earth day at the new york botanical garden!

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LOVE TAZA botanical garden-3

these might be my favorite batch of photos ever. haha! i just cannot get enough of spring this year and all the insane colors and blossoms outside. but i am probably biased since i don’t experience allergies the way others do during this season (i am sorry, josh!). we spent last saturday morning at the new york botanical garden in honor of earth day. we were also able to see several of chihuly’s hand-blown glass sculptures that just went on exhibit in the gardens which were a beautiful contrast (and complement ) to the nature around them.

a few (okay, more than a few!) photos from our morning at the gardens!

LOVE TAZA botanical garden-20LOVE-TAZA-0hhd4-2LOVE TAZA botanical garden-5LOVE TAZA botanical garden-29

those lashes on my samson get me every single day.

LOVE TAZA botanical garden-30LOVE TAZA botanical garden-43

tulips are one of my all time favorite flowers (along with sunflowers!). growing up, my mom always had countless tulips spread across her flower gardens in the front yard so they have always been a favorite. fun side note: i didn’t want to hold a wedding flower bouquet when i was married, but wanted to just hold a few loose white tulips tied together with a ribbon. they barely survived the heat of the day and i ended up having to switch them out with white roses by the end of the evening since they were a wilted mess, but they made it into the pictures of josh and me in the beginning of the day and i still love my tulips like none other.)

LOVE TAZA botanical garden-44LOVE TAZA botanical garden-13

probably my favorite blown glass sculpture of the day…

LOVE TAZA botanical garden-14LOVE TAZA botanical garden-24LOVE TAZA botanical garden-4LOVE TAZA botanical garden-11LOVE TAZA botanical garden-12LOVE TAZA botanical garden-7LOVE TAZA botanical garden-9

in celebration of earth day, the botanical garden had a few fun activities on the grounds for the kids. we made some streamers with ribbons while we were there.

LOVE TAZA botanical garden-8LOVE TAZA botanical garden-16

also spent a good long portion of the morning watching some gorgeous fish in the pond. i think they are koi fish? (thanks to all of you who told me what kind they were on direct message when i asked on insta stories.)

LOVE TAZA botanical garden-15LOVE TAZA botanical garden-17LOVE TAZA botanical garden-18

please note conrad resting his face as he watched the fish! he is so funny sometimes!

LOVE TAZA botanical garden-19

how crazy insane is the mouth! wild.

LOVE TAZA botanical garden-40LOVE TAZA botanical garden-2LOVE TAZA botanical garden-10

my people!!!!!!

LOVE TAZA botanical garden-37LOVE TAZA botanical garden-41LOVE TAZA botanical garden-6LOVE TAZA botanical gardenLOVE TAZA botanical garden-34LOVE TAZA botanical garden-26LOVE TAZA botanical garden-27LOVE TAZA botanical garden-28LOVE TAZA botanical garden-31LOVE TAZA botanical garden-32LOVE TAZA botanical garden-33LOVE TAZA botanical garden-42LOVE TAZA botanical garden-23

eleanor is working hard on finding ways to smile that show her lost tooth! haha! she is so funny about wanting to make sure you can see it! also, i feel like it was a major parenting milestone for us to witness a first lost tooth! (it happened when we were in england the week before last!)

LOVE TAZA botanical garden-21 LOVE TAZA botanical garden-22LOVE TAZA botanical garden-25LOVE TAZA botanical garden-35 LOVE TAZA botanical garden-36LOVE TAZA botanical garden-38 LOVE TAZA botanical garden-39 thankful for this beautiful earth and the chance we have to celebrate her. have a wonderful week, you guys!


this pompom sweater (a gift), these high waisted jeans and white leather sneakers. the kids down jackets and josh’s jacket (similar.)

  1. I haven’t been there yet. Looks nice. Kind of makes me sad to have to pay to see nature and colors like that when it’s readily available most places. Gets depressing just to see cement and buildings all the time!

    -Kirsten //

  2. Oh these pictures are incredible!! Beautiful family of yours always brings a smile on my face, thank you for sharing :)


  3. Pam

    Love your sweater, Taza!
    And the pics of your gorgeous kids always get me♥
    Happy Monday!

  4. holy cannoli- these pictures are so pretty! that one with you and the flowering tee= all the heart eyes!

    xo, brittany
    five ways to help a new mama (and three things not to say!) on my blog today!

  5. hanna

    Looks like a lot of fun!
    Hanna Lei

  6. Carrie

    What beautiful photos! The botanical garden looks amazing. I’ve enjoyed following along on your adventures on Insta stories!

    Carrie |

  7. Those glass sculptures are Chihuly right? I visited the Chihuly Garden & Glass in Seattle and it was stunning. I really want to visit an arboretum soon and do a photoshoot there! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  8. Loved seeing all the funny faces Conrad made! Your kiddos are so cute! What a beautiful Botanical Garden, & you never fail to capture the details in your pictures. I felt like I came along with you guys. Thank you for sharing your beautiful moments!

  9. Eisha Conrad

    Such a beautiful family! Love seeing all of your adventures. Tell Eleanor congrats on her first lost tooth! So exciting!

  10. Girl, my allergies have been INSANE this year, but all the spring blooms everywhere are giving me LIFE, so I can’t stop seeking them out. THEY’RE JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. <3

    My NYC friend and I (Los Angeles) actually shared some spring style outfits alongside all the floral goodness in both cities this year – if you'd like to take a look… :)

  11. Kelly

    This looks like such a fun day and Samson is going to be a little heart breaker!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. kristen

    Your kids are getting SO big! Looks like an amazing day!

  13. Gina DiCenzo

    Love your blog! I’ve been following along for years! Is it possible to make your photos a bit smaller? When reading your blog on a laptop – the pictures are so large one photo takes up most of the screen! Just a piece of feedback that I hope is helpful! Thanks so much!

  14. Katie Ringley

    Is it crazy that I just live for those little Conrad’s side smirks and beautiful Eleanor turning into a young lady every day and Samson just being what appears to be the most gentle of spirits like you and Josh! I’m a glass of wine deep but dang I love you guys!!! <3 hahaha!

  15. Ilene

    I’m not sure if this has been asked yet but when will we get Conradisms?! I love his personality!

    • josh

      We can’t wait either! He is almost ready…

  16. Steph

    why does it look so dead there? what time were you there? so amazing that it wasn’t more busy.

  17. Tereza

    Wonderful photos! <3 I love your style. Also how do you whiten your teeth? They're crazy pretty xx

  18. Eva

    Beautiful photos! I have not been to the NY Botanical Gardens, and they’re pretty close to where I live. Such a happy family, and that photo of Samson is so stunning! Great bokeh!

  19. You have the most beautiful family! Love all the pictures, love your style, and love what you shared about your wedding bouquet.