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LOVE TAZA green-4

someone once said to me that they didn’t want to have have kids anytime soon because then they’d be missing out on life. i remember walking away from the conversation all sorts of confused.  what one thinks is a life worth living will of course always differ from the next, respectfully. it’s understandable. we all want, need or value different things out of life. but also, i was probably the wrong person to share that statement with, as an already mother to three little ones at home. in response, i couldn’t do more than shrug my shoulders and be like, “…sorry, what?”

because here’s the thing. yes. of course. i’m overly exhausted, my boobs sag towards a much softer tummy that my kids love to lovingly poke and we often order in rather than go out these days because sleep (or attempting it) seems to take priority over having a social life. there’s a lot of getting up and shifting beds during the night because of a nightmare, “a glass of ice water, please,” or just because a tiny someone is in need of another someone to lay by them. i look around our small and messy apartment at least seven times a day and think, didn’t i just clean this?! and then try my best to not be annoyed when i can’t get daniel the tiger songs out of my head. regardless of how many times you swear they’ve picked them all up, you’ll step on a toy in the dark hours of the morning or find that someone took the ginormous parmesan reggiano block of cheese out of the fridge to snack on and days later, no one has yet been able to find it in the apartment (true story this week. we are still looking for it). parenthood, motherhood…. it’s not all glamourous.

but still, when someone says having kids means they’d be missing out on life, i’m the wrong person to relate to. because i thought life was pretty great before i held my first baby in my arms for the very first time a little over six years ago. and now, with three of my very biggest blessings in life sound asleep in the other room, i have to tell you, amidst the chaos and messes and nights of little sleep, there are tiny hands reaching up to hold mine throughout the day. there is the sweetest laughter and the most curious and earnest of questions asked. the spontaneous hugs with tiny pat pats given around my neck or the moment i overhear one tell the others how much they love mama’s soft and warm tummy. when you see them stand up for each other at the playground or cheer one another on. and their faces when they do so! when they see problems in the world through their innocent and untainted eyes and say, “but why?” followed up with, “we need to fix that. i’m gonna fix that.” and your heart bursts because you know they have the potential to do just that. that someday, they very well could fix that.  the moment you watch them learn something new or successfully accomplish a difficult task they had been working towards for months. and then as they drift off to sleep at night, while you lay beside them stroking their hair or scratching their back enjoying a moment of calm, hear them whisper, “mama, i love you.”

tell me, what is this life i’m missing out on somewhere else? what could ever compare to this?

for me, i am living my full life. it’s better than anything i could have ever dreamed up for myself. being a mother, it’s been the most joyous and fulfilling years of my life so far. this chapter right now is the one i’d live over and over again if given the chance. and the one i feel most thankful to be experiencing. the lessons learned, the growth accomplished, the mistakes and successes and happy and sad tears combined, have been well worth it so far. i started living the day i became a mama and i wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

today is a very special day, because i get to share with all of you some special photos that josh took of me and the little ones over the last week while i was wearing a few of my favorite pieces from the new sonnet james summer collection which just launched today! you might remember when whitney from sonnet james launched her very first spring collection a few years ago and asked me to play model in all the pretty dresses with eleanor and baby samson back in the day! we connected immediantly  because i was so drawn to her philosophy of why she wanted to create playful dresses for playful moms. to help encourage and remind all of us with a little one in our midst to take grasp of this incredible chapter of life. to get down on the ground right along side our kids, in the dirt, in the water, in the sticky messy days that is life with little ones and be present. i am so honored to be wearing and featuring yet another incredible collection of hers this summer and feel all the friend pride as i see her continued success that i know she has worked her butt off to achieve.

you can see all the summer dresses (and playsuits!) right here, and also enter to win the entire collection (that is 21 dresses and 2 playsuits!) in your size below! details at the end of this post.

and now, some photos of me and my babies (i know they aren’t babies anymore but no one will ever be able to stop me calling them that. it’s just not going to happen.) but anyway, some photos of me and my babies in our favorite city wearing some of my favorite pieces from sonnet james’ newest collection….

