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for over a year now, josh and i have talked at length every day about staying in new york to continue to raise our family or if somewhere else might be a better fit for us right now.  it’s hard, because we both absolutely love new york in almost a creepy way, like it can’t do any wrong despite the sometimes awful smells, insane crowds, 5th floor walk ups and ridiculously high rent prices. before we even knew each other, we both fell hard for new york for different reasons, at a young age. for me, it was long before i moved here for college. it happened when i was 14 years old and spent 8 weeks in the city for a summer dance intensive by myself. i got myself to class every day on my own by train, wandered new neighborhoods each weekend and got lost in the foods, the people watching, the subway rides, the magic that was new york and always will be new york. since then, it has always felt like my home, and i know for josh, he feels the same.

but then you start having babies and they begin to grow and people start to say, “this is the chapter of life now where you leave the city in search of more space, better schools, a life with a backyard or a garage”…. or whatever it is that calls you to leave city life for something better. and then josh and i started to wonder if there was something better for our family and say to each other, “are we doing this wrong? should we be looking?…”

and so, since our tiny 700 square foot 2 bedroom apartment has at times begun to feel a bit cramped as our family has grown, we started looking. we spent countless hours looking. searching, praying. trying to find that place that is better than new york city life for our family right now. and i feel like i have to really preface this with saying that it’s so different for everyone…what place is just right to raise your family. work and school and culture plays a huge part for many people, while many others don’t get any sort of say in where they end up and just make the best of wherever that may be. we feel really lucky to get to even have the conversation of staying verses going elsewhere, and also having that flexibility to decide for ourselves.

the searching was kind of exhausting because we weren’t exactly sure what we were looking for. but we just felt like we were supposed to be looking, so we kept on looking. we looked abroad, and we looked all over the united states. in the south, in the north, and many places in between. big, little, and small. we even came incredibly close to putting an offer down for a farm a few states away! like, i’m not kidding when i say we looked at all sorts of options for this next chapter of life where we are focused on our family.

but here’s the thing we realized as we started looking outside of the city for what our family needed. we need the city. and we just aren’t ready to leave her. and it’s not just josh and me i’m talking about. it’s our kids, too. all three of them are truly thriving here,  and it’s exactly what they need as much as it is what we need. we have many family chats where we include the kids in these sorts of conversations and decisions. it’s amazing to see how attached they are to new york.  right now, we couldn’t be more pleased with the elementary school experience eleanor has been receiving and that samson will hopefully also successfully receive this fall. and we just feel so fortunate to have so many incredible parks and playgrounds and museums and  performances within a few blocks of us in each direction. as well as incredible friends that feel like family, and having family (my sister and her husband), close by, too.  it’s just making sense right now. and when we think hard about it, leaving new york right now doesn’t feel right for us. i know this may not always be the case, but for now, it is working.

a girlfriend of mine said the other day on her instagram that she believes people who think that nyc is a ridiculous place to raise kids haven’t experienced nyc with kids. i totally 100% agree with her. i also understand that it isn’t a place for everyone, and that so many kids and families thrive elsewhere. sometimes people say they don’t know how we do it in the city, but to be honest, we really haven’t known life with kids outside of an urban environment and so when i look at all the amazing ladies and families rocking life outside of a city setting, that seems so much harder and more terrifying to me because i just don’t know it.

all of that said, we have decided that new york city is the place our family needs to be right now. but we have also come to the realization that for this next chapter here, we’d love to have just a little more square footage to call ours as we’ve started to burst out of our current place just a little. we have found a new beautiful apartment that we can’t wait to make our next little home soon! we will be moving into it this summer! we will continue to rent, and while it doesn’t have double sinks (you know how much i love those!), there are maybe two bathrooms, so you know, we find this reason to celebrate. ;)

while we are ready for a new space, i have to tell you just how much it has broken my heart to know we will be saying good bye to our current apartment where we have somehow managed to stay for 5 years this summer! it’s honestly crazy. there are days where i don’t know how we have done it, while the majority of the time, i can’t imagine ever living anywhere else because i love it so much. funny how that works. it’s just been a really great space for our little family and we really are going to miss it.

