joe’s pizza and popsicles and a night in the west village!

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LOVE TAZA west village-9

these photos are from yesterday in the early evening when we decided to ignore our usual more structured dinner and early bedtime routine and head down to the west village for our favorite joe’s pizza, popsicles from popbar and of course plenty of playground time at one of our favorite nearby spots.  it felt so good to be together doing something we have done countless times before during the warmer months of the year. i love feeling that magic of summer nights in new york where the sun is shining just a little bit longer and the air is still warm even as the sun is setting… which makes us a bit more lenient with proper bedtimes and routines. even on a school night! it brings out the more rebellious side of this davis family and i sure like it! ;)

i wanted to say thank you so very much for all of your kind words and support on my blog post last week about our decision to stay in new york and also your excitement about our new space! it feels good to share how we’ve been feeling about it all but it feels even better to have made a decision we feel at such peace with. last night as we finished our pizza slices and popsicles and walked back towards the train in the village to head home to the upper west side, with the entire gang a little dirtier, a little stickier from that sweet sweat that comes from playing hard and never holding still, i looked at my little family and felt such peace. they looked right at home in their city surroundings, amidst the sunset and city lights, a few sirens blazing by (and even that drifting smell of cigarette smoke you can only dodge for so many minutes before it finds you again). we passed several strangers who we shared eye contact and smiles with. getting off the train back in our neighborhood, we had two people pause and ask if they could help as josh and i carried the stroller up the subway steps and while we both said in unison, “we got it, but thank you!” i had to laugh. how did i ever second guess this life in new york? feeling so very thankful for it and for the summer ahead of us.

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PS. here’s my NYC GUIDE VIDEO all about our favorite things to see/eat and do in the west village. also, an old blog post from a day in the village a few years ago and a story about falling in love with josh in a snowstorm while we were in the village once, RIGHT HERE.



sonnet james playsuit blouse, madewell jeans (old, but similar), these shoes (a gift) and fedora hat. also wearing this lipstick in the color mauve matte. josh and samson’s matching shirts are from j.crew – (josh’s here and samson’s here.) i am dying at how S insists on popping the collar like his papa! josh bought one for eleanor and conrad as well in different colors. dare i tell you he also bought me one?! i maybe had to return it, i just can’t pull it off. haha! happy wednesday, everyone!

  1. Brittany

    A good reminder that sometimes getting out of the routine is a good thing- I bet they went to bed well last night!

    Xo, brittany
    A pretty yellow round up on my blog today!

  2. You are sooooo lucky to live in NY. I wish to spend some time in your city but… I have no time and no money (at least enough money :) sniff sniff

    Kisses from France

  3. Jess.

    The matching polos!!! I just can’t even. xox

  4. Carrie

    Hey, where’s your backpack from?

  5. Pam

    You just made me crave pizza lke no one’s business. lol
    LOVE that you’re staying in nyc and LOVE how sweet your family is <3
    Have a lovely day, Taza!

  6. Lauren

    This is so sweet. The times when my parents broke from routine are some of my favorite childhood memories. One day my mom let me leave school early and took me out to lunch, just because! And I’ll never forget one night my dad let my brother and I wear our PJs on a car ride to the lake to watch the thunder storm roll in well past bed time. The best. :)

  7. Lydia

    Oh my goodness! Josh and Samson are seriously the sweetest in their matching polos! and the the collar detail? I cant even,,,

  8. Corina

    Loving the yellow matchy match between the boys’ t-shirts and your shoes

  9. Teresa

    This is such a sweet post. It looks like you guys had a great time! I love how you’re just wearing the top of the playsuit. I like breaking up suits as well.

  10. Valerie

    can you give me details on your backpack? thanks!

  11. I love your little family! Y’all manage to make the simplest day-to-day activity like going to get pizza and going to the park, look like such a fantastic adventure. Love it!

  12. Jessica

    Looks like so much fun! Can you share what size playsuit you have from Sonnet James? Loving that top with all the bright colors on you!

  13. Marie

    Great night out ! We do that too sometimes and that feels so right to change once in a while our routine with the kids. The pizza looks so good….we were in NY in april, and spend the afternoon in the west village..we were planning to have a pizza from the Joe’s pizza but there where filming for the whole day….we ended up at sweetgreens…..another great location but totaly different from pizza :) and we had pizza in Brooklyn at Juliana’s p.s we stopped too for candies from your city guide.

  14. We love Popbar and Joe’s Pizza, too! we live right by it, so it’s tempting hahaha. You should try Cones ice cream shop on Bleecker too. Best dark chocolate ice cream ever! Xx – Fernanda

  15. A fun way to break the routine! How can you not, summer is coming :)

  16. Briana

    I just saw Josh’s IG post about his and Samson’s matching ‘alligator shirt’. You truly have the sweetest family!

    Briana |

  17. Heather

    I love this post! I am also so jealous (in the best way) of the upbringing you are providing for your children. They will be able to conquer anything when they get older! Best wishes, Naomi! Love your blog so much.

  18. Marie Scully

    Dear Love Taza and Family

    I would like to say thank you for the wonderful blog that you have created, it truly brings a smile to my face. I especially loved your trip to England as this is my homeland and it was fab to see your perspective of London and Warwick Castle.

    Keep doing what you are doing because I am sure I not the only one that think you and your lovely family are great.

    Kind Regards

    Marie Scully

  19. Hannah

    Hi Taza!

    Do you have any summer style tips to share? Would love to read a post on tips for curating an easy and stylish summer wardrobe. When the temps start to heat up (especially here in Texas) I find myself unmotivated to get all dressed up, so I end up wearing workout clothes 99% of the time. 🙈You always look effortlessly cute… Help a sister out!

    x, Hannah