little letters, white lace dress edition!

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dear new album by harry styles,
it’s all just so good. josh can poke fun of me all he wants, i am a major fan.

dear carpool karaoke video with harry styles and james corden,
again, the very biggest fan.

dear internet,
these ladies mom so hard and i want to be their friend. have you watched this swimsuit video yet? it’s gold, all of it.

dear little white dress that i can’t wait to put back on,
we are having a moment.

dear hot chocolate,
i can’t be the only one who is still into you, even in the heat. why does everyone think this is a winter-only drink?

dear one week from today,
my little samson turns 5, FIVE! in exactly one week and i don’t want it to be true! we gotta figure out a way to slow down these early years with our babies because they fly by faster than i’m comfortable with and i don’t like it at all.

dear self-tanner,
thanks for helping out the naturally pale girl who refuses to ever forgo her sunscreen.

dear work outs at the gym,
i’ve said this before but i have to say it again. you’re keeping me sane. and you’re one of the very best parts of my day. just really loving you so.


wearing THIS WHITE DRESS with BIRKENSTOCKS (similar HERE and HERE) and THESE SUNGLASSES and THIS CONVERTIBLE BACKPACK (another version in the blush color HERE).  speaking of little white dresses i can’t get enough of, in love with this one and this one as well. all the white dresses! i love them all.

more little letters from the past HERE.

  1. Briana

    Naomi, you look so pretty! I love this dress with the pink Birkenstocks.

    Briana |

  2. Mollie

    Love this simple post and your outfit! I am kind of drooling over those Birkenstocks. Such a pretty and springly look!

    xoxo Mollie

  3. Natali

    This little white dress is wonderful and it’s kind of piece which I usually spend most of my Summer in! I also love going to the gym and those workouts, just like to you make wonders in how I feel in overall!

  4. Dana

    I really love these little letters posts – and Happy early birthday to Samson!

    (Also wasn’t the carpool karaoke video with Harry Styles great!?)

  5. Kelly

    I love these pink sunnies and self tanner really is a god send!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  6. Celia

    “we are having a moment.” haha i feel you

  7. Kirsten

    i love the dress but usually don’t wear much white here in NYC! It means I can’t sit down on the subway ever.

    -Kirsten //

  8. white dresses! is there anything better in the summer? you look dreamy!

    xo, brittany
    summer staples under $40 on my blog today!

  9. Joanne

    I love your whole outfit, but I’ve had my eye on those Birkenstocks! Might have to pounce on them.

    Love your little letters, too!

  10. hanna

    I LOVE the shoes you’re wearing. SO cute –Hanna Lei

  11. Ashley

    Braided pigtails, Birks and a white lace dress so pretty. The sunglasses in the link are a bit different right? I love those sunglasses on you so much. Always so fresh.

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  13. Marielle

    Ok I’m in the same boat about Harry Styles. Obsessed.

    Have you heard ‘Slow Hands’ by Niall Horan? You’ll be hooked.

    Nooooo shame.

  14. Caitlan

    I absolutely love I mom so hard-they are absolutely hilarious and so real! I feel you on that! They have a live summer tour. Looks like they are coming to NYC July 19th!

  15. Rachel

    Ditto on the gym-sanity. Ill call it that from now on. It’s so so good for mama’s mental and physical health!

  16. sonya

    I wasn’t sure where to ask this but I was wondering if maybe you could do a post on taking pictures. Not using the camera but I’ve been blogging for a little bit and what i can’t get over is taking pictures in public. Of my food, of the kids, getting candids shots of myself. How do you get over that kinda uncomfortable feeling? When you go places, do you have to ask to take pictures or video? I’d love some tips how to overcome the uncomfortable feeling and if there are any restrictions to picture of video taking. Thanks so much!

  17. Your little letters are my favorite. I’ve been reading your blog for so long and this is my first comment. *Yay.* Thank you for being an inspiration!


  18. Michelle

    I am very, very far into adulthood and I personally love Harry Styles and his carpool karaoke. Go forth, Naomi! Josh is not the first husband to roll his eyes. Nor will he be that last.

  19. My hubby makes fun of me so much for liking harry styles (and taylor swift…life long swifty for sure). Proud to say at this moment in time though that my 4 year old daughter and I have the same taste in music!

  20. Mia G

    I too am so into Harry styles and I didn’t think I would be but his whole album is magic my favorite being “From the dining table” followed by “sweet creature” but there’s so much to love. This josh is the crazy one lol!

    Thanks for sharing as always


  21. Paige

    Extensions are fun, but I love your natural look so much more. You’re beautiful. x

  22. Ellena

    Ahh agree with so many of these!

    What kind of gym workouts are you doing- Do you do classes or prefer to just go solo?
    Also wondering how you decide what to do for each workout? Do you follow a schedule or plan or just what you feel like that day?


  23. Carissa - lu

    What kind of self tanner do you use? Do you have any tips on how to apply it evenly?i always forget to do my hands or neck or toes, hahaha. Love your cute white dress. It reminds me of simultaneously….a cute outfit my toddler would wear with her pink sunnies and pink sandals, and a throwback to a maternity summer of love look.
    Ps. Harry styles, sex drugs and rock n roll, love and adore him.

  24. Steph

    When do you go to the gym? Trying to figure out when to go with a little one :)

  25. Dear Naomi your selft- tanner is soooo natural. I ‘ll buy it

    kisses from France

  26. Claire

    Love it! What everyday sunscreen do you wear? I am always on the hunt for one that doesn’t make me look completely ghost-like, but that actually works.

  27. Nina

    Oh i CAN totallly relate with what you said about
    the birthday of your boy.
    Mine is born two months after samson. So he’ll be five
    In July. (By the Way i’m following you since you were
    Pregnant with Samson) and i just can’t believe how
    Time flies… my baby is not a baby anymore…

  28. I love this lace dress! So cozy! Love your look!

  29. This dress is so adorable!! Perfect for summer. I’m obsessed with James’ Carpool Karaoke, and also…how is Samson almost FIVE?! Wasn’t he born like, yesterday?? Insane how quickly time moves.

  30. Jamie

    In my emotional pregnant state, I had a little cry yesterday thinking about how our unborn first baby will be a grow so quickly, becoming a teenager in a blink. I instantly felt silly since our little one is not yet here!

    I thank you for preparing me for motherhood, for the feeling of time passing too fast, and I hope to have the strength and the awareness to remember these things when our baby arrives and we are wondering when we will ever sleep again.

    Also, I am 100% with you on Harry Styles! He is just so likeable and his album is great. I am 32 and I can listen to Harry Styles if I like!

  31. Sara

    Hi there! LONG time reader ( like, since Elanor was liiitle), but first time cemmenter.

    I love reading your blog. Hubs and I don’t yet have kids, but I find your family posts so informative and lovely!

    I have noticed that from time to time you do beauty posts, I’m wondering if you might post a tutorial on those self-tanning towelettes?

    Us pale girls need a little help! ;)

    Keep up the lovely work Naomi! I’ll be here reading!