favorite swimsuits for summer!

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love taza black swimsuit

we have a couple of beach trips happening this summer and as i’ve been browsing swimwear lately, it has me so excited for these warmer months where we get to spend time in the water and sunshine! i get so many emails and comments asking about good solid swimsuits or where i get mine, so i’ve rounded up a few of my favorite swimsuits for you as i’ve been looking for new ones, because there are so many good ones this season and a lot of them are on sale right now. i really hope you find this helpful!

i put them into three different categories, all black (my absolute favorite right now), some playful and more colorful swimsuits and also a bunch of favorite rash guards.  personally, i tend to lean towards one-piece swimsuits since i appreciate the extra coverage and how they kind of hold me in in all the right places (lol.) so i rounded up my favorite one-pieces in those three groups if you’re also looking for something new for the season!


love taza popsicle swimsuit


the popsicle swimsuit i am wearing in the above photo was from here last season, but love these other playful and colorful option below so much!

love taza rashguard swimsuit


wearing my all time favorite above by the brand seea, i shared two options of the same seea suit below in different patterns, as well as a few others that were too good not to share!

happy swimming! i’m also rounding up some of my favorite sandals (and walking shoes for summer!) so stay tuned! let me know if you find any one-piece swimsuits that you think might be up my alley or are worth sharing with others in the comments below! always love finding new brands and styles and looks. xo

  1. Hi Naomi, I think you’d love the new Une Piece which has recently been launched from Australia. Super flattering and practical at the same time, and will remind you of your trip down under. http://www.unepiece.com

  2. Brittany

    Oh my gosh yeeessss! Good mom swimsuits are so tough to find- this is an awesome resource!

    Xo, brittany
    Memorial Day weekend looks on my blog today !

  3. Stacia

    It’s like you were reading my mind!! I was literally just looking at bathing suits that were stylish but still holding everything in (post-baby bods are a challenge to dress sometimes!)

  4. Hannah

    Albion fit and Kortni Jean have precious ones that look like something you may like! All of these are adorable.

  5. ANGIE


  6. Rebekah Sacran

    can you recommend any of these based on good padding in the bra area?

  7. Sarah

    Where is the top one from? Photo of you sitting on the beach (looks like you are nursing Conrad ? 😁)

  8. Meg

    What is the pineapple suit brand- it’s darling!

  9. Taylor Brown

    Kortni Jeane swimwear is my favorite! I’m 23, but it works for any age and there are tons of styles and combos to mix and match which makes it so fun! They have options for men, children, and women. They also have one piece and two pieces that are very modest!

    check it out: https://www.kortnijeane.com/

  10. Your suits are always so cute! Thanks for sharing. We have a trip to Croatia at the end of the summer, and I’m desperately in need of a new swimsuit. ;)


  11. I love myself some Kortni Jeane swimsuits!

  12. oh my g, that plunging black anthro number is a DREAM!!! great finds, lady!!! thanks for sharing!!

  13. Mackenzi

    I have to echo those saying kortni jeane! So so darling! Stylish and amazing coverage with so many different styles and prints! Plus she makes swimmers for the entire family! So you and your kiddos could match, which I think is adorable!

  14. Em

    Please try to include prices that are affordable. Love reading your blog, but it’s hard to relate when you post $$$ bathing suits.

  15. Jessika

    OMGoodness! 😍 That first photo are you nursing?! Gorgeous.
    I love these suit ideas, thanks!!

  16. Samantha

    Albion fit! So cute and definitely your style

  17. Kate

    Those are some gorgeous suits. Love the black ones!


  18. I love the rashguard look!! it is just so practical sometimes you can’t fight it ! It seems like you can’t help but be overly happy in a colorful suit!


    Anna Lisa

  19. Chloe Erwin

    Hi Naomi, for your Seea suits how do they run size wise? Is your Zuma suit a small or Medium? Im looking at a couple styles- the zuma being one but just not sure about sizing. Thanks so much!

  20. Jess Fanning

    Please try to include more affordable bathing suits! Are any of these even under $100? Not feasible for most!

  21. Elizabeth

    So cute! Does anyone have a recommendation on where I can find a good one piece for a tall and slim body? I have such a hard time finding a suit that covers the booty well at 5’10! :)

  22. Amy

    So cute, but the prices! I wouldn’t spend this much money on a gown to wear to a black tie ball. Would love to see some more affordable options.