happy 5th birthday, samson rex!

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may 30th. it marks the day my sweet samson rex came into this world, five years ago today. it’s a day that we anxiously count down to several months beforehand with anticipation and excitement at our house because this boy is just the best, and his enthusiasm for celebrating the big day as it draws nearer is contagious, something i love so much about him.

you can’t be around samson and not feel loved. he’s my baby boy who will comment on something as simple as the overalls i just put on with such genuine excitement for me, that i truly feel like the best dressed woman in all the world. “wow, mom! i like those overalls! you look really great, mom!” and then i try to pick myself back up from the pile of mush i just melted into on the floor because seriously, this kid!

when samson makes a goal to learn or do something new, you can guarantee he’ll follow through all the way. he is determined like no other, from tying his shoes all by himself at an early age of three to learning to ride a two wheel bike in new york city this last winter at four and a half, he sets his goal with determination and focus and he follows through until he is the master of these things. (he was riding his big sister’s scooter before he could walk! he has always been this way!)  samson has had his mind set on wanting roller blades since last fall, and while the thought of my  four year old on roller blades in nyc was something i couldn’t bear to face, i knew it wasn’t a phase that he’d forget about by the next day as he started working hard to earn them all on his own. we agreed together that first he had to finish learning to ride his new bike without training wheels and then for his fifth birthday, he could ask for roller blades, because it’d be warmer out then and easier to learn to how to properly use them without snow and ice on the streets and also he’d be older (in my mind five seemed so much older than four at the time). and so, with roller blades on his mind many day since then, he’s had a count down to his big birthday where he’d finally get his roller blades, and he’s worked so hard each day leading up to it to make sure he was doing everything he could to keep on earning those blades! the best part? i know for certain that he’ll be roller blading like a pro within a week or two, because that is my samson. and while he’ll surely fall a few times in the process of learning, nothing will deter him from keeping at it, and mastering his new found skill.

i love this boy so much. from his sensitive heart and thoughtful prayers where he thanks his heavenly father for everything from the moon and planets to the black footed ferrets while asking for all of us to love and forgive each other, to how he loves his brother and sister with all his might and would do anything for them, which he shows through the way he shares with them or hugs them or speaks of them so proudly when they aren’t around.

he is smart, brave, considerate, thoughtful, curious, determined, responsible, helpful, and above all else, kind. i love when he’ll crawl into my bed in the early hours of the morning and cuddle beside me for a few moments as we wake up together, or the way he will greet strangers on the street with a bright and happy “hello!” as we pass by them.  he has a laugh that will make you laugh with him, and a smile that puts all others to shame.

and while my children’s birthdays are never easy for me as i am always a pile of mixed emotions watching them grow so quickly while i try to hold my eye lids open and refuse to blink, i am just so so proud of my samson and the incredible boy he is.

i can’t wait to watch you conquer your dreams and soar, samson rex.  happiest 5th birthday, samson! your mama loves you so so very much.

  1. Marie

    Happy birthday Samson ! I love your the sparkles in your eyes in every pictures…. I am always impressed how you share your happy smile all around, your determination to try things.since you are little… Have a wonderlful day with your love ones and friends ! Many hugs from Europe

  2. Lola Jean

    happy birthday kiddo! 5 is a big one!

  3. Corina

    !S A M S O N!

    I always had this idea in my head that if I had to choose, I would like my child to be a girl.

    But then Samson happened. of course, to you and Josh and E, but in a way, to me too. and I was like ‘what if?’ …

    Samson is the reason why someday I will have a boy.

    Happy birthday, dear Samson! You are so loved.

  4. Brittany

    Happy happy birthday sweet Samson!

    Xo, brittany
    Mama swimsuits on my blog today!

  5. Teresa

    Happy birthday sweet boy! I hope you had an amazing day!

  6. Well, Naomi, you always make me teary eyed with this kind of posts – beautiful words and so full of love! Please tell Samson happy birthday from Germany! Have a wonderful time together on this special day!

  7. Niken

    Happy birthday to your baby boy!

  8. Laura

    Happy Birthday Samson!!

    As a long time reader it’s been such a joy to see your adorable littles get bigger day by day. Thank you for sharing their smiles and thank you for posts like these – they make me smile even more than your gorgeous family in the wonderful pictures!

    Hope you all have a fantastic time celebrating! :)

  9. dianna


  10. Pam

    This is so sweet it brings tears to my eyes!
    Samson is the cutest little boy ever and I wish him the coolest and happiest of birthdays!♥


  11. Kate

    Happy Birthday Samson!!! What a sweet post! I can’t wait to see pictures and videos of you roller blading!



  12. Lindsay

    Happy, happy 5th birthday Samson!! What a beautiful tribute to him- it has been a treat to watch him grow up on the blog!

  13. Lovely post! Happy birthday, Samson!

  14. Lilian Carreño Abad

    Happy birthday Samson! Can’t believe he’s 5! I’ve been following this blog since I was 16 years old. Now I’m 22 and feel like I’ve been growing up with your beautiful kids. From your photos and videos, Samson seems to be the sweetest kid ever. And he is so so cute!

    Thank you so so much for this blog, Your family it’s truly one of the biggest inspirations ever!

    Sending all my love, from Venezuela.

  15. Such a darling comment about his praying for black footed ferrets! When I was a kiddo (a bit older than he is now) I was obsessed with Bffs, as they were extremely endangered at the time (1984). Thankfully, their numbers have bounced back and they are holding on, but that is so dear that Sampson recognizes an urgency to their situation and includes them in his devotionals. What a sweet boy.

  16. Erica

    Such a wonderful, lovely post. Happy 5th Birthday, Samson!

  17. Sara

    Happy Birthday Samson!!! I can’t wait to see photos of you on your roller blades! 😀👍😘

  18. Elaine

    OMG! Roller blades and MAGIC shows. What a special day. So proud of you Samson for all the wonderful things your mother can say about you. I’m glad you taught her that she could love boys! From a mother of four boys I know it’s true. And you are a lot like your dad when you put your mind to it. Way to go!

  19. Kristina

    Oh Samson… <3 Happy Birthday, big boy! And most of all: many, many blessings!

  20. Marta

    Belated Happy Birthday Samson! May your dreams come true! Marta, Rita, Iwo, Hugo and Matt (and our Harvie – dog wishes you all the best from Wroclaw, Poland, too).

  21. Anna

    Happy Birthday, Samson!
    Oh and hey Naomi, i miss your Eleanorisms and Samsonisms so bad! Is there a post planned?

  22. yup, I just totally teared up while reading this! Gosh bless him.


  23. Martina

    Can’t believe he is five already!! I’ve been following you guys since I was in high school and now i’m finishing my masters already, which is crazy!

    Btw, it would be lovely if some fellow followers of the Davis family could help me out by answering this research about instagram. https://vuamsterdam.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0IE2Caf0yqDhvc9

    Thanks and happy birthday, Samson!! xx

  24. Tina

    Happy Birthday Samson🎁🎉
    I’m sure you had a great great day!
    Naomi you are a amazing mom.
    Really, everybody can see the love in your face
    when you look at your children. Lovely greetings

  25. Melanie Hebert

    OUCH! My heart, I have a 5 month old and I can’t remotely imagine the way I’ll feel when he turns five. Henri, stay a baby pleeasssee??? Happy birthday Samson! Stay sweet. FOREVER.

  26. magali

    Happy birthday Samson! I remember when your mama was pregnant with you and now you are already 5! Wishing you all the best and most of all a good health!
    My babyboy will turn one in 2 weeks! I can’t believe that neither!
    Many greetings to all of you from Switzerland!
    magali xxx