our favorite meal in casablanca, morocco!

LOVE TAZA 190384

after our time spent at the mosque in casablanca, we had one of our favorite meals ever at a place josh found called la sqala. i think half the credit of calling it our favorite meal goes to the delicious food and also the great service, and the other reason why it was a favorite was because we had such a fun time around the table together before, during and after our meal. the kids were such rockstars at trying all the different foods we ordered and we were laughing so hard at a disappearing napkin game samson started at the table. often times, dining out with three small kids can be crazy and i don’t usually love it because it can be such an ordeal with our family (i did write this post if you’re interested on tips and tricks for eating out with littles).

i’ll share down below what food we loved by the food photos, but you guys, this meal kind of changed my life!


the kids had fun playing on the cannons outside the restaurant before and after our meal.


the entrance is pretty cool, and so is that handsome man holding a sleeping baby!


okay, so we ordered the beef tajine, a moroccan salad, some briouates, pastillas, and brochettes. i am not 100% certain which is which in the photos, but the ones filled with chicken that have powdered sugar and cinnamon on top were truly out of this world (we ended up ordering another round of just those! lol.) also, thanks to everyone who helped call out what those are named on my instagram, although it sounds like they have a few different names and also a few different ways of spelling? i’m not totally sure, but if anyone knows where i can find a similar dish in NYC, please help a girl out and let me know in the comments. i am such a broken record but truly, they were out of this world amazing.


if only i could reach through this stupid computer screen and eat that thing right now!


also worth calling out were these donuts we ordered. we originally just got one to all share with a plate of crepes and churros, but the donut was so good we had to order a few more. gosh, i am very hungry as i am writing this and it’s not helping.


that’s it for my day in morocco recap! we definitely hope to make it back someday (i’m looking at you, marrakech), but feeling so thankful we got to have a day to do a bit of it on this trip. until then, i’ll just keep dreaming of all that yummy food. :)

PS. tips for packing with kids and also this post on traveling abroad with little ones, as well as flying with kids, if you’re interested!

  1. this looks so delicious- but also so fun and happy. and i am so jealous of your baby who will sleep anywhere!

    morocco seems amazing!

    xo, brittany
    pretty boho outdoor picks on my blog today!

  2. Hitha

    Bustan in the UWS is an incredible Mediterranean restaurant with a lot of Moroccan dishes (including the donuts you showed)! Worth checking out, for sure.

  3. your family is just so precious! i can see the love you all have for each other through your gorgeous pictures. your trip sounds like a dream!!

  4. Rachel Simmons

    I’m ALSO jealous of your sleep anywhere Conrad. Lucky

  5. Rachael

    It all looks amazing. I’ve read everything you have posted about packing and traveling with kiddos. Could you do a more up to date one now they are older. Do you still try to travel light and only pack 3 outfits or so for you and Josh? I’m travelling to Italy in September with my 3 and would like to pack carry on only as well. Thanks

  6. Colleen Kemp

    Oh my gosh, I know I already commented on instagram, but I think I just miss this food so much that I can’t stop commenting. Haha. The cigar type ones are technically biroutes (everyone spells them 3 gazillion different ways, even Moroccans), but La Sqala sometimes makes things a little more modern. So, if you go to a Moroccan restaurant in NYC, what will give you the most comprable taste of the chicken, powdered sugar, egg combo is true pastilla (b’stilla-arabic doesn’t have a p letter, so pepsi is bebsi technically 😂). Also, Moroccans are the friendliest people ever, so if there’s something you love off menu and you give them time to make it at a restaurant, they’ll find a way to do it.

  7. That food looks amazing! I’m so impressed by how well your kids eat – at that age (and into college, to be honest, haha) all I ate was chicken fingers and french fries. Teach ’em early! ;)

    Also – LOL at “not 100% sure which is which in the photos”.


  8. virginie

    I went to Marrakech many years ago, but kept great memories of this trip; seriously one of the best. And the food WAS amazing (even if I was young by that time and did not really care about food, I still think it’s where i had the best food ever!)
    have a good time in England now ;) just following along on your IG and this trip too looks awesome.
    so good that you are able to travel with your family.

  9. Sarah

    Cafe Mogador has amazing morrocan food in the east village! Bastilla (pastry w/ground meat dish) there are very good.

  10. gosh i just love seeing the adventures you guys take as a family! i know it’s not easy, but what a gift to be able to give your little ones. :) these are stunning photos!! the lighting just melts me!

  11. Lo

    I love the kinds of meals that go on forever, the conversation never ebbs and everyone leaves feeling full and appreciative. They’re few and far between!

    That beach, oh my gosh it’s so gorgeous!


  12. Morocco is such a beautiful country, if you go back, you have to visit Essaouira and Ouarzazate! This is less touristic than Marrackech and much more authentic ;)
    Kisses from Paris xxx

  13. Great photos! I love Moroccan cuisine! Delicious!

  14. Kathy

    That picture of you and Conrad is amazing! So special and full of love!

  15. Meg

    I totally geeked out when I saw that y’all were in Morocco! I spent a month there in college, and absolutely fell in love! The people, the landscape, the food…ahh! Before I went I thought “oh, I’ll be walking a lot and probably not eating much…I may lose weight!” Then I got there, and though I did walk everywhere…I also ate a lot! :) I crave Tajine at least once a week. I also took an intensive Arabic class while there, and sometimes my brain reverts to the language. I’m glad y’all had fun! The mosque is exquisite.

  16. Megan

    This meal looks insanely delicious and I think I need to go there and try it right away!!! Haha thanks so much for sharing!

  17. Karen

    Totally random, what vehicle are you driving? I see, you guys have 3 car seats? I have 3 clek and a odyssey in one row but I want a SUV.😩

  18. Rachel Simmons

    That photo of you holding Conrad (sleeping) is just STUNNING. frame it! Maybe in b&w??

  19. Leila

    This EXACT SAME FACE that Eleanor and Samson have on the two portraits, it is just incredible ! Loved that post.