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with summer here and to follow up on my last post all about my favorite swimsuits for ladies, i wanted to share the best summer rash guards and swimwear for kids, as it is one of my most asked questions around this time of year! we have searched long and hard for good swimwear over the years that gives a lot of protection and holds up well (through the seasons as well as through hand-me down seasons!). my kids have very fair skin (minus samson who somehow tans like a boss no matter what!) so it’s been especially important to me to find things that give good protection!


love taza rashguard pineapple LOVE-TAZA-KIDS-SWIMSUITS

eleanor’s pineapple rash guard set is from a couple seasons back, but these are the same versions, just different prints:
cactus floral rash guard set, watermelon rash guard set, striped rash guard one-piece.


love taza kids swim

josh has birdwell swim trunks so he bought a matching pair for both of the boys. we usually try to keep them in a rash guard top as well for better protection, but sometimes we lather up on the sunscreen and just do the trunks. they are certainly really durable, as conrad is currently wearing a pair that samson used to wear and they are still holding up like new. we really love all the solid color options!


also love the classic rash guard set by minnow swimstriped rash guard top and navy briefs.
also love this red and white long sleeve rash guard top and striped vintage rash guard top. pink lobster board shorts, striped swim trunks and hawaiian island pink swim trunks.




probably my most asked question is where the kids full body rash guards are from! we have lived in these for several years now and they are really great.
left to right: peacock swimsuit with sleeves HERE, blue and turquoise rash guard TOP and PANTS, pink and turquoise rash guard TOP and PANTS.


LOVE TAZA kids hat

doing my best to keep hats on my kids in the sun because they have fair skin and i get so nervous about their heads being exposed. it doesn’t always happen, but i definitely try my best to keep hats on them during sunnier days. especially conrad since he is my fairest and has very light and fine hair so his scalp is often exposed. he hates most hats and it’s a struggle to keep them on, but he somehow will keep THIS PANAMA HAT on his head for a good long stretch of time, and i think it’s because i make a big deal about how we are matching (since i often wear a similar one.)

this kids straw hat is also a great one!

also, if you can find sunscreen in a spraying version, i always try to spray his scalp with sunscreen to ensure he has good protection while he plays sans hat.



samson’s sunnies available HERE in three different color options.

love taza 4875

eleanor’s heart shaped sunglasses above can be found HERE.


girls round sunnies and these sunnies for both boys and girls in several colors HERE.



my kids have been wearing birkenstock sandals the past several years (i love that they are a wide shoe in general as my kids take after me and have super wide feet). i just discovered birkenstock’s new waterproof sandal for kids and bought them each a pair. they have several different colors, but everyone wanted blue at our house, so i just drew a little letter initial on the bottom of each of pair with some nail polish so we can tell the sizes apart! so far, they’ve been pretty good!

happy summer with your little ones!

  1. Audrey

    I did not know Birkenstock had waterproof options! I love mine and wear them all the time, but I’d love to get a waterproof option. They look so cute on your kids!


  2. Noemie

    I bought the waterprook Birkentsock for my daughter as well ! They are super cute & light but it gives her blisters in the inside of her feet :( !

  3. So cute! Sometime it is a surprise that they have better things to choose from!

  4. Lucie

    So funny, we just bought a straw hat for our 3yo. He didn’t want a blue one, or a stripy one, he wanted the plain straw “just like mummy’s “. Now I have to wear my hat all the time ;)

  5. What a good idea birkenstock’s waterproof!!! I love birkestock for my sons in summer time, and now waterproof is perfect!! Thank you Naomi for sharing :)

    kisses from France


  6. why is shopping for kid swimsuits so much more fun than for moms? they have the coolest patterns and styles! love those waterproof birks too!

    xo, brittany
    weekend links + steals on my blog today!

  7. alexis

    Thanks for sharing! Baby girl has to have the watermelon bikini set!

  8. Katrin

    …Not a big fan of Birkenstocks, but the kids version is pretty cool though!
    I wish I would have looked as cool as them when I was a kid having fun at the beach :)

  9. Kate

    Love the swimsuits for girls. the watermelon one is so freaking cute. Just had a baby boy and I’m excited to buy him his first swimsuit, although I don’t think he will be in the water much this summer. Great post!

    Wanna know why having a newborn sucks? (In the most loving way possible)


  10. Asha

    Love the boys swimmers…needed ideas for my boys. One rashguard we started using/loving this spring for swim class is from Target’s Cat & Jack line: long sleeve and full zip. They love how easy it is to put on and take off so they are more willing to wear it. Can’t wait to try it at the beach too! Totally checking out the waterproof Birks! Great idea!