but i’m looking forward to starting over with a new space and you know i can’t wait to decorate and drive josh crazy doing so! and i look forward to sharing it all with you as we get into the apartment. thank you for following along on this little journey so far! it’s crazy to think josh and i are coming up on our ten year wedding anniversary next month of when we were married right here in nyc! this means we are also coming up on this little blogs ten year anniversary, as i started blogging right here just after we were married! i’m excited to continue to share bits and pieces of life in nyc with all of you!

i went back through some of my favorite photos of our family in the city to share today. a few of my favorites below…

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excited to keep on loving you, new york! thank you for being so very good to us, all these years.  and can’t wait to show you guys photos of the new space soon!

  1. Caroline

    What a beautiful blogpost! I’m following along qute a while. Such good news, that you and your family can continue living in NYC! :-)
    Love, Caroline

  2. Lo

    Good for you! So excited to see the new space – although I beg you to keep the bike on the wall, so fun!


  3. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing! We live internationally and in the city. Our family is totally ok with it…until we have kids, then we are expected to move back to the states and to the burbs. But, WE need the city and we know that they only way we will survive parenthood is in the city. So I really love that you share so much about what parenthood in the city is like, it gives us so much hope for our future and I love seeing how you use it infuse your kids culture, creativity, social skills and their sense of adventure. So excited for you guys to move and have more space and to stay and keep sharing about the greatest city on earth! Maybe one day well end up there…

  4. Verity

    This is exciting!

    I know what you mean about people judging your living circumstances without experiencing them. We live in a smaller flat in central London with our son and one on the way and lots of people ask me when we are moving. But we are not, our space works for us at the moment and we love the location, and it’s proximity to all the fabulous things London has to offer!

    I say, ignore others opinions and do what feels right for you and your family :)

  5. Sarah

    This is so exciting. I totally get why you don’t want to leave. As much as I love England I would move to NYC in an instant. Can’t wait to see the new apartment.

  6. Oh my that was quite the build op for that news I even got a little nervous haha! I can’t wait to see the new place and see how you guys decorate it cause I LOVE your style :) Thank you so much for always sharing so much honesty and uplifting messages on here, its been my favorite read of the day for many years now and hopefully for many years to come!


  7. Imogen

    My gosh! The suspense was killing me! Glad to hear things worked out for you all.

  8. Julia

    I’m so glad you guys are staying in NYC! I love reading all about your fun stories in the city. I hope the bigger apartment is an amazing move for you guys!

  9. Jenny

    I loved reading this post because I connect and relate to so much of what you said about life in the city raising a family. We live in a growing city with our two children and while there are times I long for a yard, more space and a garage leaving the city just doesn’t feel right at this point in our lives. We are constantly asked when we will move and give our kids a yard to which I reply, ” The city is our yard!” We spend so much time outdoors walking, exploring and experiencing that a part of me fears the home in a neighborhood with a yard. When we do look at places outside of our city we check its walkability score-that’s how much it is a part of our family’s lifestyle. NYC is amazing and I’m excited to continue reading and seeing more from a family who shares a love for the vibe, culture and experiences an urban environment has to offer:)

  10. bridget

    congrats davis family! that’s exciting (and sort of awesome to stay put in nyc for awhile too. you guys do the city well.).

  11. Garazi

    Congrats! Totally agreed! Can’t wait to see new apartment :P

  12. Elodie

    Sounds like you guys are moving to Brooklyn ! ;)
    We also love raising our kid in a big city (we live in Marseille, in the south of France), and, for now, couldn’t see ourselves somewhere else. And we enjoy travelling to cities on our freetime, as a family. We will be in NYC this summer !

  13. michele watson

    Good for you!! Very well written.

  14. sally mae

    Yay!!!!!! It seemed like a bigger space was on the horizon for you guys. Totally not surprised you are staying in NYC – it’s such a huge part of your brand right now. Looking forward to more NYC fun from the Davis family!