LOVE TAZA yellow-5LOVE TAZA yellow-3LOVE TAZA stripe-5LOVE TAZA stripe-6LOVE TAZA playsuitLOVE TAZA playsuit-6LOVE TAZA playsuit-3LOVE TAZA green2-2LOVE TAZA green2LOVE TAZA yellow-4LOVE TAZA yellowLOVE TAZA stripe-12LOVE TAZA stripe-9LOVE TAZA stripe-8LOVE TAZA playsuit1LOVE TAZA playsuit1-2LOVE TAZA green-3LOVE TAZA greenLOVE TAZA green-6LOVE TAZA green-5LOVE TAZA playsuit2-3LOVE TAZA playsuit3-2LOVE TAZA playsuit3LOVE TAZA stripe-2LOVE TAZA stripe LOVE TAZA yellow-2

i am wearing the ava in green stripe, the playsuit in floral, the yellow dress called may, and the flora in green.

to enter to win the entire summer collection, please visit sonnet james and leave a comment below telling us which dress or playsuit is your favorite! the lucky winner will receive all 21 dresses in the collection as well as 2 playsuits in the size of their choice.  the winner will be drawn at random and emailed directly 5/8. you may also enter to win on instagram as well as right here!

thank you to sonnet james for sponsoring this post and giveaway!

  1. Amanda

    The floral playsuit is EVERYTHING!!!

  2. Kelly

    I love the ava dress in green stripe that you are wearing! Such a cute and comfy looking dress!

  3. Lindsay McElwain

    How does a person pick just one favorite?!
    Ok ok. I’m going to go with the Isla – Floral…the off the shoulder is too cute!

  4. Jane

    The floral play suit!!

  5. Lydia Bradshaw

    Love what a champion you are for life with littles. I’m also in the midst of this precious season of life. Love the collection – the Winnie is a favorite – such a classic ease about it!

  6. Jessica Casero

    Beautiful pictures!

    My favorite is the floral play suit. It looks like an incredible piece of art and just screams springtime!

  7. Amanda

    That floral pantsuit is amazing!!

  8. Kelley Matney

    I love the playsuit in floral!!!

  9. David

    Am I allowed to do this for my wife? She would love this! I think she would want something in floral pattern because she loves flowers.

  10. Gabby

    What a beautiful post! I feel like you will look back at this post with admiration as the years go by. My favorite Sonnet James outfit is definitely the “Daisy tie die”. Thanks for sharing your little world Naomi! I feel like when I do become a mom, reading your blog throughout my college years and now early twenties will have been a huge influence on my parenting style!

    <3 Gabby

  11. Liz Wiest

    I love the Ava, Scout and Poppy. They are all so fun it’s hard to choose just one.

  12. joy

    gahhhh so many to choose from! my eye goes to the Noa in navy and the Isla in tulip. they all look like gorgeous, comfortable, versatile pieces. amazing giveaway!

  13. Jessica Cochran

    I am so curious about the playsuits. They are just beautiful and look so comfortable, but do they look like pajamas? I’m definitely curious enough to give one a try, because, hey, why not be dressed comfy and look glamorous all day!!

  14. Roxy Murdock

    I love the Floral Playsuit!! I have been searching for cute, comfortable, flattering playsuits and dresses. Sonnet James has been the answer to my prayers! haha. But seriously, I would kill to have a single item from them-let alone the entire collection! Love you both!!

  15. Lauren

    Love the Scout in tie dye AND the Lulu dress! 😍

  16. Jen Noble

    I would probably live in the Ava (love me a slouchy shoulder) and the Noa is just dreamy.

  17. Christine

    This collection is amazing! The Coco in pink is my first pick because my Daughter’s nickname is coco and her Favourite Color is pink. I think I dreamed the green Flora dress to life. I’ve been wanting to make one exactly like it.

  18. mariasole

    the floral playsuit is adorable, easy but chic. Beautiful pictures!

  19. Caroline S

    The scout dress has got to be my favourite! I would share the prize with all my maman friends who would simply love the entire collection! I see a clothes party coming on!!

  20. The playsuit in floral is the stuff of dreams!!

  21. Monica

    Dear Naomi,

    Thank you for this post. I was just questioning if to heave another baby and now I have the answer.
    All the dresses are beautiful as they allow us to be the woman we once were while we are holding our babies.

    Thank you for showing us ways of doing it,


  22. This post made my heart full! Although my family is a little different than yours (mama to one amazing little boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder), I very much feel the same way you do. I truly feel like I didn’t start living until I had our son and I wouldn’t trade the crazy roller coaster of a ride this has been for anything else in this world. xx

    Oh, and I’m totally entering this sweet giveaway. How can one pick a favorite!? Okay, well if I must, the floral playsuit made my heart skip a beat!

  23. Kayla

    The playsuit in floral is so cute!! def my fave

  24. Rachel Summers

    I love the green color of the Flora dress!

