favorite and best shoes for summer!

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love taza comfortable walking shoes 2

living in new york city, i tend to do so much walking every day even when i don’t really plan on it. i love myself a cute pair of heels, but comfort is what it’s all about for me right now and i feel like i have the same shoes on rotation year after year because of that. i have gotten so many questions about them, i wanted to round them all up in one place for you, starting with my all time favorite and comfiest sandal below!

the TEVA sandal


i wore this teva sandal all over bermuda last week because i fell in love with it last summer after they kept my feet comfortable through long days of walking and exploring both italy and switzerland last summer. i have also been wearing them all over the city as well since last summer and am still a huge fan. it gives incredible comfort, and is great for running after my babies all over the city as well as in the splash pads and playgrounds since i can get them wet. i also love the leather look on a teva sandal.

PS. HERE is the same sandal i’m wearing with a strap around the ankle if you prefer that! click the photos below to see other options, but the ones i am wearing in the photos above are shown on the left!

the LEATHER sneaker

love taza walking shoes

these leather nikes are so comfortable and despite being leather, i don’t find them hot or hard to wear in the warmer months. i actually loved the red pair so much that i wore in paris a few months ago, that i bought the same pair in black upon returning and wear them several times a week to the gym.  almost every time i’m at the gym!  they’re on sale for $69 right now! HERE is a similar version in red as well.



i have been wearing these white leather sneakers pretty much nonstop since getting them back in february. the problem i usually run into with a white sneaker is that they show wear and tear rather quickly and don’t hold up as well. but these have been true rockstars, as they are still in incredible shape despite being worn so often on the streets of new york. they are a little more expensive, but have been worth the extra dollars for me. i linked a few others i love below, but the ones i am wearing and talking about are the image on the far left.


saturday-37LOVE TAZA 0839-2

i’ve been on the birkenstock train for the last several years, and seriously am still such a fan. i just appreciate how they mold to your feet in such a great way while giving you complete arch support. they also have a new sandal that is made entirely out of a rubber-like texture so you can get into the water with them. a big plus, since my one complaint with my birkenstocks is how you can’t really get them wet at splash pads or playground with the kids.  my littles have actually been wearing that waterproof birkenstock sandal which you can find in kid sizes here.

hope that’s helpful! three big cheers for comfortable and fashionable shoes! if there are any you love and swear by, would love to learn more in the comments below!

  1. so many good finds- I love a shoe that is both comfy and cute!

    xo, brittany
    summer embroidered favorites on my blog today!

  2. Christine

    It’s amazing how these are all basically re-imagined designs from my high school years – ! TWENTY years ago!!

  3. Deborah

    Actually I think the Teva Ysidro are the same pair as what you have with a strap around the back. The ones linked are different shows entirely. Just a heads up!

    • TAZA

      you’re right! i just fixed that link! thank you!

  4. Kiera

    You rock all of these! I’m definitely in need of a pair or two, and I’m so glad you made this post! I’ve been looking over some of your recent and past summer posts, to see which summer shoes you’ve worn, and I was thinking about buying a pair of the saltwater sandals! Do you still recommend those?!

    • TAZA

      i do still love my salt waters! i wear them still, but have found the teva sandal to have a bit more support for an all day wear since the sole isn’t as hard as the salt water sandal sole. but both are great shoes!

  5. Claire

    I bought Saltwater sandals in color tan two years ago following your advice and I’m still wearing them every single day of summer. Sad to note they don’t come to your list of favorite shoes for summer this year. ;)
    But it’s true that it’s been a long time since birkenstock tempted me otherwise and maybe this summer would be the year!

    Best regards from Paris!

    • TAZA

      i still love love my salt water sandals, too! my pair is like 8 or 9 years old now and they are super worn in and soft which i like. i bust them out every now and then!

  6. Tiffany Lorenzana RN

    Thanks for the sandal blog. I actually messaged you on instagram about what sandals you’re wearing. So it’s funny to read the blog. I’m a nurse and heels hurt so I need a comfy sandal for the summer that holds up to running after kids. Thanks Taza

  7. Joy

    I bought those Tevas (the tan color) last summer after seeing your Italy posts! I had a 6-month-old at the time and was walking all day (we have one car and hubby had it most days for work). I love them–especially for how they can get wet! I think I want Birkenstocks this year because mama needs her arch support!

    Thanks for being a great fashion resource!!

  8. Thank you for this!! I’m always wondering what cute and comfortable shoes you are wearing on all of your trips. Have you tried All Birds yet? I got a pair of their Loungers last month and literally haven’t stopped wearing them since.