  15. Megan

    Honestly your blog makes me want to have a family grow up in the city. I grew up in small town Midwest- which was pure and simple. But I moved to Dallas almost ten years ago and love that there are so many opportunities for culture/food/events. Currently I am single and childless but I could see myself re-settling in Chicago one day so my kids could have similar experiences. And I have to share that I LOVE your parenting style- you really embrace the creativity and imagination of your kiddos. They seem like lovely children and will grow up to be wonderful adults because of you & Josh. Thank you for sharing your family with us!

  16. Melanie

    I’m so glad you’re staying in the city! As I was reading this I was like, “no! stay!” and then you said you were. YES! I live in New Orleans with my husband and three kiddos in a small shotgun house. (900 square feet, one bathroom) and I was thinking just last night at how close our family is because of our space. We are always together, hearing everything, being part of every detail of our days. I so thankful! And people tell me often, or ask me rather, “how can you raise your kids in New Orleans?” My response if often, “how can I not? This is a great place to raise kids.” City living, I believe, makes well rounded kids with wide cultural exposures. So yay! Excited to see y’all’s transition to your new place.

  17. e

    I was so nervous reading this for some reason. I wasn’t sure what type of news you were announcing! It makes sense to search for greener pastures, especially with kids/rent prices. But I’m glad you’re staying in the City! Taza in, say, Kansas City would be cool, but not the same :)

    I never thought about your perspective and how living in rural America may look more challenging than living in the concrete jungle – really interesting point!

    Also, I don’t know you at all, but look at me – writing a long comment congratulating you and the fam on sticking with NYC. Just goes to show the Web doesn’t need to feel big and impersonal.

  18. Luana

    If I could live in NYC, I’d never leave as well. Ever.
    Congrats on the new apartment!
    kisses from brazil

  19. Lori!

    I think you all seem to be thriving! You’re their parents and only YOU know what is right for them. Keep being true to yourselves :]

  20. Oh gosh! I was so afraid when I started to read your article… Thank you for not leaving New York and thank you for embracing city life – we just bought a flat in a rather big city when everyone around us is buying houses in small villages because of the kids and stuff… And: Wonderful pictures – they make my heart ache. How can one be so in love with a place just after one short week?
    Lots of love, Constanze

  21. As I was reading your blog post, I was trying to guess whether you were going to move out of NYC! Through your blog, I can feel the love that you have for the city, and whilst it was hard for me to imagine you moving somewhere else, if that ended up being the decision you made, I knew that you would only make it if you felt it was the best decision for you and your family! I’m glad that you’re able to stay in this city that you and your family love so much, and it’s awesome how everyone was a part of the conversation. My family and I moved from LA to Beijing when I was 10, and my younger brothers were 8 and 3. Before moving to Beijing, we spent one or two long summers there. When my parents began to seriously consider moving to Beijing, they brought it up to me and my brothers. We were hesitant to move at first, because… Why?? But then our parents promised to get us a puppy if we moved to Beijing. Probably not the most honourable method of persuasion :P We moved but didn’t end up getting a puppy because we later found out that my mom and youngest brother were allergic! But we were little kids, made new friends, and adjusted to the new environment quickly. Moving to Beijing and attending an international school for eight years has definitely shaped who I am today! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  22. Jessica

    Lots of buildup! Thought maybe it was baby 4…
    We live in the middle of nowhere and moved from a city. I can say with experience of both–there are benefits to each for raising kiddos; but ultimately being where you are happiest is the best thing for kids to see!

  23. Becca

    Congrats! A new space is so exciting. I look forward to continuing to get my NYC fix from you ;-) And you’re friend is right, my kids have a BLAST every time we visit my sister in Brooklyn. Kids + NYC = Magic.

  24. Your life in NYC seems so ideal for a family like you who make the most of it. Keep on rocking!

  25. Briel K.

    Congrats on the new apartment and on making the best decision for your family! I think NY looks like a great place to raise a family. They are getting such diverse experiences that you can’t get many other places!