  25. Trisha

    I love the May – Yellow dress!

  26. Jordan

    Love Sonnet James! I love the floral Isla dress!

  27. Laura

    I love the yellow dress!

  28. Michelle

    Love all of the play suits!!!

  29. Rachel

    LOVE the yellow May dress

  30. Eliz

    The flora in green!

  31. Annie

    Love the Noa dress in cream!

  32. Sarah

    I love this post and what you say about living a full life! My favorite is the green striped dress!

  33. Kelsi G

    I LOVE the Noa in cream. Sonnet James is the best–I love her company and her story.

  34. Julie Tidwell

    This post made me cry! I love everything you said about motherhood. I absolutely love these dresses! I love the Flora in green as well as the Scout-Tie Dye! So many amazing dresses, it’s hard to choose just one! Thank you for this sweet giveaway!

  35. Kipper

    The green with POCKETS! Gotta have the pockets!

  36. Sally

    Loving the vibe of the NOA- cream dress: vintage sleeves with those sweet flowers! I’d wear it to our little town’s weekly farmers market on Saturday morning with my kiddo and the Hubs.

  37. Melissa

    The Tea dress is my favorite. I can see adding a necklace for work (I am a teacher, so comfortable while presentable is a must) and then trading the necklace for comfortable shoes to hit the park with my own children before dinner. Thank you for the giveaway!

  38. Taza!!!!

    Awesome photos again love!!! I think first of all i want to say thank you for sharing so much love and joy. It’s always so precious to see someone so happy who always find inventive ways to have fun with her kids and inspire others to do the same!

    Love the collection and what you picked for the shoot. Honestly the one thing that really attracts me is that the items are super simply design and classy, they have stripes which is important for me being french :) and most of all they seem so comfortable!!!

    My favorite by far though is the floral playsuit. Love this modern version of liberty, its so fresh and darling. Reminds me of england.

    Thanks again!! Hope you guys are having such an awesome Sunday!! We are off to bike in one of Oregon beautiful forest!!

    Aka Mamaninportland :)

  39. apolline

    you look gorgeous !! and your babies are beatiful !!

    I’m in love with the classic but cool MAY dress !!

    have a wonderful ady !

  40. Jessica

    I loooove the flora in green! So beautiful.

  41. Henna D

    Loving the Brielle daisy dress! With two little ones I know that comfort is key :)

  42. Katherine Hastings

    I’d have to go with the green stripe, maybe it’s just because you’re having so much fun in the water!

  43. Amy Vanderhooft

    New mom to Juliette who turns 6 weeks today! Love the floral jumpsuit

  44. Veronica

    I love the Scout in tie-dye!! So fun!!

  45. Stephanie

    I love this post so much. Speaks so true to me as I’m a mother of 2 toddlers, currently in the thick of this wonderful world of being a mama.

    The floral playsuit is my absolute favorite!!!

  46. Mel

    i love the flora playsuit/jumpsuit! you look so beautiful!

  47. Chelsey Badal

    I can’t decide between the Poppy dress and the Noa! So pretty!

  48. Tove

    Love them all!

  49. Nora

    I love the coco! So cute.

  50. Camille Brissi

    I’m getting married on June the 3rd and if i win it will be a beautiful wedding present 😜 Thank you again for this crazy giveaway and 🤞

  51. Nicole Roe

    Daisy Tie Dye!

  52. Laura

    ❤️ the flora in green. That’s not a color I see often in clothes- it’s gorgeous!

  53. Hannah

    the June dress!

  54. Hannah

    Oh wow! That would be amazing!!!!!! I would love the Brielle in floral! So feminine!

  55. Hannah

    Yellow May! Love all of these, pick me please 😊

  56. Arianna Bundy

    I love the Scout white/blue. It feels sexy without trying, which is always the look I’m going for!!! haha

  57. Kaat

    That story about your life starting when you had your baby – so beautiful! Being pregnant for the first time is amazing but at the same time a bit scary… I actually really don’t know what to expect. Anyway, your blog is super reassuring, I cannot wait for our little one to arrive! And then I’m sure I will NEED all those amazing dresses because I’m used to wearing dresses all day, everyday! With those dresses, I’ll keep doing that for sure! “In the dirt, in the water, in the sticky messy days that is life with little ones.” Thanks for the give-away, Taza and Sonnet James.

