father’s day.

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i want to start this post off with a short story from my childhood that has been on my mind rather frequently as of late. i was maybe 6 or 7 years old, and my sister hannah, who is just 18 months younger than me, must have been either 5 or 6, depending. we were sitting together playing in the library room of our home where my dad was taking a work call. (we were lucky to have him working from home a few days a week during these years.) i remember my sister hannah starting to move over to my dad and tugging on his arm rather urgently, saying, “daddy, daddy! i have to tell you something! daddy, daddy! it’s important!” i remember my dad trying to signal to her to hold on a second, but she was persistent. so he asked the person on the other end of his call if they could hold for a minute, and then he turned to my little sister to give her his full attention. she excitedly exclaimed, “remember when we went camping up in the mountain and made that big fire together?” and this is the part of the memory that i haven’t been able to stop playing in my mind over and over again as of late. my dad paused, realizing she had finished her thought which she felt was so important and urgent to share at that very moment. i remember being just slightly old enough to realize that that was maybe not something of great importance and could have waited. and i remember so vividly waiting to see how my dad would respond. after he paused, he kind of smiled and replied, “was that what you wanted to tell me?” my little sister nodded so proudly. and then he went on, “yes! that was a really fun camping trip! we need to go again! what else to do remember from that trip?” … i don’t recall how long the conversation continued after that point or when he got back on his call, but i’ll never forget quietly observing that exchange as a little girl and realizing what importance and value my own dad placed on his role of being a dad.

perhaps it’s because i am in that chapter of life right now where i have little hands and voices forever vying for my attention, and sometimes it is a struggle to give the type of response my dad did so well so many years ago, but that memory has been one that i haven’t been able to shake lately. and i’m so thankful for it.

what stood out to me instantaneously and i found so attractive about josh when i started getting to know him a million years ago was hearing him talk about how much he looked forward to being a father someday and the way he wanted to make sure family was always a first priority. ten years of marriage later, what i love even more about the man is that he has never been just talk. his children are his everything, and family has always remained his top priority. it has been a complete joy to watch this incredible man thrive in his role as a father. there are so many moments during each day where he reminds me so very much of my own dad during that conversation with my little sister when we were little girls. and i’m just very very thankful to be his teammate and get to parent along side him.

sometimes i’m not sure dad’s get enough credit. but i see so many around the streets and playgrounds and museums of new york stepping up and being fully present and playful with their children and it just makes my heart happy.  i want to wish a very happy father’s day to our own dad’s, to my sweet husband, to my kids’ amazing uncles that they are truly obsessed with! and happy father’s day to all the men out there that do so much every day for their families and children.

  1. L

    Lovely! I’m Swedish and we do not celebrate Father’s Day today, but I also grew up with a hard working but present father ( he has his own company and works long hours, but always took the time to watch our basketball matches or dance shows). Men generally takes too little responsibility for their kids, but I’m happy to have a father to show me that there are some men that are wonderful. He took 2 years paternity leave with my sister, and worked from home for 2 years when I was born, just to be close and not miss the first important years when you really form a bond. I will never be able to thank him enough for that.

  2. This is so sweet! I’d do the same when I have my own children some day – I’ll give them the full attention they need. It would make them feel loved amd spwcial right? 😍 Happy father’s day!

  3. Corina

    Happy birthday to you and happy Father’s day to Josh and to all the dads in our lives!

  4. Pam

    This is so sweet it had me in tears! Love the way you look at life!
    Great post as always and a very happy father’s day to Josh♥


  5. Lisa

    That is a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing. I feel the same way about my dad and husband. I have a very vivid memory of him coming back home after a long day at work to play and have dinner with us. He would even do homework with me while (many times) I fell asleep. My dad was and still is a very patient and loving man. My husband is also one of those amazing men you described. My only wish is that each and every child on this world could experience that type of nurturing and selfless love. Happy father’s day to your husband and dad too!

    This was our special day today: http://www.lisaandfam.com/2017/06/18/fathers-day-2017/

    Warm regards! :)

  6. Lo

    My dad is a long distance trucker, and I used to go away with him for weeks at a time in the truck during the school holidays. I remember being 5 or 6, and being OBSESSED with ‘The Famous Five’ story tapes by Enid Blyton, and so he would selflessly drive all over Europe listening to stories of 4 adventurous kids and their dog. A huge sacrifice, and probably a boring one, but to this day I have extremely fond memories of our time travelling Europe together.

  7. Greta

    What a wonderful story about your dad, Naomi! A story about love, respect towards your child and setting your priorities right! This reminds me to try and be more patient with my two boys under five and give them the attention and the listening ear they need even in those moments that do not seem the most opportune. I have so much to learn…

  8. Denae

    Thanks for this message. Also that picture is stunning!

  9. Kate

    Really sweet story. Your father had some real patience. Something I struggle to find everyday. Thanks for sharing!



  10. What a sweet story. I think patience with children can sometimes be the biggest struggle, but I love knowing there are these types of role models to look up to when I’m a parent one day!


  11. Lauren

    Father’s are amazing! I am so lucky to have so many to look up to in my life. What a sweet story. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Lusan

    Happy Father’s day josh. It also good that we can have fathers who constantly models good parenting for their sons to follow and for their daughters to have an idea of what to look for in a partner when they get old. Let’s continue to motivate our fathers.


  13. Maria

    This story put happy tears in my eyes! I had to rush over and share it with the man in my life, as we are parents to a 4 year old with ALOT on his heart.
    This was such an sweet message, and an great inspiration to us to keep on seeing the small things as important ones.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Maria || http://www.everythingiread.com

  14. Teresa

    What a sweet story and such a sweet response. Dad’s make a huge impact in their babies lives.
    Hope you guys had an awesome fathers day!



  15. What a great Dad you have! I really need to be more patient with my two sometimes and give their even seemingly ‘minor’ thoughts a little more attention and not rush so much- it makes you realise how much even the small things matter to little children :-)

  16. Sarah

    Hmm, See I might have a slightly different perspective. I think it is okay for children to be told, actually, you just have to wait until I finish this and then I can give you my full attention. And it doesn’t mean your children are any less important to you or you take your role as a parent any less seriously.

  17. Lindsay

    What a wonderful story! I love that your father realized that, to your younger sister, that story and the memories she was making of him as a father were just as important as his work call was to him. I love to see parents honoring their children’s experiences, and I think you and Josh do that exceptionally well. I remember being very taken by your story about Sampson taking lots of instant photographs of the carpet that he wanted to remember forever. While that carpet wasn’t something you as adults necessarily valued or thought important, it was important to him and I was so impressed by how you listened to and encouraged him to document what brought him joy.

  18. Griselda

    Hello Davis family!
    Do you mind writing a bit about your eating habits and how you have taught kids to eat so well. I see a lot of sweets and burgers and fries in your posts. Yet, they still seem to eat salads and veggies and all that too. My nearly 2-year old has never had a candy, ice-cream nor burger, but he doesn’t eat salads or even most of the pasta dishes either. Normally it’s just plain rice with meat and some cucumber on the side.
    Thanks in advance!

  19. sara

    What an awesome story! I totally agree that dads sometimes don’t get the credit they deserve. My dad was dad and mom for me and did the best he could, which looking back, was a heck of a lot more than a lot of folks got from two parents! I sent him this story to read. I’m sure it’ll put a big smile on his face!

  20. Very Nice And awesome story!,Hope you guys had an awesome fathers day!