  26. Katie


    I love this post and the honesty behind it. As someone who is raising their babies in a small southern town it can seem like you are looking for something more. For us, dreams of a big city is appealing but when we look around at what we have, we adore this town and our life here the way you love New York. I think sometimes stopping to look around and realize what we have is important and necessary. As someone who daily looks forward to reading your blog I am SO excited for you guys! Mostly because you are happy but also because I get to vicariously live through your New York adventures.


  27. Cassie

    I take such offense to people saying NYC isnt a place to raise children. That is where I grew up and I can say I had a great childhood and living in such a diverse city with so much going on helped mold me to the adult that I am today….Good luck on this new chapter xoxo

  28. Chevonne

    I am glad you’re staying in the city. There is always something to see, somewhere to go, something to do. We live on Long Island, and while it only takes just over an hour to get to the city on the LIRR, we just never find the time to go. Between everyone’s work schedules, and life in general, our trips into the city are few, and far between. Living there, you never really have to worry about fitting in a day trip to experience the city, and the wonders she holds.

    My daughter and I met my brother at the Museum of Natural History recently, for a fun day. After the museum, he went home (he lives in the city – so jealous) and the two of us walked around the area of the museum. We sat in a window seat at a restaurant and people watched. A lot of families walked by with young children. It really isn’t so hard, so long as you know what you want from the life you choose.

    Congratulations on your new home, and wishing you many more happy memories to come. :)

  29. maddy

    i will continue to follow you and your family’s adventures – i just love you all. can’t wait to see your new space! & these photos are lovely

  30. Paige

    There is no better feeling then knowing that you’re doing what’s right for you and your family! Can’t wait to see your new apartment and your new life unfold!


  31. Corina

    Ha! I was getting all nervous and excited while reading this…
    Glad to hear you are moving – i am all in with the decorating stuff as well
    Much to my better half’s exasperation lol

  32. Abby

    Congratulations on your move and finding a new place that’s right for your family! I have loved following along as your family grows. Your photos are beautiful, as if your family! Can’t wait to see what is next for you and your family. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

    I don’t have kids yet, but my parents made it work living on the UWS with three little kids. My mom always said it was the best (we moved to the suburbs when my siblings and I were 3, 6 and 8). New York is great with little kids.

  33. Mary-Katherine

    I think that’s so courageous of you to not move out of NYC just because everyone is telling you you should. it can be so easy to doubt and to let others influence your decisions, so I think it was really mature of you to fully entertain the idea but ultimately do what you feel is best for you and your family. I’ve loved watching you raise your kids in an urban environment, they truly do seem to thrive there!

  34. Tina

    Way to keep doing what’s best for you all! As a Midwestern/rural/small city dweller, I totally envy the life without daily carseat use!

  35. Lauren

    I LOVE this post, Naomi! So happy you guys are staying in NYC a little longer and I get to continue living vicariously through you guys ;)

  36. Jill

    wow, I’m amazed your parents were okay with you going there alone in 2001 (assuming I did the math right), given the Sept 11 terrorist attacks there. Did you arrive there before or after they occurred? Either way, I bet it was pretty scary. You certainly make the city look inviting with kids – it’s opened up my eyes, thanks!

  37. Sarah

    Amazing. You’ve made the right choice. I remeber my first trip to New York. It was 1986 and I was 15yrs old. Coming from a little town in Suffolk in the UK. It was awesome! A word I hadn’t heard until venturing to the states, but summed it up perfectly. New York is like no where else on earth. It’s definitely my spiritual place. Love reading your blog and looking at your poctures on Instagram. Wishing you all health and happiness on your next chapter in the most fantastic city anywhere!

  38. Lizzie

    It’s a good life! So happy for your guys! Bloom where you are planted and thriving in NYC!