    I love the white Reese dress. Because it has stripes! And I always pick stripes (my husband loves me for that… :) )

  58. Sue

    The SCOUT dress is a definite for me! My little one’s name is Scout and I absolutely love this dress as well <3

  59. Oodie

    Such a hard choice, I love so many of these dresses and love that I would be able to wear something that is functional and beautiful and makes myself feel good while playing and being active with my littles! I like the Noa Cream dress and Flora Green is beautiful as well! Love this May collection so much.

  60. SB

    The dot playsuit is beautiful and I would wear it possibly every single day – love this.

  61. Romina

    If I had to pick only one, I would pick the Flora dress <3 Very nice and comfy collection! Finger crossed!

  62. KJ

    The May yellow dress is so sunny and bright and beautiful!

  63. AE

    I would love the Isla dress – the tulip and dot print both look sold out so it is clearly very popular and in demand – what a beautiful dress!!!

  64. Ky

    The Coco dress is wonderful and so is the Reese dress and the Tea and Ava and Tie Dye Daisy too!!!! Too many to choose!

  65. Suzy

    What a beautiful collection, my favorite is the Reese dress. Beautiful styling, simple patterns.

  66. Steffi Kreuzer

    May, May in yellow!!!

  67. Mane

    Oh, the floral playsuite =LOVE

  68. Mane

    Oh, the floral playsuite = LOVE

  69. kate

    my favorite is the ava white/blue!

    happy spring :)

  70. Kelly

    They’re all so great, but the yellow with the white details is my favorite! Love this post and this collection.

  71. Erin R.

    I love the Tea dress in Cinderella blue, dreamy!

  72. Sierra

    This is such a fun giveaway! As a Mama it’s always important feel confident in who you are and what you are wearing. I love the playsuit-dot but all of these are gorgeous pieces! Beautifully Candid

  73. Emily

    You words resonate so much! I love the Ava dress, it’s got that boyfriend sleeve but it’s a teensy but fitted too. You’re so so beautiful Naomi, abs a blogger I found YEARS ago and have always loved. You radiate happiness, and I love you for it.

  74. Laura

    Love the Reese in white!

  75. Amber

    I love the Noa!

  76. Meg Webster

    I LOVE the Ava dress in green.❤️

  77. Haley

    The playsuit in floral is AMAZING. Such a fun giveaway!

  78. Hailey

    I love them all! However, if I had to pick one it would be the Ava in stripes but May is a close second. I am a new follower so of yours but I have followed Whitney at Sonnet James for a while. You two could be sisters! I love your love of motherhood and of living life to the fullest. As a mother of four little ones I appreciated this post. I own a few Sonnet James dresses and feel in my element when wearing them. I too love being a mom. Happy Almost Mothers Day! ❤️❤️❤️

  79. Ines

    Oh I absolutely love the Noa in Navy; but have to admit that with my figure, the Tea in black would probably fit me best…

  80. Rachel

    i love the floral brielle!

  81. Laura T

    I love the Green Ava! Actually all the colors of Ava. And the scout. And all the rest of them too :)

  82. Stacy sanchez

    I would rock the poppy dot. As a kindergarten teacher and mother of 3 boys, comfort and convenience come above all else. Add in the style and you’ve got me!

  83. Tara

    Isla in tulip! One lucky winner…

  84. tara

    NOA NAVY!!

  85. I love the Noa dress! I love both colors!

  86. Brittany W

    I love them all but I reeaaalllly love the floral play suit!

  87. Kylie Shank

    I love the yellow dress called may that you’re in! It’s my favorite color. 😊

  88. Kristen

    The navy NOA dress is so dreamy!

  89. Joanna

    That floral NOA! So femme and delicate, which is definetly not how I feel when I wear grungy pjs with my 14mo al day :P

  90. alison

    The june dress is right up my alley. Also, this post had me in tears. Being a mom is the hardest, most exhausting job I’ve ever done, but it’s also the most rewarding job!

  91. Hannah

    Love this so much!

  92. Kelly

    My favorite is definitely the Isla tulip and I love how you always will get down and dirty with your kids – the pictures of you all climbing the tree are my favorite!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  93. Heather

    Whoever wins is so lucky!

  94. Heather

    Floral playsuit is my favorite!

  95. Nikki

    The Margot in black and white. It’s perfection! (And as a mom of three kids ages four and under, I can’t even tell you how exciting this giveaway is!)

  96. Love the Flora with those HUGE pockets – and think my daughter would have fun with those too

  97. Jessica

    The May dress!

  98. I love the good old classic Reese-White!