little letters, gingham in spring edition.

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dear freckles,
the sun has started to consistently shine! which gets me all sorts of happy about no longer feeling like a ghost as i watch you cover my face in a way that means i can kick all concealer to the curb. it’s my happiest months for sure, with you here.

dear freckles on my children,
when i see you start to make your way across my little ones’ noses in these warmer months, i feel such pride. and also like maybe there really is hope i’ll pass on the parts of me i love most to my children!

dear all the spring flowers that are in full bloom right now,
who do we need to talk to about getting you guys to arrive a few months earlier?! and possibly staying a few months later as well? there has to be a way to change what february looks like, surely.

dear jumpsuits, especially ones that are wide leg and gingham,
pleased to meet you, new summer uniform!
(ps. similar gingham jumpsuits here and here.)

dear diet coke,
you have slipped back into my life and things are getting dangerous. how does one ever say goodbye to you forever?

dear hamilton soundtrack,
hearing my sweet four year old samson belt out “my shot” from the other room made my week! thanks for such an incredible soundtrack that my kids love, too. definitely prefer having it stuck in all our heads over “ants go marching” or the catchy daniel the tiger jingles like “we gotta try new food cause it might taste goooOOOOoooddd!” ;)

dear hamstrings and glutes and every other part of my body that is crying from soreness right now,
i just want to say i’m sorry. but also, this is good for us to get back into working out everyday.

dear floor in my closet,
i can see you again!

dear rest of the floor in my apartment,
hopefully i’ll be able to see all of you again, soon, too!

dear mango sticky rice and thai food in general,
currently, my favorite. like, i could eat you for every meal and forever be happy.

dear josh,
let’s go to thailand!

happy MAY everyone! past silly little letters, right here.

  1. Love love love this gingham jumpsuit – so cute!! I’ve been on the lookout for some gingham to add to my closet. Also, forever lusting over your lashes girl. <3

    Also, Hamilton is coming to Los Angeles this fall, and I just got tickets for it! Super pumped (I haven't even listened to the soundtrack because I don't want to spoil anything).

  2. Jess

    These are always my fave posts!

  3. Ashley

    I love this. These posts make me happy for the little moments that we can easily forget. It’s so light, so personal and heartfelt. Dear Naomi, thank YOU!

  4. these posts always bring a smile to my face! and guess what I LOVE those freckles too haha!


  5. Joanne

    I love this! What a cute reminder to appreciate the little things going on in our lives all the time :)

  6. Megan

    I always love your little letters posts. They’re so cute and random. It’s the best! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. yes yes YES the flowers! like, where have you been?? it’s the best.
    such a cool jumpsuit!

    xo, brittany
    feminist fashion picks for mamas and babes on my blog today!

  8. Rachel Simmons

    Yes yes yes to Thai food.

  9. Pepper

    Yes on Thailand!

  10. Natali Karppinen

    This gingham jumpsuit is so cute! You’re looking gorgeous Taza!

  11. Corina

    Dear Naomi,

    can I just say you are the sweetest there is in this big world of blogging?


  12. I’m so jealous of your freckles. Sometimes I contemplate using make up to make fake freckles. I just love the gingham!

    Diet coke is my weakness! I haven’t had any in a year. A long torturous year!

  13. Emily

    If you find the secret to giving up Diet Coke forever, please let me know what it is!!

  14. Flowers! Beautiful flowers! You look adorable!

  15. Nikki

    You guys have to go to Thailand! Y’all with love it! Just came back from phuket and it was amazing! Xoxo

    Wrote a little blog entry on it too

  16. Brin

    This looks like an anthro spread. So pretty

  17. JessKatz

    I love the poetry in each of your “dear…” letters. The filtering in your photo adds a romantic and vintage element to the blog post that really gives the intimate/personal element to the post. thanks for sharing!

  18. Adrienne Liege

    amazing! that would be perfect for my lifestyle! (law student/internship/future mama)!

  19. hanna

    That garden looks awesome, and so does your outfit. –Hanna Lei

  20. excellent photo

  21. Lori

    Aaw I love everything about this series. 😻

  22. Oh, Thailand is just amazing!!! I wish we could revisit soon! :)

  23. Lauren

    Love that jumpsuit! You should try to post fashionable options that aren’t so incredibly expensive. You have the BEST style but I can’t afford anything you have.