top knot hair tutorial!

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LOVE TAZA top knot hair tutorial-5

if there is one thing you guys know i love, it’s a good top knot. it’s basically been one of my biggest go-to hair styles over the last billion years because it’s super quick, requires only a one elastic band, and can look great for any occasion. i broke down how i do mine today for the blog, since you guys are always sweet and ask me about it.

i love a messier and looser top knot since i have bangs. it just seems to look better on me than a more slick and tightly pulled back top knot. when i don’t have bangs, i really love trying for a deep hair part and a tighter pulled back top knot though. for some reason i really don’t think i can pull that version off well, but i promise you it really truly does look beautiful on everyone else (as do earrings. ugh. don’t get me started).



first- because i don’t have crazy thick or long hair, i always start by teasing my hair a bit and using a volumizing spray (this dry volume blast spray is the one i swear by and use daily.)

second- after i’ve teased the hair a bit, i pull all of it loosely to the top of my head with my fingers. it’s okay if there are some bumps and what not, it adds to the look. ;) secure your hair on top of your head with an elastic band, but don’t pull your hair all the way through the last time, making a short loop.

third- take the remainder of the hair that is not in the loop, and loosely twist it around the loop, tucking the ends of the hair into the elastic band to hold it in place. (if your hair is a lot longer than mine, you might need to loop it a few times, or use a few bobby pins to secure it down. if your hair is my length or shorter, no bobby pins needed!)

fourth- pull any bits of hair around your ears or around your face out of the pony tail to help frame your face and complete the messier look. you can also pull and play with the top of the loop you made in your top knot to give a higher, thicker appearance. if you’re into that thicker look, which i obviously strive for. ;)

LOVE TAZA top knot hair tutorial-6

here is a closer up shot of the loop i made with my elastic and how i’m twisting the remaining hair around that loop.

LOVE TAZA top knot hair tutorial-2

all done! a 20 second hair style is the best hair style of them all.

LOVE TAZA top knot hair tutorial-3now if only i could figure out how to cut my bangs by myself without butchering them every time, i’d be set in life. if any of you have tips on cutting bangs at home, can you share your knowledge and wisdom with me and others in the comments below?

happy top knot wednesday! :)

PS. a video of how i blow-dry and style my hair down HERE and also my daily make up routine HERE.

  1. Kirsten

    I always wore my hair like that for a long time but if you do it a lot your hair will get a lot of breakage. I’ve been wearing mine down or braiding it at night to get my hair healthier.

    -Kirsten //

  2. Rose

    Haha, are you standing in the shower again??

  3. you’re so good at the top knot. also, these pictures are fabulous!

  4. Rena

    Thanks for the tutorial! Hopefully I will be able to do this with my hair, too!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. Yaindy lara

    I love a top knot, I can easily wear my hair like that every day ! You look very beautiful as always ;) love those long lashes !!

  6. yay! i love this! i’m totally needing that volume blast spray, if it can make my hair look like that. also, i totally think you could pull of earrings!

    xo, brittany
    all the pretty lacy finds for spring on my blog today!

  7. Yeeling

    Such a cute look! Perfect for both dressy and laid-back looks! Thanks for sharing these!

    Love from Singapore,
    Yeeling | An Online Space for Travel + Inspiration

  8. Alisha

    I can’t remember what the link was, but I searched on Pinterest for ‘easy ways to cut your bangs at home’. I found a YouTube tutorial where you basically twist your DRY bangs together one direction and trim the ends while twisted. Then you twist them the other direction and trim again. Then let them loose and shape up as needed. It gives them natural texture and a bit of a ‘layered’ look without any effort…I’m horrible at cutting hair but this I can do, and it works so well my salon often doesn’t cut my bangs unless I specifically ask them to!

  9. Was this tutorial done with just-washed hair? Or do you tend to go for a top knot on second (or third, YES MA’AM) day hair? When my hair is clean, it NEVER does well up!

  10. Justine

    love it! i never thought of that trick – so you just wrap the end pieces and do nothing with the loop you pulled through, right?
    also, lip color? #annoying

  11. Erika P.

    I’m not a hairdresser but I do cut my own hair and when i had bangs I would hold the scissors vertically and minimally cut the ends of my dry hair until I got to the desired length. Cut low and slow so you don’t take a huge chunk my accident! If you cut is with the scissors horizontally you get the crooked/all different angles 90s bangs. 🙈

  12. I watched @realbrookewhite cut her bangs on instastories and they turned out beautifully! Her technique looked like it would never work but actually was brilliant!

  13. Ande

    Tip for cutting bangs: On dry hair, comb through bangs. Gather them together and twist several times. Avoid pulling down and don’t over twist. Hold bangs in place, centered along nose, snip bangs. Voila!

  14. Briana

    I cut my own bangs ! Here’s my tip : start with the middle first, get he middle nice and straight ish, and then move over to the sides. Then to fix up the straightness factor ( which I never get right on the first time), i turn my scissors so that the blades are facing up ( totally vertical scissors) and do little baby snips all across to make the ends look less blunt and more natural. Plus, you can fix any weirdness this way without making drastic cuts.
    Hope that helps !

  15. Cindy

    You look so gorgeous.


  16. NMor

    Yes, lip color please!

  17. Simone

    When I had bangs, I would twist them all together in the middle of my forehead and snip a tiny bit at a time. One tiny snip, brush them out with your fingers and twist and cut again if needed. It was an easy way to trim blunt bangs. I had more half moon bangs so I’d do this to the middle section and thrown kind of guess in the down halfmoon parts hahaha not the most scientific but that middle twist really worked for me. Hope that helps lol. Now I’m going to try your top knot style!!

