happy easter weekend!

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LOVE TAZA canola fields_

these photos are from a few days ago when we were driving in england in the cotswolds and everywhere we looked, there were fields full of gorgeous bright yellow flowers out our windows! it’s hard to describe how happy they made me, but i was wearing this yellow shirt on this day and knew as we kept driving through them that we had to pull the car over for a quick minute and so i could have a moment with my favorite color.

we have been loving our time in the cotswolds (you can see a lot of it on my videos through instastory before they expire!). this place doesn’t get anymore picturesque almost everywhere you look! we have also really lucked out with the weather since we have arrived in england, as we were expecting some rain showers when we were first planning the trip.  we are looking forward to exploring london this weekend!

i hope you all have a wonderful easter holiday, if it’s one you celebrate. i love the sort of rebirth this holiday brings as it’s the first one in spring and takes place as the flowers bud around us. easter is so fun with all the egg hunts and easter bunnies (and cadbury mini eggs, too), but i also appreciate having this time of year to celebrate my savior and his life. it seems i always really crave this chance to regroup personally after barely surviving winter (year after year…. such a vicious cycle, these seasons sometimes. ;)

also, i about died looking at these photos from last easter which brought back so many sweet memories! i can’t get over how much my little ones have grown and changed in just one short year!

LOVE TAZA canola fields_-3LOVE TAZA canola fields_-2

  1. I adore this outfit & you jumping through the flowers! Such gorgeous flowers! You and your sweet family are such an inspiration. I’m looking forward to being a mom in October :) xoxo Meg

  2. WOW-those flowers are breathtaking!! Have a wonderful Easter Davis Family!

  3. Love the way your sweater matches the flowers! Hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family :)

  4. Joanne

    Your photos are stunning! Happy Easter :)

  5. Rena

    How cool! I am also wearing a yellow top in my actual post – but you look much better! Happy Easter <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. Kristin

    We saw the same yellow fields everywhere when we were in Germany last spring! We were wondering what they were for and kept asking around (in broken german) until we finally learned they were rapeseed plants for canola oil. The more you know, right?

  7. Syd

    There’s nothing better than a field of flowers! Ugh.. you look absolutely gorgeous! The color is so bright and beautiful. I love spring!!


  8. Absolutely gorgeous! I’ve got to get into the spontaneous “pull over!” type photos – I see so many cool things zooming by on the road and never stop. Thanks for the inspo!

    Alison – http://www.starspree.net

  9. Such pretty colours, you coordinated with the flowers so well! I’m pretty sure this is Rapeseed, is pretty common across the UK this time of year – it’s largely use to make rapeseed oil for cooking. Glad you’re enjoying the UK and how funny you had a bit of trouble with pronouncing Warwick. The little ones looked like mini Robin Hood’s with their bow and arrows too!


  10. you are a yellow queen! happy easter, davis fam!

    xo, brittany
    weekend links + steaks/sales on my blog today!

  11. sally mae

    Okay, I have to ask you about those jeans, because I bought the same exact pair this winter, and expected to love them, but I swear they stretch out and fall down constantly. I love the high waist, but I’m wondering if I should have sized down or something to make them tighter so they don’t slide down. I can’t figure out jeans on my mom body these days!

  12. Shannon

    I live just a stone’s throw from the Cotswolds–a huge change from my hometown in British Columbia! I just love Spring in this region and when the rapeseed is in bloom. Absolutely unreal sights like this one take my breath away. Enjoy the rest of your time in the UK :)

  13. Steffi

    These are Farmer Raps fields. You can see it in the countries in Europe, countries especially in the month may.
    In Germany its to see everywhere in the country fields from farmers. It looks so beautiful but Take care of the yellow flowers because they make stains in the clothes which are difficult to remove.
    If you want to see more of Europe especially Germany/Hamburg check out my site http://www.glamhamup.com.
    Big kiss xoxo

  14. Hannah

    I live in the UK and I see these fields of yellow all the time when I am in the car. I had no idea you can just go into them!! How amazing, and of course your outfit was too perfect for this place heehee. My husband and I have started a travel blog, check it out if you have time :D

  15. Happy Easter to you guys as well!

  16. Hope you have a wonderful cheerful Easter! Yellow is such a happy colour!

  17. Clare

    The yellow fields never fail to brighten up a day! They’re rapeseed flowers, used to make rapeseed oil. Where I live in Norfolk (uk) the fields are full of them everywhere you go!

  18. These photos are beautiful! Los Angeles has been having a crazy super bloom this year, and I just cannot get over all the colorful flowers everywhere. A couple weeks ago I drove out to the poppy fields, and they made all of my dreams come true. You can see some photos here if you’d like… :)


  19. Charlotte

    It’s so brilliant to see you and your family in England doing the things we enjoy here every day – including the damn weather and that our little pretty much live in wellie boots and rain coats. I really wished you’d experienced more sunshine but you captured everything so beautifully anyway by the looks of it and I’m getting myself down to ascent h ASAPfir some of those delights!!!
    A burning shame question – please share where you stayed as I’m always super stuck when looking for suitable places that accommodate families well – especially in London.
    Enjoy being home xxxx

  20. Naomi, I am dyingggggg wishing I was in those yellow fields right now. I think England is one of the most beautiful places in the world (well, the entire UK is actually). I’m obsessed.

    Also – yellow has become one of my favorite colors as I’ve gotten older! Who knows, maybe someday it’ll take the top spot. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    xo E

  21. how did I not know you were in the UK! It’s so strange to see your pics in the British countryside, we live just down the road from here :) x