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for over a year now, josh and i have talked at length every day about staying in new york to continue to raise our family or if somewhere else might be a better fit for us right now.  it’s hard, because we both absolutely love new york in almost a creepy way, like it can’t do any wrong despite the sometimes awful smells, insane crowds, 5th floor walk ups and ridiculously high rent prices. before we even knew each other, we both fell hard for new york for different reasons, at a young age. for me, it was long before i moved here for college. it happened when i was 14 years old and spent 8 weeks in the city for a summer dance intensive by myself. i got myself to class every day on my own by train, wandered new neighborhoods each weekend and got lost in the foods, the people watching, the subway rides, the magic that was new york and always will be new york. since then, it has always felt like my home, and i know for josh, he feels the same.

but then you start having babies and they begin to grow and people start to say, “this is the chapter of life now where you leave the city in search of more space, better schools, a life with a backyard or a garage”…. or whatever it is that calls you to leave city life for something better. and then josh and i started to wonder if there was something better for our family and say to each other, “are we doing this wrong? should we be looking?…”

and so, since our tiny 700 square foot 2 bedroom apartment has at times begun to feel a bit cramped as our family has grown, we started looking. we spent countless hours looking. searching, praying. trying to find that place that is better than new york city life for our family right now. and i feel like i have to really preface this with saying that it’s so different for everyone…what place is just right to raise your family. work and school and culture plays a huge part for many people, while many others don’t get any sort of say in where they end up and just make the best of wherever that may be. we feel really lucky to get to even have the conversation of staying verses going elsewhere, and also having that flexibility to decide for ourselves.

the searching was kind of exhausting because we weren’t exactly sure what we were looking for. but we just felt like we were supposed to be looking, so we kept on looking. we looked abroad, and we looked all over the united states. in the south, in the north, and many places in between. big, little, and small. we even came incredibly close to putting an offer down for a farm a few states away! like, i’m not kidding when i say we looked at all sorts of options for this next chapter of life where we are focused on our family.

but here’s the thing we realized as we started looking outside of the city for what our family needed. we need the city. and we just aren’t ready to leave her. and it’s not just josh and me i’m talking about. it’s our kids, too. all three of them are truly thriving here,  and it’s exactly what they need as much as it is what we need. we have many family chats where we include the kids in these sorts of conversations and decisions. it’s amazing to see how attached they are to new york.  right now, we couldn’t be more pleased with the elementary school experience eleanor has been receiving and that samson will hopefully also successfully receive this fall. and we just feel so fortunate to have so many incredible parks and playgrounds and museums and  performances within a few blocks of us in each direction. as well as incredible friends that feel like family, and having family (my sister and her husband), close by, too.  it’s just making sense right now. and when we think hard about it, leaving new york right now doesn’t feel right for us. i know this may not always be the case, but for now, it is working.

a girlfriend of mine said the other day on her instagram that she believes people who think that nyc is a ridiculous place to raise kids haven’t experienced nyc with kids. i totally 100% agree with her. i also understand that it isn’t a place for everyone, and that so many kids and families thrive elsewhere. sometimes people say they don’t know how we do it in the city, but to be honest, we really haven’t known life with kids outside of an urban environment and so when i look at all the amazing ladies and families rocking life outside of a city setting, that seems so much harder and more terrifying to me because i just don’t know it.

all of that said, we have decided that new york city is the place our family needs to be right now. but we have also come to the realization that for this next chapter here, we’d love to have just a little more square footage to call ours as we’ve started to burst out of our current place just a little. we have found a new beautiful apartment that we can’t wait to make our next little home soon! we will be moving into it this summer! we will continue to rent, and while it doesn’t have double sinks (you know how much i love those!), there are maybe two bathrooms, so you know, we find this reason to celebrate. ;)

while we are ready for a new space, i have to tell you just how much it has broken my heart to know we will be saying good bye to our current apartment where we have somehow managed to stay for 5 years this summer! it’s honestly crazy. there are days where i don’t know how we have done it, while the majority of the time, i can’t imagine ever living anywhere else because i love it so much. funny how that works. it’s just been a really great space for our little family and we really are going to miss it.

but i’m looking forward to starting over with a new space and you know i can’t wait to decorate and drive josh crazy doing so! and i look forward to sharing it all with you as we get into the apartment. thank you for following along on this little journey so far! it’s crazy to think josh and i are coming up on our ten year wedding anniversary next month of when we were married right here in nyc! this means we are also coming up on this little blogs ten year anniversary, as i started blogging right here just after we were married! i’m excited to continue to share bits and pieces of life in nyc with all of you!

i went back through some of my favorite photos of our family in the city to share today. a few of my favorites below…

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excited to keep on loving you, new york! thank you for being so very good to us, all these years.  and can’t wait to show you guys photos of the new space soon!

  1. Love that you’ve decided to stay in NY! Deciding where to live and make your mark with little ones is such a tough decision (and a personal one). Congrats on the new place!

  2. Kayla

    I’m so glad you are staying! I’m moving to New York with two little ones and need all the guidance and advice that I can gleen! Glad you have a peace and excitement about staying!

  3. Lu de la rosa

    LOVE IT!!

  4. gladmama

    Fabulous post.

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  6. You and Josh make city life look amazing! I have told you in a comment before how I am so intrigued by your photo’s of your family life, because they are so opposite of mine – living in the country. I am incredibly happy for you all and am excited to continue following along on your adventures :) Best of luck!! (also, you replied to the above mentioned comment, which I thought was incredibly nice of you and I haven’t forgotten it. I know it must be hard keeping up with so many comments, but you really leave an impression by reaching out and talking back :) )

  7. Olivia

    Hello, Naomi!
    Let me say first that I admire you very much! You and your family are an inspiration for me and my family! <3

    We will soon move in another country, we want to travel more with the kids (2y and 6 years) and I am looking for a stroller similar with yours. Double. Can you give me a name, a link, or something? Also, is the stroller good to take on an airplane trip?

    Many thanks!!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Jenna

    I fall in love with the city all over again, every time I see your beautiful pictures!

  9. Wendy

    If NYC works for you and your a family, stay! what excited is start and decorate a new apartment! I can’t wait to see the future tour apartment!

  10. Just popped over here from a random bloglovin’ page and now I’m hooked! These photographs are amaaaaazing! They make me want to have your life for a little while…not in a creepy way, in the best way, promise! ;)

    I’m glad you found clarity and peace in making such big decisions for your family. That is no small undertaking, that’s for sure. All the best as you prepare to move. And your kids are gorgeous! :) Bethany