sneakers and soccer games.

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i don’t know how it goes for most women who imagine having children someday, but for me, since i was a little girl, while i always knew i wanted lots of children, it was so hard to picture what having boys would be like. i would daydream about future tea parties and dress up with little girls at my side, which is perhaps due to having so many sisters close to my age where we grew up with ballet lessons, barbie dolls and lots and lots of tea parties, that the world of all things “boy” felt so foreign at one point in my life. (i did get lucky to eventually get a little brother! although he is 12 years younger!)

i have to tell you, that being a mother of two boys has been nothing short of wonderful. they are so very tender hearted, kind and caring. they also keep me on my toes around the clock and have kept me more active at times than my 8 hour dancing days prior to becoming a mother. haha! before they were here, it was difficult to imagine. now that they are here, i can’t imagine anything else. i feel so fortunate and honored to be a mother to an incredible daughter and also to my incredible sons. there are more soccer balls and dinosaurs and poop jokes in our home now than i know what to do with sometimes, but i freaking love (almost) every minute of being a mom to a couple of the cutest boys i ever did see.

you may have noticed that i have been loving wearing my sneakers the past few months. i will forever love a fancy heel, but this chapter of life seems to be calling for comfortable shoes which i have fully embraced. there is something about the white sneaker too, that i just can’t get enough of, as i’ve been hoarding them lately. i partnered with DSW this month and am wearing these high top white adidas sneakers that have such fun soft gold detailing on them, that helps them feel a bit dainty! i love pairing a sneaker with a more feminine dress. i feel like i’m still remaining true to own style while also being able to run after the kids all day long perfectly. adidas also makes a wider sneaker in the kid and toddler sizes, so we grabbed some for the boys. comfortable tennis shoes for the kids is so important for me, and since my kids take after me and josh in having more of a wider foot, we are always trying to find something that isn’t too narrow. these are great for that!

like anything worthwhile in life, mothering can be tough at times. but if it wasn’t frustrating and exhausting on occasion, then i don’t think that i would appreciate the many overwhelmingly joyful and funny and sweet and cute moments spattered throughout the days and weeks that all add up to make these precious years that fly by at a speed that seems to be going much too fast. we all get “hangry” sometimes and we all make mistakes or annoy or push buttons, but then we remind each other to take deep breathes and forgive and say sorry and try to gain a little more patience every week to keep going, keep playing, keep  dancing and laughing together as a family. and for me, to just keep marching on as a mom in my fancy sneakers (and take pictures and videos to remember all the joyful moments later!).

a few photos we snapped in the midst of an epic game of soccer in the park a few weeks ago….


these boys don’t mess around when it comes to soccer. honestly, i don’t even try to hold back as i play and i still lose! samson and that ball are not to be taken lightly!


and then there is this cute kid and his kicks!

thank you for keeping me young at heart, boys. and also giving me ample amounts of cardio workouts each day. ;)

this post is in partnership with DSW. wearing these white high top adidas sneakers, samson in these and conrad in these.

  1. Katrina

    I have two boys and a girl, too, and I always say I get to re-live my childhood ‘as a boy’ with all the Lego, superheros, sports, rough and tumble that I didn’t experience with two sisters and a younger brother.
    It’s SO fun!

  2. Kirsten

    Love your dress, but can I ask how you keep it from being too revealing (see through)? I wanted to buy it, but I have no idea how to wear it.

    • TAZA

      i wore mine with a cream-ish slip down to my knees but i think these pics make it look more see through since the sun is behind me, i’m backlit a bit!

  3. dby

    Ohhh, love what you write and how it is written absolutely out of my heart!
    Thank you for being such an inspiration!

    dby (

  4. Kristen

    This is a great post, Naomi. I have two little boys too and I’m wiped out keeping up with them at this stage. But it’s also such a beautiful season! I love the pairing of tennis shoes with the dress ;) keep writing content that is true to you because it resounds with women, especially in our season of life! Xox

  5. I looovve sneakers and a girly dress. Oh, and your boys are so cute! This soccer game looks intense- a good workout!

    xo, brittany
    espadrille roundup all under $30 on my blog today!

  6. Elise

    I love photo #4 of your little guy – just so so precious. Thank you for sharing glimpses of your heart for motherhood and your life. It is beautiful!

  7. Sarah

    Love the dress! Where is it from?

  8. Stacia

    I am obsessed with this dress–as the mama of a little boy myself, I’m always looking for a feminine dress that still allows me to run and jump after him!!

  9. Emily

    How did your dress not get jumbled while you ran?!? I must not be as coordinated as you..I’d never be able to pull that off!

  10. madilynne ernst

    oh gosh, you and your littles are so darling. love the shoes and love how you paired them with a feminine dress. #goals i love that dress and want to order it, but can’t really tell if it’s garment friendly. can you help?



  11. Maridith

    I respect the heck out of you & your husband. I’ve been following your blog for about 6 years now & it is LITERALLY the only blog I read. I feel like I relate to you in several different ways – & I’m always inspired to be more fun, carefree, & gracious with my boys after reading your posts about motherhood. You always look so great – so effortless – very well kempt – & modest. But I must say, these photos of you in this dress are pretty revealing & I feel a little shocked that you posted them, based on how you are always so modest. I read above that you wore a slip underneath, but the dress looks totally see-through as I can see the total outline of your legs. Please don’t interpret this as hate mail or accusatory. These photos of you just don’t seem to line up with all the other wonderful images you post.

    I don’t expect you to post this, but I do hope you’ve read it & can understand where I’m coming from.

    Still following & learning from you!
    Maridith xo

  12. Candice

    Hey Naomi! This is such a great post. I have to say – you are so good at weaving your personal story into sponsored posts. Also, love the dress with the sneaks – I have wanted to wear a look similar to this, but haven’t quite figured it out yet! Thanks for the inspo. Last thing – thanks so much for taking a few minutes to chat at C&C last weekend. I know you probably had places to be, but you’re sweetness and interest in my business and kiddos really meant a lot:))

  13. Amanda

    I can relate to this so much. I always imagined girls, but I’m a mama of a boy and I’m pretty sure the one I’m growing is also a boy. I love it though.

    It’s too bad you didn’t wear one of your Sonnet James play dresses! Would have been perfect for this post.

  14. hanna

    Looks like a lot of fun! –Hanna Lei

  15. Corina

    I am with you on the white sneakers obsession
    you look gorgeous, as per usual
    and the boys, well, I love them to bits
    could have joined your game…

  16. When I pictured my future family it was always an even split of two boys two girls. Fate had other plans and I found myself mothering four incredible little men. On reflection, though, I was perfectly suited to the job. I grew up with one brother and we played Lego and army and soccer as much as we played house. I love Star Wars and superheroes and did some palaeontolgy at uni so I’m qualified there. (Actually, not true. My 5yo corrects me all the time!)
    It seems, at times, there’s a lack of good men in this world and I believe it’s my job to raise some.
    Of course, now that I have a daughter I feel totally out of my depth!