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love taza bermuda june2017-6

i know i shared some photos from our day at the beach and our day boating around bermuda, but here are a bajillion more from the rest of our week on the island! believe it or not, i wasn’t able to fit in all the photos from our time at the aquarium (which is seriously one of our favorite things about bermuda), so there will be another post coming!

i’m not sure how many times i can say how much i love this place before you get so annoyed with me, but i just gotta say it some more. because it’s a good one, and for sure one of our family’s favorite places we’ve visited.

besides the aquarium visit and boat excursion, and visiting st. george’s (it’s the oldest town in bermuda and seriously adorable) one afternoon after church, we mostly just spent our time either at the beach or at the pool at our hotel. we had a great experience last summer at the fairmont southampton (my kids call it the pink hotel!) so we booked it again for this trip.  all three of them couldn’t get enough of that tiny water slide into the kiddie pool at the hotel, and we couldn’t pull them away from it on our last day on the island. (we literally just swam and hung out at the pool the entire day and they were so happy!) josh kept joking we should have just found a little hotel outside the city with a slide and our kids dreams would have come true! haha! dare we introduce them to actual waterparks with several different waterslides! their minds would be blown! but we did have a lot of fun away from the pool with the slide as well, so it wasn’t a total loss. ;)

love taza bermuda june2017-13

wearing this blue dress.

love taza bermuda june2017-14

the colors in bermuda are unreal. so pretty.

love taza bermuda june2017-1-12

handsome boys!

love taza bermuda june2017-12

and this heartbreaker who will be a kindergartner in a few short months?! he talks about it with such excitement, and i’m so excited for him but also why does he have to be five already???

love taza bermuda june2017-15

we have a similar photo of these two with eleanor up on josh’s shoulders in bermuda from last summer (see it here.) i didn’t realize when i took it that i had taken a similar picture last summer until i was looking through those photos and i couldn’t believe it! so big now, but still our baby girl!

love taza bermuda june2017-17love taza bermuda june2017-1-5

the “pink” hotel!

love taza bermuda june2017-1-7

from our last day where we just hung by the pool all day long and swam our hearts out. you can find my swimsuit HERE and my sunglasses HERE.

love taza bermuda june2017-1-9love taza bermuda june2017-1-8love taza bermuda june2017-1-10

this photo makes me laugh so hard because he’s doing his fast walk to the slide which is basically him running even though he knows he’s not supposed to be running!

love taza bermuda june2017-1-11love taza bermuda june2017-1-6

so many jump throws! also, so much great gopro video footage from the pool. the kids would take the camera around the pool on their own and watching the videos back are hysterical.

love taza bermuda june2017-1-13

when two year olds yell “cheese!” and make this face with it! kind of one of the best parts of being around a two year old!

love taza bermuda june2017-1-3love taza bermuda june2017-1-4

on our first night at the hotel, i drew a maze for samson to do to pass the time. every other night after that at dinner, samson would get so excited and ask me to make another maze and to make it “SUPER hard!” here he is working on the maze. by the way, making a super hard maze is much harder than you think! love taza bermuda june2017-1-2

and this little guy is an expert spaghetti eater, twisting and turning his pasta like a pro. he slurps up noodles like a vacuum sometimes so fast!love taza bermuda june2017-1

we never had a bad meal at the gastropub restaurant at our fairmont hotel so we ended up eating here almost every night this stay. everything is really good, but the garlic bread, beet salad and fish and chips are our favorite and we ordered them multiple nights. also, younger kids eat free at all the restaurants at the fairmont which is also a plus. by the way, this is not a sponsored post or a sponsored trip at all, we have just really liked our experience at this particular hotel and this restaurant and i love sharing when we find great things we truly love.

love taza bermuda june2017-19

the handsomest group of boys i ever did see!!!!!

love taza bermuda june2017-20love taza bermuda june2017-11

venturing around pretty st. george’s one afternoon!

love taza bermuda june2017-22love taza bermuda june2017-23love taza bermuda june2017-21love taza bermuda june2017-24

we have some exceptional artists on our hands! i’ve saved so much of their artwork over the last few years and i’m planning on framing a few of their most special pieces for in the new apartment! in our current apartment, i’ve mostly just taped up their drawings and paintings to the wall, which i have loved because it’s easy to display right away and rotate through this way, but it’s hard for them to really stay safe and be preserved when they are bare on the wall with just tape, so i’m excited to properly frame some of it and preserve it that way for the years to come!

love taza bermuda june2017-25

bermuda. my happy place. so good for my soul this place, it’s crazy.

love taza bermuda june2017-26

i also just have to say, attending church in bermuda not just this past stay, but last year as well, will forever be a highlight in my life. we’re lucky that the church we attend has meetinghouses all around the world, so we’re usually able to go even when we are far away from home. it’s been a really big blessing for me personally the last few years on sundy’s when we travel getting to meet incredible people from all over that just want to be better and serve and love and believe in a bigger purpose and plan for life. singing hymns in other languages i don’t understand is also something i have grown to really love participating in.  but the church experience in bermuda is just the sweetest and simplest, and it’s the kind i always crave, and the kind i really appreciate so much.

i feel like i’m getting side tracked but i wanted to share that they have the smallest group of children in that church congregation that make up their primary (kids sunday school), so adding our three kids to the mix made the entire primary twice as big! conrad is actually not even old enough to go to primary but he was so elated to be included and participate, he jumped right in raising his hand when anyone else raised theirs and wanting to do everything the big kids did! josh and i stayed with the kids in their little primary room for the first half of it, and i just have to say the way they pulled them in like family and loved on them was the sweetest thing to witness.

