easter egg hunt!

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you might have seen that we are currently traveling and away from home if you’re following along on instagram, but before we left new york, we had a little easter egg hunt for the kids in the park since we aren’t totally sure what our easter day will look like since we’ll be spending it out of the country. i’m hoping we will still find a few ways to celebrate, but wanted to make sure we were covered just in case.

we left an afternoon well spent in the park together last weekend on the biggest sugar high (well, the kids did! josh and i did not partake). my sister hannah and i ran around a big hill and hid the eggs all over the place while samson called out from the bottom instructions about hiding them in “super hard places!” haha! i think we did well though, because there were several eleanor and samson missed and they both told me after that it was tricky. :) mission accomplished as the mom!

a few photos we snapped below…

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easter baskets also second as easter hats!

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i felt very proud of all the eggs we hid high in the branches! mostly just proud that they didn’t fall down!

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rock in the rain boot! FREEZE THE EGG HUNT!

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samson does not mess around with things like easter egg hunts and i love it. this kid killed it.

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playing on the big rocks afterwards!

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i hope you guys have an amazing easter! if anyone knows of any fun easter traditions or activities that take place for children during easter in london, please let me know! currently trying to find a few fun things for us to do while we are there over the holiday.

PS. wearing this striped dress in the post.

  1. Kelly

    This looks and sounds like the best day – and I love what a good Mom you are creating DIY projects for your kids like and proving your really can get out and about in NYC!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. This is so beyond adorable! Haha, looking at your photos makes me wish I was a kid again.

  3. Imogen

    What do you guys put inside the plastic eggs?

  4. Natalie

    There is some fun stuff listed at http://www.visitlondon.com/things-to-do/event/7883676-easter-weekend#J1bfp5WMbGVmWIv7.97. If I was going to be down in London I would definitely hit the Moomin Trail at Kew Gardens. It’s also worth checking out English Heritage properties as they always have activities on over the holidays. Have a great time in London. I live up in Manchester now, but have very fond memories of my time living near the River Thames xx

  5. Our egg hunt will be next week. We will go to one “chateau” (in France) to do it. :) It’s our tradition!

    I love your dress

    Kisses from France


  6. Lo

    I remember the sheer excitement of egg hunts when I was younger, I can’t wait to share it with my future family!!

    Your dress is gorheous, and the kiddies look so adorable in their matching welly boots!


  7. Corina

    I really missed their happy faces
    love them so much, it’s unbelievable
    if you are in London for the Easter weekend, may be doing a round trip to London just for a chance to spot you somewhere in the city (although I would never impose in any way)


  8. Harriet

    I recently learned of a wonderful egg hunt tip. I wish I had known it when my children were small. You assign each kid a different color or two of the eggs! That way, the oldest and youngest all get the same amount, and it’s less of a competitive scramble. Although, your kids seem to have shared the loot out nicely and without a struggle.

  9. Hannah

    I’m glad the kiddies aren’t missing out on the Easter egg hunt. Enjoy your travels!! Check out our travel blog if you have time :) x

  10. Suzie

    There are various egg hunts run on Easter Sunday but Candury’s have teamed up with the National Trust (who run and preserve historical buildings) to do a big hunt at each of their properties on Easter Sunday. Also I cannot recommend Hampton Court and their magic garden enough. You’ll all love it there. Have fun!

  11. Olive

    Cadbury sponsors egg hunts at Scottish castles, I’m sure they would in England as well! The Bristush roll their hard boiled eggs down a hill on Easter, to symbolize the rolling away of the rock at the tomb. I also appreciated this: http://www.realeasteregg.co.uk

  12. Joanna

    Easter egg hunts

    Plenty are happening across the capital, whether you’re looking for something in the great outdoors or a more sedate affair. Pop Brixton is hosting a family-friendly hunt on Easter Sunday itself, boasting magicians, street performers, face painters and plenty of arty, crafty things to do. Midnight Riot Records is throwing a party late into the night for adults afterwards.
    Parents can also relax at the Roof Gardens in Kensington on 17 April, where there’ll be Easter-themed canapés and fizz for grown-ups while the children head off on a hunt with the Easter bunny before getting stuck into crafts and face-painting sessions. It promises to be an upmarket affair, as do celebrations at The Marylebone. On the day itself, the hotel is laying on a Sunday brunch buffet through the morning and an egg hunt in its courtyard, which includes a reading from children’s author Harriet Whitehorn.

    Museums are getting in on the fun, too, with the Museum of Brands handing out chocolate for eagle-eyed visitors who spot everything from the Duracell bunny to the Nesquik rabbit as part of the Bunny Hop and Seek trail, running until 16 April. The Horniman Museum and Gardens in Forest Hill has a whole weekend of festivities on 15 and 16 April, with Easter trails, performances of Alice in Wonderland, puppet-making classes, screen printing workshops, face painting .

    Should the weather hold, head outside for the Cadbury and National Trust egg hunts. Find your nearest site at easter.cadbury.co.uk — there are plenty happening in London, including at Morden Hall, Ham House and Osterley Park, among others. Also outdoors is the Moomin-themed trail at Kew Gardens — just be sure not to miss the Moomin pancakes. If you fall for Kew, book up now for its July music festival, Kew The Music, which this year has Passenger headlining. Hampton Court has plenty on, too. Besides a Lindt gold bunny hunt, the Magic Garden (and its infamous maze) is open for another year, complete with a chocolate cup decorating class.
    Battersea Park Children’s Zoo is a winner most weekends, but be sure to go over Easter to see which animals have eggs hiding in their enclosure. If you’re looking for some competition, join the crowds at St Pancras where they’ve planted eggs across the station’s stores, with a code printed on each. Find a till, quote the number and pick up a prize — there’s even free lunch going. The West End is going all out, too, with six hunts happening across Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Piccadilly, with prizes from the area’s shops and attractions, including Cath Kidston, Picturehouse Central and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not — a long-standing London icon well worth seeing if you’ve never been.

    Sorry the links will be lost in sending in this format.

    Hope you find something fun : )

  13. You guys always take the sweetest family photos. Wish I could see NYC this springtime – I was there last April, and it was so, so, so beautiful. <3


  14. Michella

    You guys are so cute! Love the rain boots ;)

  15. This is why Easter is my favourite holiday of the year! Spring colours, chocolate and egg hunts outside. I’d say your best bet on east weekend is Hampton Court Palace for the Magic Garden or Kew Gardens fornthe Moomin trail. If you go to either of these you are near some beautiful parks (Richmond and Bushy) There are lots of kid friendly restaurants in Richmond or Kingston towns too. Have fun! I grew up in these areas so I am biased but they are the best! X

  16. Melissa

    I can’t wait for Arren to be old enough to really enjoy Easter. Right now he looks incredibly cute in his bunny outfit, while I eat all the Easter eggs and treats.


  17. Beatrice

    My children were also collecting. The girls have found some sweets and small toys in the our garden. They even slept along the trees as well as your children.It was best to help each other :).

  18. Rachel

    You all look so cute in this attire :) Glad to see that a mum really works hard to get her kids learn and experience creative projects.


  19. hanna

    Awe this looks like so much fun! Gorgeous photos too. –Like Hanna