playground hopping!

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LOVE TAZA washsqpark-28

i live for those days where it’s not too hot, not too cold, and we can pack up the stroller with some swimsuits, snacks, sunscreen and toys for the day and just head out! who knows where we’ll go exactly, how many playgrounds or splash pads or parks we’ll come across. the city feels like our backyard on these days and the boys are always so incredibly happy and content to just keep going, which i swear helps me feel unstoppable as a mother sometimes (even when i’m down to my last wipe, which always feels a little bit risky and dangerous, if you know what i mean!)

these photos are from a day the other week when we started off in central park, but found ourselves in washington square park before lunchtime and hit up two more playgrounds right after; one in soho and another in the west village before hopping back on the train to head back towards home and pick up eleanor from school.

you guys know what bigs fans we are of bringing healthy snacks and water along on our days out exploring the city together. i know i’ve shared in the past how we rarely leave home without some sliced up vegetables and almonds so we have something on hand at any moment. it also makes me feel less guilty over the amount of ice cream we somehow stumble upon in the city. we have loved partnering with blue diamond almonds over the past few months since we have been fans for years and bring their whole natural almonds with us everywhere. almonds are such a great easy snack for kids and adults alike since they are packed with healthy fats and fiber and as samson always says, “it’s my protein!” also, they don’t really get squished and can last pretty much forever in our bag without ever having to worry about them going bad. (i’m looking at you peppers and cucumbers!)

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here’s to many more days this summer filled with playground hopping, sweaty sticky kiddos from playing hard in the heat, splash pads with cold water and yummy snacks on the go that the entire family can love and can get behind.

thank you to blue diamond almonds for sponsoring this blog post! if you’d like, be sure to check out their on-the-go, 100-calerie snack packs that make it easy to just grab and go all summer long!

  1. Lola

    Hi I just won the green card lottery I can’t tell anyone in my extended family. I have been reading your blog for so long. You give me such inspiration that uprooting my little family to live in a tiny pad in New York is not only doable but liberating and makes you feel vital. Thank you so much.

  2. Brittany

    CONRAD’S FRECKLES! how do you handle that?? So sweet, and I love your dress!

    Cutest kid rompers round up on my blog today!

  3. Kristin

    Does your little one not need a nap? My little girl is almost 2.5 and she definitely still needs a nap from 1-3…

    • josh

      Our kids nap on the go!

    • josh

      Our children have always napped on the go! Part of being city kids and on the move in strollers so much of time.

  4. Mollie

    Love these photos of you and Josh with the Kiddos! Looks like you are taking full advantage of the beautiful summery weather in the city, and the great parks.

    xoxo Mollie

  5. Caley

    Ok be the post!can I ask where your dress is from?

  6. Caley

    Oops I meant love the post!

  7. jacqueline

    Ace and jig dress?

  8. Jess.

    Have you tried their Toasted Coconut flavor? I haven’t ever seen them in Manhattan, but they are very affordable on Prime Pantry (NOT regular Amazon) and they are too delicious. Like, sometimes I just can’t have them around, or I eat them all! They are sweet, but the sugar isn’t out of control (3g per serving). I love Blue Diamond almonds! And NYC playgrounds, obviously, are also pretty great. xox

    • josh

      Yes, so good!

  9. Mercedes

    What a beautiful day in the city! Naomi, I just love how all three of your littles inherited your freckles, so precious.

  10. Ashlee

    Love the dress Taza! Where’s it from?

  11. hanna

    Looks like a lot of fun –Hanna Lei

  12. Kate

    Great pictures! I am also a “nut” about healthy snacks and nuts are always a good choice. Can totally relate to the other foods getting squished and gross at the bottom of my bag.


  13. Heather Starkey

    Naomi, I must know where your dress is from?! You and your family are always so liveably stylish!

  14. Yaindy lara

    omg his freckles are everything !!! And why is Samson looking so big all of the sudden 😱

  15. These pictures are gorgeous! Especially the ones on the monkey bars, you guys really have a knack for getting the aperture just right in different settings !


  16. Lexie

    Ummm, YOUR DRESS. Details, please!

  17. j’adore les photos!!!!! la Joie de vivre!!! Nice photos

    Kisses from France


  18. Izzy

    what cuties!
    Not sure if you’ve discussed this in previous posts, but does Samson go to preschool?

  19. julie carter

    What did y’all do about changing from clothes to swimsuits since they are getting older? just curious bc I’m sure bathrooms are limited!

  20. Roselyn

    Always in love with your adventures! It’s so fun to know you did playground hopping. We are about to visit NY with our 18 old month baby and love to know kids have a great time in a big city! Wish us luck!

  21. Nikola

    Hey Naomi, can you do a post all about how you sleep trained your babies and what their sleep routine looks like now?

    Thank you!

  22. Absolutely love this post. I’m hoping we’ll be pulling this off in the future as we have an abundance of parks in our city.

    One request, please please please can you share some of your tips on photographing your kids in action. They always seem to be on the go, but your photos always come out beautifully in focus (where they should be) and just beautiful in general to be honest and would love to know how you pull it off!

    Love from the UK

  23. Can I request a let’s chat or written post please. I always admire how you guys are brave if that is the right word. Your kiddos are climbing, flying through the air and you go on boats.

    I knew I was neurotic so try hard not to be but then my toddler has my balancing cloning skills = not great and now I am freaking out all the time and I know that is not helping him to have fear mummy in his face.
    On the plus side I did really well to mask my spider fear Sebastian loves them so that is in my mum win column.

    Any advice would be very welcome x