love taza bermuda june2017-10love taza bermuda june2017

gotta give another shout out to bermuda for doing color so well!

love taza bermuda june2017-3

super man! and super woman!

love taza bermuda june2017-2love taza bermuda june2017-7

we did a slightly early birthday dinner at the place we loved last year called waterlot inn. afterwards, we caught the sunset on the pier which was beautiful.

love taza bermuda june2017-8love taza bermuda june2017-9

when i order a diet coke (i want you to know, it’s more rare these days and i’m very very proud of that!), conrad will say, “i have tiny sip diet cooo? tiny. tiny. tiny sip!” because he knows i always deny him or else i say, “tiny” back to him. he makes the best faces after he tries a little. josh caught this one and i had to share, even though i know it’s not good or something to be proud of.

love taza bermuda june2017-5

BERMUDA! we freaking love you.

also, wearing THIS DRESS in the last few photos at sunset.

ps. if you missed it and are interested, a bunch of photos from our first day on the beach in THIS POST and then a post all about our day boating HERE.

  1. Teresa

    I am loving these pictures Naomi! I love the colors and the happiness that your babies are expressing. You’re rocking it dear! So happy for you!


  2. Imogen

    Conrad really does have the best faces!

  3. These photos are incredible and it looks like yall had so much fun!!

  4. V

    Bahaha love the facial expressions in the Diet Coke picture. Don’t feel ashamed of it, it happens more often than you’d think. I think people are just afraid to share those moments for fear of judgement.
    Looks like a fun family trip.

  5. Gabriella

    Loved this post, Naomi! You all look so happy and content. It’s a wonderful thing when you’ve found a place where you can fully relax and make the most beautiful holiday memories.

  6. Ashley

    What a beautiful trip! Just reading about it lifted my spirits! And that pic of Conrad drinking the soda lol! Thank you for sharing, so sweet.

  7. Jess

    Hi, Naomi! What an amazing adventure and lovely pictures! Our family will be in Bermuda next month. Any advice on booking a boating excursion? I tried to email and send a message directly through the link you provided, but have not heard back. Any help would be greatly appreciated! (I sent you a PM on Instagram). Thanks!☀️

  8. Heather

    Hey Naomi,
    We have four children around the same ages as yours, and I love collecting their art as well. However, we were running out of wall space, and so a friend gave me the following suggestion that has worked really well. I bought four (HUGE) three ring binders along with some of those clear page protectors, and every time the kids color or make a piece of art that we’d like to save, we just put it in a page protector in the notebook. That way we can all enjoy their art, and the kids love getting down their notebooks and flipping through them. It’s also amazing to see how their art changes and evolves over the months and years.

  9. Marka Sue Rogers

    Where is your white dress from in the “Conrad Cheese” photo 😊 Thanks! Happy Saturday!

  10. Jenna Crandall

    This post speaks to me! Especially your church experience in other places. I love how colorful everything is. And the two year old cheeeeez pic is the best one!! ❤️ and that black suit on you ❤️ love your cute fam!!

  11. Kim

    Bermuda sounds AMAZINGGG. I am obsessed with your dress and your picture perfect family <3

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Simply Lovebirds

  12. Marka

    Where is your white dress from in the Conrad cheese pictures? Happy weekend!

  13. Lucy Aiken

    Hi Naomi,
    I really like the white dress in the picture with your kids. Where did you get it?

  14. Ashley

    Where is Eleanor’s pink dress from?

  15. Connie

    It seems like your kids are growing up to be wonderful people. don’t beat yourself up over a few sip of diet coke!!

  16. Chlo

    These photos are honestly incredible, I thoroughly loved looking at every single one of them. You’re right, the colours in Bermuda are amazing – Bermuda itself looks amazing. I have to visit. By the way, you and your family are beautiful, your kids look so happy and healthy; it’s a lovely thing to see.

    Enjoy your Sunday :)

    Chloe @

  17. Claire

    Better than the Mountain Dew my kids are always stealing from my husband! These pictures are so vibrant and beautiful!

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  19. Kelly

    Wow, this looks like the most incredible trip! You wore so many cute looks but the black scalloped suit is my favorite, I think!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  20. Jane

    Hi Naomi, these pictures are gorgeous! The colours, the quaintness and, of course, your beautiful family. Did you manage to see any of the America’s Cup boat race while you were there? Asking as a die-hard Team New Zealand fan! x

  21. hanna

    The whole trip looks so fun –Hanna Lei

  22. Lo

    This looks like such a fun and colourful place to visit, do you see yourselves returning for years to come?


  23. Becca

    Don’t sweat the Diet Coke. What kind of kid grows up without “just one tiny sip/bite” here and there of some special treat? Rules are meant to be broken every once in a while.

  24. Erika

    I love that you go to church when traveling! It’s one of my favorite parts of traveling because no matter where you go, you always find family. Did you get married in a temple? If so, which one?

  25. Joy

    Literally read this post and then went to google to see how much a flight is to Bermuda! I really want to go now!

  26. DIANNA


  27. I absolutely adore this blog! And I have a question I’ve been dying to ask: it might seem a little vain (ha!) but Naomi, how do you keep your teeth so white and bright? They and you look absolutely stunning!

  28. Ashlee

    Hey — Love the post!

    Where did you get E’s dress? Its stunning!