the cotswolds farm park and the slaughters!

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probably my favorite part of exploring the cotswolds was our afternoon visiting the slaughters. i was so confused as we began our planning and josh kept talking about the slaughters. i was like, what even is a place with a name like that?! but apparently, the village gets its name from the old english term for “muddy” or “wet land” which is “slothre,” thus, the slaughters. i feel like they should rename it “most quaint little village in all of england,” but you know, that’s just me.

we started our day off by visiting the cotswolds farm park (photos below), which truth be told, we could have spent the entire day at and all five of us would have been happy! such a great spot for kids and josh and i really enjoyed our time there as well. (i mean, when you’re around baby lambs that had been born that very morning, how can you not have a good day? so fun to be there during lambing season.) we drove out to the slaughters (upper slaughter and lower slaughter) around lunchtime (it’s just maybe 20 minutes away) and spent the afternoon exploring the village where we found really good ice cream. josh claims the mint chocolate chip was the very best he’s had, the best in the entire world! (yes, he ate the ice cream!!!!!!) and even went back in to talk to the owner for a long time about how she makes it. haha! he is so funny like that. he wouldn’t stop talking to me about every detail she shared afterwards. haha!

lots of photos below from the day! starting with our time in the slaughters and ending with the farm park photos below….

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perhaps the best part of the trip is hearing eleanor and samson ask for chips and ketchup. haha! (they call french fries “chips” in england and my kids had no problem embracing that and running with it.)

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despite never raining, i guess the rainboots where a good thing after all! these kids had such a good time being kids near the water everywhere we went!

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so many solid jumps over the creek after lunch!

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and then conrad just stood in it! haha!

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the ice cream shop was one our friend recommended which is at the old mill in the back of the gift shop. it’s the one josh won’t stop talking about. ;)

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he’s so happy! haha. i’m so glad he’s enjoying his ice cream again (although did you know he’s not drinking anything this year but water???)

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we bought so many bags of food at the front of the farm park to feed the animals! you pour it down these long shoots where the animals eat at the bottom.

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and heaven was here when the kids got to hold bunnies and baby chicks and feed the sheep!

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they could hardly contain their excitement.

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what’s up, bunny.

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that tongue!!!!!!

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i neglected to take many photos at the farm park,  but they had the coolest zip line and huge trampoline for the kids to play on. they also had a bunch of playgrounds and these motorized tractors the kids loved.

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feeding lambs that were just a few weeks (or days?) old. we were able to visit some that were sleeping with their mamas that had been born earlier that day in the barn!

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you can see our time in oxford and turville england HERE if you missed it!


oversized wool coat, yellow blouse and high-rise skinny jeans, and rain boots.

kids hunter rain boots and also their rain coats.


  1. Briana

    Those bunny pictures are too much! Oh my, so cute.

    Briana |

  2. this place looks like such a dream come true! those lambs! and bunnies! reminds me of downton abbey.

    xo, brittany
    weekend link + steals on my blog today!

  3. oneida

    i love the grass stains on their knees! my kiddos love to play outside too, and even though their clothes sometimes get all dusty and/or muddy, it’s worth it.

  4. Holly

    I’ve followed your blog for years, always feeling like you guys live in this technicolor world in NY, then to see you here in my home in the Cotswolds! I couldn’t believe it! If you are ever back here, my children & I have some brill suggestions on where to go! Holly

  5. Erica

    Your photos are darling, as usual! Josh cracks me up. He’s got to have a challenge. Not a month or two, but an entire year!

  6. Julie

    Hey Naomi! After seeing those pictures I asked my husband to re-visit the Costwolds. We are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary at the end of next month and since my husband proposed in the Cotswolds I would like to take the kids to the area! The Cotswolds are just too charming! However, as I am spending more time in the UK I discover every year more gorgeous areas full of quaint little villages. You got to come back to the UK and visit Dorset, Devon and Cornwall to name a few. The weather is not always the most appealing but the country is really lovely and full of history. Love from London, Julie xx

  7. Shannon

    I’ve been meaning to visit the Slaughters and now I really, really want to go there! I’ll have to taste test that ice cream, too ;)

  8. Jenna

    Conrad and those bunny pictures!! Haha. What a funny guy. Magical trip!

  9. Melanie

    Lovely to see you and you’re family enjoying a holiday in the U.K., so much so that me and my husband are going to visit some of the beautiful place you have shown us and try some of the food. Can not wait to go to the Cotswolds next weekend. Thanks for sharing with us :) Mel (UK)

  10. Anna

    We went to the Cotswold Farm Park for the first time just before Easter with our 6 and 3 year olds and loved it too. I have never seen so many baby animals in one place! We then ate some of the farm sausages at home for dinner – sorry piggies!!

  11. Ashley

    Your kids are so darn cute. Love the bunny pics and how your hubs was so into how the ice cream was made! makes me smile :) so sweet!

  12. Martha

    So I’ve noticed that you wear a lot of madewell. Can you truly attest that they don’t sag at the butt like all other jeans do after wearing them for a few hours? You are the most active mom I’ve ever seen, so if you tell me this is true, that they don’t sag, I will buy them this instance lol ;p

  13. Ashley

    I would LOVE more info on your itinerary for your Europe trips. This one and the Swiss/Italy one. Would love to see how you scheduled things, where you stayed, and things like that. More of the nitty gritty details! :)

  14. Lanie Pagan

    Loved all of your pictures, JUST AMAZING!!! and just like previous comments, I would also love more of your itinerary info. What time did you arrive in Morocco? Did you stay the night? All your hotels, activities, etc.. More details if possible, PLEASE, and THANK YOU!

  15. Rachel

    I LOVE that picture of the goats after the ones of Conrad dumping the food down the shoots. I have kept up with your blog since the very beginning & am pretty sure I have read most of them. Do you have any where you specifically talk about the benefits of those “health challenges” that you & Josh have done? Like when he went all year without sugar (I think you did most of a year too) and now going all year drinking only water? How much better and stronger you feel since going back to the gym. I love hearing all the benefits and how much better/ different you feel after a long stretch like that. =)