  39. Kristin

    Hi Taza, I just loved this post, and although it is so very sad to leave your little apartment behind, you will always carry those memories with you through eachother, pictures, videos, etc. Now you can start a new journey with your little ones in your new apartment, and make new memories! It’s bittersweet for sure, but you have the city and eachother, and that’s all that matters!!😘😘😘😘😘😘

  40. Becky

    We’re going through the exact same thing in London. Everyone we know is moving out, but we’ve just bought a home we hope to be in forever in the city. Sometimes it’s just home. Good decision’

  41. Branca

    The reason why I keep following your blog for all these years (since 2011, I think) is because you, Naomi, always seems to think outside the box. And it doesn’t surprise me that the “big American suburban home dream” doesn’t appeal to you as living in chaotic NYC does. I also expect, as a reader, to keep on getting the tips on museum exhibitions, plays, ballets, kids activities, etc. you always give. There’s no better place than NYC, then, right? I wish you and your family all the best in this new phase of your lives, and I’ll be expecting those decoration news soon. =)

  42. Jasmine

    “It would be a mistake to let their confusion cause you to reject something you value.” I’m glad you stuck to your gut and heart and decided to stay in NYC. Congrats on your new place! May you continue to be blessed!! :)

  43. Marcy

    We lived in NJ/NY for 6 years. My husband worked in NYC 6 days a week, every week. We would ride the NJ Transit in and out of the city all the time. We had to move a few years ago, and I was devastated. We all still really, really miss the city. NYC was a place I always wanted to live and experience. We loved our time there, even as commuters. It really broke my heart to leave. But fortunately it is always there to come back to!

  44. Leslee

    I’m sooo happy for you! I am *selfishly* so glad you are staying in NYC–I adore the city and love living vicariously through your adventures! Can’t wait to see what you do with the new space! Congrats to you on all your milestones this year!

  45. Duyen

    This is such a NY’er question but my husband and i are looking for 2BR on the UWS to move into! Would you mind letting me know if your building has availability or put me in touch with the rental company?

    Thanks so much!!

  46. Ellie

    I could not stop smiling reading this entire post. I think it’s totally amazing that you’re choosing to stay! I definitely agree that exposure to so much culture, activities, and just eeeeeeeverything the city has to offer would be pretty scary to pass up after having it in the palm of your hand for so long. We live about 40 miles south of New Orleans so we have a cool little mix of rural and urban to meet our needs, but I very often wish that we were even closer!

    Can’t wait to see the new space! I find so much comfort in reading your blog! : ]

  47. Tessa

    loved this post, and can’t wait to see your new space! not sure if you have talked about this before, but do you have any tips for finding an apartment in NYC? such as using a broker, websites like streeteasy, or just finding one yourself?

  48. Emily F

    That is so exciting for you!! I love following your adventures and feel just a little bit of envy. I love my house, my backyard, and my garage but I do not love where I live and we just celebrated (?) our five year anniversary of living here. We don’t have a choice, it’s just where we have to live due to a job, so we make do. But I find myself following your Instagram feed and wishing, just a little, that we could have a place that we love as much as you love New York. Good luck with your move!

  49. Charlotte

    You guys are such an inspiration for city lover families. Thanks for sharing. And to many more happiness in your new home!

  50. Congrats on the new place! I’ve been to NYC three times and I’ve loved it every time. Despite the crowds and the smells… there’s an undeniable charm and magic. I love that you realize that your family thrives in the city and you’re staying true to yourselves. Great photos! I love your shorter hair in some of those when Conrad was a baby.

  51. Hannah

    I can’t believe it has been 5 years in that cute apartment of yours!! I have always admired they way you raised your children in that apartment. Even thought it’s a tight space, they have learnt to share and what it means to be tight with their family too :D


  52. Kelly Mitchem

    I love this! I think people who say it can’t be done in NYC are crazy, I am so beyond jealous of you all living there! Keep doing it as long as you can!

  53. I must admit, I am a bit jealous. I absolutely LOVE NYC and think it would be a great place to live! I also commend y’all for making it work as a family of 5- that’s so awesome.
    Congrats on the new space. Can’t wait to see pictures!!!!

