boating around bermuda!

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during our first morning in bermuda, we took a boat out just like we did last year. it was a highlight of our trip last time around, and one of the things we were most looking forward to on this return trip!

tom, our tour guide, is seriously the nicest guy. he is the owner of the boat touring company called jet ski bermuda and he was the one who took us out on the water last year as well. he kindly spent several hours past our timeframe this trip with us on the water because he is so nice and we were having so much fun we lost track of how long we’d been out! i really feel like one of the best ways to see any place by water is by boat, and especially here where the water color is so clear and vibrant. we explored some caves, josh cliff jumped (crazy!), we hit up a tiny secluded beach and made sure to see all the fish out by the shipwreck vixen.

lots of photos below!

LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-6

happy girl getting to steer the boat for a bit!  LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-20

this water was seriously so pretty. look at that color! it confuses me every time i am around it. like, am i a city girl or a beach girl?! is there a way to be both?! lol. identity crisis overtime here. ;)

LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-3

while on the water, we were lucky to see quite a bit of practice going on for america’s cup which was taking place while we were in bermuda! we watched the usa youth team flying so fast across the water right by us.

LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-2

here they are! i couldn’t believe how fast they were going at times! i don’t understand the technology at all but they truly did look like they were flying and it was really insane to witness in person.

LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-4

going through the tiniest working drawbridge in all of the world right here! thought that was pretty cool! we also got to spot a few sea turtles swimming near our boat on the other side of this bridge, i’m too slow with my camera sometimes and didn’t get photos but they were cute!

LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-5LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-7 LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-8 LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-9

quick cat nap as we headed to the vixen!

LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-10

waving to all the fishes in the water!

LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-11 LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-12 LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-13

this is the vixen which we boated out to last summer with tom as well. it is an old shipwreck where hundreds of fish gather and you can spot so many of them because the water is so clear. our kids have talked about this frequently since we did it last summer so it was really special to go back out and visit all those fish again! next time i’m going to be brave enough to go swim inside the sunken ship!

LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-14 LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-15

the great thing about taking a boat out is getting to boat over to some of the more secluded beaches where no one else is around. we pulled the boat over and spent a little time at this one building some sand castles and searching for fish and seashells.

samson got his finger pinched on the ladder as we climbed back up onto the boat though and i definitely had a moment where i thought we’d be boating to an emergency room but the finger was just fine after we got some ice on it from the cooler and the tears died down. does anyone else seriously freak out when their babies get hurt? i was trying to stay calm for him and the rest of my kids but i was seriously afraid he’d be losing it. i always think of the worst outcome in situations like this. samson was really brave though and i can’t believe how tough he is! it didn’t even bruise! within 15 minutes he was back on the front of the boat soaking up the sunshine as we cruised around the water. i’m so proud of that kid and the way he pushed through.

LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555ho

matching matching! not sure how many more years i get to do this matching thing before she’s over it. haha! (for those who have asked about these matching rash guards, they are by mara hoffman but they were from a few years ago and no longer available.)

LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-16 LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-17 LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-18 LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-19leading up to our trip, when i’d talk to conrad about going to the beach, he’d always respond about “sand castles!” and so i knew he would be excited to build them since he loves talking about them so much. but i admit, they are very hard to keep finished when someone is continuously knocking them over midway through building (eh hem, conrad!), but we were pretty proud of it just the same!!!
LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-22


LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-23

tom took us over to some caves the kids went into with him and josh on a raft! pirates used to use the caves to hide rowboats in while waiting for ships to sail by to attack. there was actually a staircase inside one of them that led to the top of the cliff where you could jump off! josh climbed up and jumped off once! i have video of it and will share with all of our other video footage once i get it finished!

LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-24

you can see some of the cave openings under the rock in this photo!

LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-25 LOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hfLOVE TAZA bermuda boatride 027555hf-21

this photo of the three of them is kind of my favorite right now. dying over all their faces!

you can see lots of photos from last summer’s boat ride right here (always amazes me how small the kiddos look just 12 short months ago! where are my babies?!!?!)

WEARING: my rash guard and eleanor’s matching rash guard are by mara hoffman but are from a few years back and no longer available. samson and conrad’s rash guards are from here. my pink sunglasses here and eleanor’s heart shaped sunglasses here.

  1. Emily

    Always enjoy reading your blog and now I’m adding Bermuda to my bucket list!

  2. Bruna

    You are right, the last picture is awesome, they look like they are having so much fun!



  3. Loving the photo of Samson all decked out in his snorkeling gear with his thumbs up! That last photo is precious as well :) Agreed, the colour of the water is unreal! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  4. hanna

    The water looks amazing. So much fun –Hanna Lei

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    Come to visit Barcelona and Cadaqués!

  6. love your matching suits- and that water! holy cannoli!

    xo, brittany
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  7. fefe

    Gosh, they have grown up SO much! They are some lucky kids, I bet they’ll be pretending to be pirates for ages now!

  8. This post makes me want to go back to Bermuda oh so badly! The water looks even bluer than I remember!! Would love to know how Josh gets such great photos in bright light settings like on a boat ride!


    Anna Lisa

  9. Leanne

    Sooo can you guys adopt me…? Ha! This looks seriously incredible. Your kids will remember this stuff forever!

  10. Lauren

    That water is amazing!!

  11. Kristi

    Beautiful! Two days after the school year ended we headed to Sanibel Island with our three kids and it was lovely. Thanks for sharing, love to see your adventures!

  12. you’re making me want to book a trip to bermuda ASAP.

  13. Such a beautiful fam’ ! ;)
    Have fun !!!

  14. Briana

    The water looks incredible! Those matching swimsuits are too cute and I’m so happy you guys had a fun time.

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    This kids are getting so big and this looks like it was the most amazing day! I loved Josh’s drone footage and the suit you wore!

    xx Kelly
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    Oh my gosh, so awesome!
    I will love to read about how it works for you to travel with the kids!!
    I’m so sorry about my bad English, but i am a portuguese reader!!!
    Love your page!