little letters, the orange edition.

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dear 5lbs that i legit put on in paris,
it’s hard to feel remorseful when everything tasted so good. in fact, if i could go back and do it all over again, i’d eat twice as much and still not regret it.

dear tulips and daffodils and all the other blossoms that have arrived,
i celebrate your arrival. thank you thank you thank you for being here.

dear sofa,
i sorta resent how uncomfortable you are, but appreciate how you double as a climbing gym for the kids.

dear future sofa,
will it be love at first sight?

dear protein bars,
ok seriously. why can’t these taste any better?!

dear london,
see you soon!!!!!!!! (also, thanks to everyone who gave us such great recommendations on my latest post here.)

dear light sabres toys that always get everyone into trouble at our home,
why did i ever think these were a good idea?

dear boss baby,
i told josh i kinda wanna go see you again without the kids, for date night. is that so weird? would the kids be so mad at me? you were just so good.

dear current state of my apartment,
can we just blame it on a tornado?

dear potty training,
(deep breathes) let’s do this.

dear new orange tinted sunnies,
i don’t care what anyone says, i’ll love you always.


yellow and cream poncho (old, but love this one and this one as well)

high-rise boyfriend jeans

white leather sneakers

orange tinted sunglasses

and this lipstick in the shade stylist :)

  1. Natali Karppinen

    Loving your poncho! You’re looking so sweet in this casual and sporty combo!

  2. Ok those sunglasses and that poncho are both SO CUTE. Also, I used to hate protein bars but weirdly really like Clif Bar’s mint chocolate one. Have an awesome time in London!!

  3. Renee

    I always love when you do your little letters posts! Hilarious!

  4. Kirsten

    Need a delicious protein bar huh? Try Fit Crunch!! I think they taste really good, my husband and I always ate them when we were doing personal training.

    -Kirsten // pork & cookies

  5. Corina

    These little lettera are always the sweetest.

    Love love love

    So right about thw protein bars. And so so happy you are coming to London.

  6. Mindy

    love the little letters! and i too wonder why protein bars don’t taste the best. haha! i just recently tried the rxbar & they are absolutely delicious! i’ve tried the coconut chocolate & the coffee chocolate so far & both are so so yummy!!

  7. Love these little letters. <3 The orange sunnies are super cool, though I don't think I could pull them off.

  8. Stephanie

    Where did you get the blush romper you’re wearing in the puke pic on IG?

  9. Raina

    I am planning my first Euro trip next June and I’ve being looking your photos and the places you’ve visited in the past to visit them as well, I can’t wait for the post from London!

    I love your little letters and the poncho!!!

  10. I agree that most protein bars taste terrible, but I recently discovered Lara Bars and they are a game changer!!! My favorite flavor is the cherry pie. They are all natural too. Read the list of ingredients and you’ll be amazed! (PS: I also recently fell in love with RxBars too!)

  11. Julie

    First thing I thought when I saw the first picture of this post – Those are some cool sunglasses, I need those.

  12. Anita

    Spring in NYC!!
    I recently moved from NY to Santiago, Chile and although I was happy to skip the harsh NY winter, I will be so jealous when the weather there starts warming up and here it gets coooold.

    But you all deserve it… that NY winter is toooo long!

  13. boss baby! did conrad like it? my little guy is a week older than conrad and he’s never been to the movies… tempted to take him! also, love that poncho.

  14. Emily

    It’s so exciting you’re coming to London! I may be biased but it really is the best city this time of year! I wanted to share a few of my recommendations/favourite things to do…
    Visit – Cutty Sark in Greenwich, Hampstead Heath/Village, Broadway Market, National History Museum, Nottinghill
    Food – Homeslice (best pizza!), Granger & Co (brunch), Petit Pois (date night), Dishoom
    Day trip – Warick Castle, Brighton,

    I hope these tips help, and you have the best trip!

  15. Girl what protein bars are you eating? Quest bars are delicious! Try the raspberry white chocolate, blueberry muffin, and oatmeal chocolate chip! ALSO, the birthday cake and cinnamon roll flavored oh yeah one bars are soooooo yum. I’m also a fan of “fit joy” bars. I’ve only tried a few flavors thus far, but so far i’ve been impressed! The “mint chocolate” one literally tastes like a giant thin mint cookie.