  54. Anne

    Thank you for this post! I live in NYC with two little ones and we are planning to have a third. We go back and forth about what to do and where to go next but the city just has too many pluses to leave. Thanks for sharing- it is a hard decision. Congrats on the new place!

  55. I seriously got choked up when I thought you guys might be moving out of the city and then I was SO happy to read that you’re going to stay! You have the cutest family and I’m so happy for you guys! I live in Allentown, PA and we go to NYC often! I’ve always referred to your blog for things to do and places to see… and I think we’ve done just about everything on your list since we moved here 5 years ago, so thank you!! I am also LDS and I just think you guys are the cutest and set such a great example for all of us! Thank you! We actually spent the day in Central Park yesterday ( we have 2 kids ages 5 & 2) and yesterday was also the last time we’d have a family visit to NYC because we’re moving to California for my husbands job next month. I spent the day soaking in all the sights and smells and the beauty of it all. I totally 100% know what you mean about genuinely loving New York. I look at her like a breathing thing! I just love the city so so much and I am genuinely heart broken we’re moving. I will MISS it! I’m so happy to hear you’re staying! I love reading your blog and seeing your darling pictures. Best of luck in your new place, I know there are so many more wonderful experiences and memories to be made! Xoxo Heather ( from @madelines.box)

  56. Your posts are pure magic. Can’t wait to continue watching you and the family grow! Xo

  57. I was so hoping this was a baby announcement post!! Of course, now you’ve got all that extra space to fill… ; )
    All the best with your move

  58. Saskia Brodeur

    Congrats! Such exciting news!

  59. Gia

    It’s been a joy seeing new york through the eyes of your family’s. and so glad you decided to stay in it.
    Good luck with the move!

  60. Oh man I love this post! Around January, I always start talking about moving to California and having an attached garage. I’m seriously obsessed with attached garages. I mean can you IMAGINE? And then Spring happens and I fall in love with NYC all over again. I think you have made the right choice and yes…can’t WAIT to see the new digs…

  61. Jordan

    You all are such an outgoing, extroverted family and you use the things around you, so being in a city makes sense. For me, I’m an introverted homebody who likes the safety of non-city life; I rarely used the things in the city because they are for the outgoing. It’s wonderful that there are places for different families and I hate the idea that one size fits all.

    No one should feel pressured to live a certain way. If living in a city is what works for your family and makes you all happy, that’s where you are meant to be. I’m glad you stuck to it.

  62. Carolyne Hallum

    I am SO glad you’re not moving – who would give me my weekly feed of NYC, the city I miss so much. Thank you for sharing your stories and your family, you absolutely smash it every time. From all the way back here in Melbourne, Australia.

  63. Amy

    It is so funny to me when people tell you to leave NYC! I live near Sydney Australia and would kill to live in NYC!!!! Let alone meet and marry someone AND raise 3 gorgeous NYC babies!! You are living my dream!!

  64. Marta

    What a great post! I’m so glad you will have soon a new place! And who could not shere your love to NYC, when you show it to us so beautifully!!
    Who knows, maybe one time I will be able to go there as well…
    All the best for your whole family :*

  65. Susan

    I love NYC too! I danced there 30 years ago. I don’t blame you for wanting to stay and raise your family there. I have a 17 year old daughter that would like to take a dance workshop this summer. Is there one you could recommend?

  66. Lauren E.

    What a sweet post. My husband and I live in a one bedroom apartment in Queens and we talk ALL the time about what we’ll do when we have kids. I’ve talked to countless women with kids and everyone has a different take so I feel confident that when the time comes, we’ll do what’s best for us. But it is so nice to read about a family of five making it work in Manhattan.

