel really really cool. ;) And I guess that’s what Band-Aid Bandages are for!

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if you ever have the chance to go trapeze, do it! if i can, you for sure can. also, promise you won’t regret going at sunset. since experiencing it that way, i feel like it’s the only way to do it. 

  1. Micah

    What was the name of the company? :)

  2. Sammy

    Oh my! : – )

  3. Aly sharette

    We must see a video!

    I have done this a few times and it really is so great for someone with a fear of heights like myself!

  4. Sarah

    This looks so fun! Where is the name of the trapeze place?

  5. Lisa

    That is indeed brave, for anybody, much less for somebody who knows they are afraid of heights!!. I can’t say I’d be brave enough!
    Which company is it? I will pass it onto friends in NY atm. Or can’t you say because it’s not sponsored by them? I’ll google :-)

  6. Fun! I tried out that exact trapeze when I was nannying in NYC in 2007! That ladder is SO high, learning out to grab the bar is so intense!!! Brave Girl!

  7. Emma

    This is high on my list of bucket list items, but it seems so terrifying to me!

  8. Robin

    Wow! Gorgeous pictures and such a fun, inspiring story. This is something I’ve always wanted to try. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Erin

    I sure wish band aid brand would start making more colors/tones besides the basic beige. Such great quality, but stick out like a sore thumb (which is exactly what you sometimes want to hide!) on anyone who doesn’t have beige skin.

  10. Looks Fantastic! Is this the same place that Carrie swung from in Sex and the City? Amazing.

  11. Carly

    Oh my gosh! That looks both amazing and terrifying. I can’t believe you did that….. I would never guess someone who doesn’t like heights would trapeze.

    NYC really does offer everything doesn’t it?! I’m sure it’s one of the few cities that you fly through the air.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Carly from

  12. hanna

    You are so talented!

  13. Jasmine

    Have you tried indoor rock climbing? It is my new favorite thing, I started it as a way to work on upper body strength and make new friends. I think you would enjoy it as a potential hobby/workout. You’ll need a belayer which could very well be Josh! If you have time to try it out, do! :)

  14. Katy

    This reminds me of the Sex and the City episode : ) Looks like a super fun day!

  15. Kat

    Hi Naomi,it looks absolutely amazing and your insta video was great!I would have never personally been able to kick myself to do something so adventurous:)I’d like to know if you would be kind to share just how one can get so flexible?what would you recommend?I’d appreciate it.Love K