  9. Tamara

    I’m also a big lover of Teva Sandals! I find it hard to find a good sandal and I bought the Tirra Leather Sandals several years ago – best investment ever! For me they are the perfect combination of “hiking sandal” and “girlish enough”-style. The Shoc Pad just makes you feel a little more like flying instead of walking, the hold up so well and I never got a blister wearing them (a common problem I encounter with sandals). I could go on and on with praise.. I could write an entire blog post just about them :D

  10. Priscilla

    I love this. Also, where is that jumpsuit from?

  11. Sally

    My pick are Saltwaters, I now have them in white and Rose Gold as well as my origami red ones from about 5 years and they are still going strong.

  12. I’ve never tried tevas, but the ones you’ve got in this post are actually really cute! I hate wearing flip flops- I sprained my ankle wearing a pair of them last summer, so I’m all about supportive, sturdy sandals!

  13. Lucy

    in the kindest possible way, in my opinion, all those shoes, except maybe the pink Birkenstocks really detract from your outfits.

  14. I LOVE my tevas and birks! I’ll probably be living in them solely this summer!

  15. Lindsay

    I have a yellow pair of Saltwaters from several years ago, but Birkenstocks have totally become my favorite summer shoe! So comfortable, & I too love that they mold to your foot and provide so much support. My Saltwaters are for the beach or the river, and the Birks are for literally everywhere else. I get the strangest tan on my feet in the summer, hahah!

  16. You can’t get Birkenstocks wet? I wore my first pair kayaking in 2010 (so they spent some quality time submerged) and they’re still going now! Mind you, they’re pretty scruffy so I only wear them for gardening…

  17. Thank you! I’m dying to try the teva sandals.. might be before our next trip. The sneakers, I like the new balance. About the Birkenstock though… these things hurt my feet as hell, haha. Not sure if I got the right ones, but it’s too hard for me. Thanks for the tips. Xx – Fernanda


  18. Tasha

    I’m still quite wedded to my Birkenstocks. They’re the best shoes I’ve ever had. Also, I know this is a shoe post, but I absolutely love the jumper in the first photo!

  19. Yes, I love Teva in sandals. Though my number one will always be Merrell :)
    I love reebok white sneakers. They are so comfortable

  20. Brianne H.

    So glad you wrote this post! I live in Phoenix and wear sandals most of the year! So I’m excited to try some of these out! :) I’ve also been looking for new gym shoes. Would you say the Nike juvenate sneakers run small at all or do you find them to be true to size? Thanks again for the great info in this post!

  21. fefe

    Thanks so much for this post! I don’t love the Teva sandal look (even though I have some!) but somehow you make them look so freaking chic. Now I totally want the leather pair.


  22. Have you tried Allbirds? Great for summer and the gym too, you can throw them in the laundry, and they don’t require socks ! Huge plus ! Loved this post


    Anna Lisa

  23. Marie

    I have the Birks and Tevas, but my new favorite are Vionic. They were recommended to me after I had some heel pain. They are more supportive than the Birks AND so so super cushy! Its like walking on marshmallow clouds all day long. Right now I’m wearing a pair that looks like Birks but the bands are gold.

  24. hsnna

    Those pink Birkens are so pretty –Hanna Lei

  25. Michelle

    Hi there! I can’t seem to find those Birkenstocks in that blush pale pink color you have. Maybe it’s more a rosy shade. Where did you buy them? Nordstroms only has tan and black I believe. Super cute!

  26. Susanna

    Living about one hour away from Birkenstock’s headquarters I love that you’re wearing and promoting them. Thank you – I’m really proud you like them! I honestly hope American people don’t stop buying German products just because your president thinks we’re ‘bad’. ;-)

  27. hj

    So cool/

  28. Sandals and sneakers! This summer I will be wild!

  29. grace

    Do you have any trouble with the Teva’s being smelly? Yours look so cute.

  30. Kayla

    These are so good to know. I just moved to New York and need cute alternatives to my old heels!

  31. Lusan

    I’m inlove with the pink birkenstock sandals


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  33. Jen

    Thank you so much for this post – I’m a new mama to a three month old, and finding myself pounding the pavements and parks even more often than usual (I have a dog, so I’m a frequent walker) but with the added weight of a baby in a carrier or pushchair! Here in the UK everyone wears Birkenstocks, Fit Flops or Saltwaters but they’re all leather and I’m a strict vegetarian. However, the Eva sandals you recommended are available in several styles with non leather or suede uppers or footbeds. I’ve just ordered a white pair and a powder blue pair to try – I wanted coral but they’re sold out in my size!

  34. Tessa

    Where’s the jumpsuit from!? It’s so good.

  35. Tauri

    Where can I find the mauve tevas and the pinky burns?? I need those exact colors! 😍