  67. Cait

    I’m glad you are staying! I loved your glimpses of NYC beforr we moved here, and now that I’m here with my three kids, I love it even more. Both the being here and seeing what it’s like for you :) I am so inspired by all you get out and do with the kids. I find it really tiring but my goal for this summer is to explore a lot more. It’s so worth it. We live further Uptown and although we ADORE out neighborhood it’s a little trickier to get to those places too. We feel the same way about the city though. We’re pretty committed to staying here, just on principle. My husband is in school to be a pastor, and really wants to do ministry in an urban setting because it’s where the most people are and where culture is made and all of that. It’s really exciting in that sense too. So I hope to have many years here! And for SO many reasons (even related to our faith) it’s a great place to raise kids. The little years are tough….but I hear it’s awesome when they get older. I’d say it’s pretty great now too! Just harder on my body 😂

  68. Liliya

    Ohh it’s such a great news we are going to have a new place to leave! Me and my family are visiting NYC soon as tourists, looking forward to this:)
    Love your family, your blog, Naomi!;) keep sharing beautiful moments of your nyc life with us;-) all the best with a new chapter of your nyc family life. Lilia from Moscow😚

  69. Melanie

    In the countryside you would have found more space, do not you think Taza? Do not you like nature?

  70. bailey

    yay! It would break my heart for you to leVe before I got the chan e Yoder you on the street and ask you for a picture, and offer to take you to leaving to get a cookie from my roommate at the bakery ;) even before I moved to New York I was drawn to it in part because of your blog. the city keeps you and holds you in a really beautiful way. good luck with the move and if you ever need a sitter let me know!!!

  71. bailey

    I didn’t proof that last comment, whoops. yay! It would break my heart for you to leave before I got the chance to see you on the street and ask you for a picture, and offer to take you to levain to get a cookie from my roommate at the bakery ;) even before I moved to New York I was drawn to it in part because of your blog. the city keeps you and holds you in a really beautiful way. good luck with the move and if you ever need a sitter let me know!!!

  72. Enjoli

    I agree. Raising kids in NYC, there is nothing really like it, even with the gross smells, sometimes disgustingly rude people and high prices of EVERYTHING. Yet, I love that NYC has something new for the kids and for me to find and experience every time we walk out the door. I wish you all the best in this new chapter and move — UGH moving in NYC is such a pain // we’ve done it three times — and I can’t wait to see how you decorate the new spot to make it just like home. Good luck.

  73. Christina

    I am so so thrilled for your guys, following your hearts and not the crowd on where to settle with you little family. I especially loved you talking about praying about it – SO important. You guys are such great role models!

    ps. Could you let me know where your boots are from the first photo, pretty pretty please, :)

  74. Christina

    I am so so thrilled for your guys, following your hearts and not the crowd on where to settle with your little family. I especially loved you talking about praying about it – SO important. You guys are such great role models!

    ps. Could you let me know where your boots are from in the first photo, pretty pretty please, :)

  75. Heather

    Congrats on the new place!!!! I seriously cannot wait to see it. Loving the blog for 5+ years now. Thanks for continuing to share with us :)

  76. Lindsay Irwin

    All of these New York photos are just too good! I dream of spending summer in New York; or every season for that matter. I absolutely love how many photos you post, it’s never enough ;) so thankful to hear you guys are staying in New York and we will get more wonderful city photos and stories. Your family has made me fall in love with New York. Congrats on your new place, excited to see the new photos and Vlogs 💕

  77. Pam

    I swear a huge dream of mine is to move to nyc someday and you just make me crave it even more!
    Loved the pictures of you and your lovely family, keep thriving guys!♥


  78. Sumera

    Have you ever watched the Jim Gaffigan Show? It reminds me so much of your blog. Especially cause there’s a whole episode about looking for a new apartment for their family and have a difficult time leaving their 5 storey walk up!

  79. Rachel Simmons

    Congrats on more space! It’s lovely! I’m sure your new apartment will be nothing less then gorgeous! I can’t wait to see how you decorate and arrange the furniture!