  16. Melissa Pang

    RX Bars – sooooo good you will have no regrets :)

  17. Loven your poncho! I really like think bars or kind!

  18. YES TO EVERY SINGLE LINE!!! only I still need to go and watch boss baby!!! cannot wait. probably this week end… fun post thanks!! those croissants pound will go away so fast. but the delicious taste in your mouth will never!! #NOREGRETEVER

  19. Gabriella

    1. I still remember your happy lists, too! Will you ever be revisiting those, too?

    2. Let me in on all the sofa knowledge! We’ve been on the hunt for (sadly) years. Still no luck

    2. Seriously, though – protein bars?! Can someone please make these taste good? I just can’t stomach a) spending so much money, and b) eating something that does not sit well..

    That’s all :)

    Ps – you do you with those glasses, girl! ;)

  20. emma

    naomi! try smart for life protein bars–theyre kinda good (albeit a poor substitute for an actual chocolate bar) they hit the spot and have good macros!!!!

  21. I can relate to so much in this one post…
    – Boss Baby was hilarious! I saw it with my kids but have totally recommended it as a must see to friends without any little ones

    – Potty training stinks (no pun intended) but once it’s done, it’s so freeing (besides having to figure out where all bathrooms in a 10 block radius are located)

    – the day my son’s light saber broke I did a silent cheer of celebration. I called it the time out toy. Every. Single. Time.

  22. Tammy

    I love the poncho and I’m so elated to see signs of life outside! Winter was too long! I hope the warm weather is here to stay! :)

    Oatmega makes the most amazing protein bars ;3

  23. Oh my gosh, I feel the same about protein bars! I must have tried all of them. How hard can it be? Also, good to know about “Boss Baby,” can’t wait to take the kids…or not! ;)

  24. Rachel

    Progenex has the BEST protein bars and they are the highest quality protein, so I love them even more. And my kids beg for them whenever they hear us trying to sneak open the wrapper :) They are legit! You can get them online on their website. And I just have to say, those sunglasses are 👌🏼

  25. Julie

    Have you tried RX bars? They taste [almost ;) ] like candy! At Whole Foods/Trader Joes

  26. Madeleine

    Omg I just got back from London! Absolutely must go to
    – Muriel’s Kitchen (the avocado toast is incredible)
    – Portobello Rd Market (huge array of vintage goods as well as cool shops and food)
    – Borough Market (so many beautiful cheeses and baked goods and spices)

    If you’re looking for Indian food, Dishoom is supposed to be the best in the city but get there by 5 or 5:15 because the line is looong.

    Hope you have a wonderful time! :)

    PS my favorite protein bars are ThinkThin (peanut butter flavor! a couple flavors are gross but pb is safe) and Luna bars (though these run sweet). Larabars are yummy but not high in protein. I’ve heard Questbars are best after being heated for a bit in the microwave (which I will try soon)!

  27. Naomi, I think you would enjoy Power Crunch bars (salted caramel or cookies & creme) or Quest bars (chocolate chip cookie dough or cookies & creme). Those are by far my favorites after trying almost all of them under the sun (including an embarrassing amount of samples at fitness expos with my husband, but I’ll spare you the needing out). We get both at Trader Joe’s!

    Here’s to changing your life haha,


  28. p.s. I still have the light sabers my Mom bought for me and my brother 20 years ago. They’ve become family relics! Don’t lose hope :)


  29. Lauren

    Love this poncho! I remember when Anthropologie came out with this and I almost bought it! Totally wishing I would have, it is SO cute!
    xo, Lauren

  30. Hahahaha! Be happy with your five since I actually put in 10lbs……it was a year ago. No regrets. Take care!

  31. Sara Davis

    Dear protein bars…lol…so true. They never quite taste that great. Love this post.

  32. hanna

    I love the outfit. You look great! –Like Hanna

  33. If it’s weight put on in Paris then it is 100% worth it for if one does not gain weight in Paris one has not thoroughly enjoyed the city. Ha!

  34. In regards to the protein bar sitch — try RXBars. I just had the Sea Salt Chocolate flavor and it legit tasted SO good! Like a dessert almost!

  35. Orange edition is beautiful !!!!

  36. Ella

    Love the shoes. I need to find a good pair of white sneakers for a classy but casual outfit! My taste buds must be crazy as I love the taste of protein bars – but then I do also eat vegemite (Australian here). The Think Thin salted caramel protein bites are my favourite.

  37. Rachel Simmons

    Girlfriend. You rock those glasses. You could LITTERALLY make a paper bag look good.

  38. Oh… I want to know more about that potty training situation! :D (HELP!)

  39. Kelly

    I see what you mean about this lens, it is great! Well done Josh!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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  41. Leslie

    This poncho is my fav and there is actually one listed on eBay right now :)