  18. Paige

    Your hair is so cute! I can’t wait for mine to get a little longer so that I can pull this off!


  19. Kristen

    Love this so much! I’m sorry to bother you with this question, but what is your lipstick? Love it, love it, love it!

  20. Paulina

    Hi Naomi! I’ve been a follower since like 2 years ago!!! I love your blog! I wanted to ask you if you could please share your tus
    On how you weaned your babies? I have a two year old and would love to have your story. Thank you!!!

  21. Sabine

    U look just amazing!!! :) #prettymighty

  22. Morgansmore

    I love a different top knot option! To cut bangs…Cut center part (nose wide) to desired length. If cutting wet leave room for shrinkage. Then cut each side of that middle section, but only a little bit. So total sections you will cut are 5. On these first outside sections start angling a little. The take outer sections and angle more until you get desired outer length. Then take scissors, make verticle and start snipping up around edges of bangs to thin out.dont snip up more than an inch. Watch out for cowlicks too, they can cause a drastic difference when hairs dry.

  23. Sarah

    MY husband learned to cut my bangs!!! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  24. Megan

    I love this method of creating the perfect top knot! It stays together well, but still has that somewhat messy look to it.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  25. Kate

    You’re too cute, and this looks so simple! I’m definitely gonna try it out, even tho my hair is a bit longer than yours. x


  26. Caroline

    As soon as I saw this link on Instagram today, I rushed over here and wore my hair like this all day. I’ve been dying to know how you do this so perfectly! Literally the best hair style ever. I received multiple compliments on how styled my bun was today :) Also, YES to LivingProof. Everything they make is golden. This is the only dry shampoo that works on my hair!

  27. Jo

    I would recommend cutting your bangs by layer. Just 2-3 layers depending on how thick your hair is, but it is much easier to control. It creates a dimensional look since the layers won’t be EXACTLY the same and plus, you accidentally cut a little bit too short, it is much easier to hide :) Other than that, always cut dry (and not too greasy!), start in the middle and slowly work your way out so that you can control the shortest part, and point cut (use the tips of the scissors instead of going horizontally). Have a picture in front of you where you love the way your bangs look so you are not going on a mental image which can be harder to copy. And finally, the shape should be a little more rounded square than straight up round, if you know what I mean. Mostly the same length from 3/4 of the way through your eyebrows across and then gently rounded to longer, face-framing pieces. If the curve is too round, it will make your face look more round too :)


  28. Mary

    I just saw a great tutorial from Margo and Me!

  29. Lo

    If only I could pull off bangs in this way, it looks so chic on you!! Thanks for the tutorial; since high school I have been perfecting my topknot and I love your take on it :)

  30. Top knot perfection! I love your bangs too- totally envious!

  31. Carly

    Your top knots always look great and I particularly like how they look with your thick bangs.

    Thanks for the tutorial!

    Carly from

  32. You are so cute! Love the look!

  33. Halla

    Does anyone know what lip color Naomi is using? So pretty!

  34. So glad you’ve been sharing so much of your beauty routine cause you always look beautiful, girl. ;) I think top knots look the cutest with blunt bangs! I have side swept bangs, so I feel I have to pull them up into the knot – not a look I prefer for myself unless I’m working out, hah.

  35. Kris

    You are SO gorgeous!! Love that look on you.

    I wish I could get my top knots to look like yours. Mine always look messy, but a bad messy, lol. I also trim my bangs and do such a horrible job. They probably would look better if I didn’t use crappy dull scissors!

  36. Madi

    I used to cut my own bangs by pulling all of them into the center of my face, almost like a small ponytail above my nose, about 2 inches wide, and clipping in a straight line. This forms that half moon shape, because the farthest pieces end up longer and the center pieces end up shorter.

  37. Whitney A.

    Question for ya… do you like this spray better than the dryspun from bumble and bumble? I started using that per your recommendation and love it… they do the same thing right? Haha!😜

  38. Emily Stembridge

    Hey Girl!
    When I had bangs I cut my own all the time. I used sewing scissors, which I felt like made a big difference since they are so sharp. Then I just a little bit at a time straight across and then cut into them with the scissors vertical. I felt like that made them easier to get even (just a little bit of length at a time) and then doing a more layered look made them lay better. Your bangs are always fabulous. xo

  39. AMN

    I used to have bangs just like this, and I cut them myself all the time. After watching my stylist at the salon I figured out the trick was to twist little sections of hair and run open scissors in a downward direction down the twist. No open/close, snip snip scissor motion, just running the scissors down the twist would trim it just enough! This does give a bit more of a feathered edge though, not as blunt as it is in your pictures, just fyi! Also I recommend cutting in layers, since your bangs look like they were as thick and full as mine were.

  40. Gorgeous pictures! I love your top knot!

  41. Hayley M.

    You make me want eyelash extensions something FIERCE. Beautiful as always, Naomi!

  42. nicolette dimarzio

    hi!! what’s the best salon in new york? it doesn’t matter how much but i’m visiting again in a few months and would love to get a quality style!

  43. Julie

    Love the lipstick. What is it?

  44. Carolyn

    My husband cuts my hair, so I do not have to worry about screwing mine up. I did grow out my bangs, so my elbow length hair is all one length. I watched my husband giving my niece a trim and he sectioned her hair, and then held her bangs straight up and trimmed the tips of her hair They fell nicely in place and didn’t look chopped. They were hanging in her eyes and she wanted them to be touching her eyebrows, not midway up her forehead like the stylist did to her at the salon.