  80. hanna

    Yay! I wish the best for you –Hanna Lei

  81. Lexie

    AHHHH! Looking through these photos, how can anyone NOT raise their kids in NYC (… she says as she raises her kids in Montana.)??? I can’t believe it was five years ago that you moved back there. I still remember reading that blog post! Crazy. I’ll keep enjoying that magnificent city vicariously through you, while worshipping the mountains and rivers that surround me. :-)

  82. Mackenzie

    So glad you feel happy and secure about your decision to stay! Thanks for sharing your life with us all. Your family really is an inspiration to so many people. Can’t wait to see the new apartment. Happy anni!!

  83. Jess

    Love this and congrats on your new space!
    My fiancé and I have lived in NYC for 12 years and we almost moved out of NYC in search for more space, a yard, the whole shabang. Ultimately we decided that New York was and is out *HOME* and we are thriving here both in our relationship with each other, our friendships and our work. So we are staying too.
    I really appreciate your perspective on raising kids in New York. We don’t have kids yet but I 100% agree with you that it has got to be harder in some ways to raise kids in a suburban environment without all the amenities of the city. We’ve been getting a lot of pressure from our families to move out of the city when we get married so we “won’t have to raise kids in New York” And we almost caved for a minute there.
    Thank you for opening my eyes to a new way and being such beautiful role models of parenting.

  84. Yuyu

    Seeing this post makes me miss the 2 years I spent in NYC. Good thing you decided to stay. Always love NYC. Thanks for sharing the pictures, it does bring back memory.

  85. Arantxa

    I’m so happy, wonderfull!!! I hope you Will be so happy un the new gomez un the new home than now or more!!!

  86. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, I am so happy you are staying and so happy you are getting more space! Can’t wait to see the new space!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  87. Kristen

    Reading this I was like, “oooh, baby number four!” Then I thought, thought, “oh they’re moving away from NYC!” Ha! I was way off. So happy for y’all and your new place. :-)

  88. I would not want to leave either! Who needs a garage and a yard when the whole of NYC can be the kids’ playground!
    The kids are thriving – that’s what matters :)
    I am writing this from our urban apartment – there are 6 of us in 1000 sq ft 2bdr. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  89. This is how I feel about London! We often play ‘fantasy move’ and have a look and see what we could afford elsewhere in the UK if we sold our house (a mansion in some parts!), but I love where we live, we have family and a good support network here, plus good schools and so much going on. I think I’d be bored quite quickly in a small commuter town. Congratulations on your new apartment!

  90. Cristina

    Oh….I love New York and I’ve never even seen it!!!! If I could live anywhere in this world…it would be New York! Naomi, you are amazing! I am certain that it is hard and that it takes a lot….but you are just an amazing, wonderful woman! And you inspire me every time I come here and read another piece on your blog! Keep being like this and keep being this amazing, beautiful family! You are doing the best job at it all!

  91. Julia

    What a wonderful post with a sensitive, open-minded, gratitude-centered perspective. There is no “one size fits all” way to do anything (parenthood or anything else) so congratulations on finding the way that is best for your family! Best wishes on your move and your next chapter in awe-inspiring NYC!

  92. L

    A bigger space will be great. A city can be wonderful for chlidren to grow up in with wonderful parents, I’m sure, but space is something we all need to truly grow and breathe. Tiny kids in a tiny space is fine, but as the kids get less tiny…the space must also grow with them. Glad to see you are meeting that need and can’t wait to see what the new place looks like!
    Your children are darling, and I admire your trueness. To yourself, and your family. New York City is not for everyone, but it is obviously for you.

  93. joy

    I find it so inspiring to follow your family’s adventures in the city…we live in downtown Los Angeles, and while it’s more like NYC extra-lite, I really appreciate reading about raising kids in an urban setting. There are definitely some things to contend with – unique challenges to a pedestrian lifestyle – but the wins are pretty big. Hooray for staying in the city!

  94. Jenna

    I love your love for the city! I’m quite happy that you’re staying, I’m always eager to see your photos when you make a new post! Also, I loved your throwback photos because we got to see a wonderful evolution of Naomi’s hair! Haha! Looking forward to see posts about your move to your soon to-be new home! Best of luck!

  95. Marci

    Hi! Has anyone rented your old place? We are in serious need of a 2 bedroom!