throw back thursday: a weekend from 2013

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i don’t know what it is about blog archives, but i absolutely love them. i love how this blog started out almost ten years ago by me uploading my wedding photos and also some photos from our first few months of marriage into a blogspot site so my mom and sisters could see them. crazy to think how far blogging has come, with social media now too, and how fortunate we feel for the opportunities and adventures we’ve been able to experience and document as well as having all of you here over the years with us.

since the root of my posts have always been around us and our family (even before we had kids!), i love how i can go back through the archives and see photos and read posts from our first few years of newly wed life in harlem, to our short time in DC to now, with three littles ones back on the upper west side of new york.

as i occasionally browse my blog archives late at night before bed and die over how young josh and i look, or the kids, or revisit the memories and adventures and struggles we have been through over the years, as well as how ridiculous some of my posts were (LOL. it’s been ten years guys, i’ve had a lot of growing up in this last decade. thanks for staying with me!), i thought it’d be fun to maybe revisit the archives on occasion!

and since i’m dying for summer to get here (or warm weather at least) so we can visit street fairs and playgrounds and just walk around this incredible city without feeling numb, i’m throwing it back to this post from 2013, when E and S were seriously babies and josh was also like 13 years old (his baby face!)

see the original post here.

JUNE 2013:


^^^papa said, “point and smile at mama!” and eleanor of course points to the ice cream truck just out of frame. i have a feeling it’s partly why she smiled at all. ^^^


^^^i have been dying for months now to happen upon a street fair that is happening on a saturday (instead of a sunday). this one near union square was just perfect. perfect in the over priced and terribly crowded kind of way where the food smells so good and the atmosphere was so wonderful it doesn’t even matter.^^^


^^^my kids and their obsession with corn on the cob! i swear it’s all we eat at the house these days. ^^^


^^^he is my cuddle bug and i love him for it.^^^


^^^watermelon in a cup! and somehow, none of it on her shirt! a saturday miracle, for sure.^^^


^^^trying out the new citibikes! or…actually just sitting on them for a while, which is just as exciting.^^^


^^^i love this picture because it sums up both my kids on the playground so well. eleanor wanting someone to help her down the itty bitty kiddie slide, and samson just going for it. it’s interesting to see how their personalities differ.^^^


^^^we grabbed sandwiches and pasta from one of our favorite italian spots in soho, pepe rosso. always delicious.^^^


^^^and this would be my daughter thinking the diana mini camera has a self timer app. she totally stepped back a few paces and posed for the photo which she set up. we were dying.^^^


and a few things not photographed but worth noting:

eleanor has 5 or 6 tiny freckles forming on her nose and cheeks! my sun kissed baby girl, welcome to the freckle club! it is the best club. no question.

the other night over dinner, josh said to me, “i feel like there could come a time in your life where you could be a “runner.”  he must have forgotten how that one time in our marriage where i tried to go running with him, i only made it half a block.


also from around that time in the blog archives:

that day my girlfriends and i woke up at 4:45AM to be the first ones in line for the very new and already popular cronut.

a life lately post from september 2012, after we’d been back in new york just one month!

and a trip to san francisco with E and S part I and part II

and way back in the DC days when E was just a few months old and we made our way to 2Amys (still my favorite pizza ever ever.)

  1. fefe

    You all look SO different! I like the idea of showing some throw back images, especially for newer readers!

    Sidenote – I’d love to see a post on when you realized your blog was more than just a hobby/when you realized you could monetize it, etc. I’m sure we’d all love some tips!

  2. Megan

    Oh my goodness… these old photos are adorable! I can’t get over how tiny both of the kids were.

    Thank you so much for sharing this blast from the past!

  3. sarah

    It’s interesting to see your style evolve over the years, I feel like you were more vintage inspired before and now a little more designer…anything you wear looks great on you!

  4. Adrianna

    Hi Naomi!
    I’ve been reading your blog religiously since E was born and I feel like I share all these memories with you. It’s fun to experience your little world! Two of the most memorable posts for me were when you went to Italy (?) and packed everything in carry-ons (still trying to figure out how you ever managed), and a sweet tender post when you were struggling with mama hood and had the kids in the bath at 4pm. I often think of that last post when I am struggling myself.

    Keep blogging! Cheers!

  5. I feel the same about the archive! it feels like a time machine.

    I feel like I can watch your live in fast forward by reading your post archive :) sometime it’s so crazy to realize how far we’ve come/

  6. Pam

    This is so sweet! You only had two and they were BABIES <3 oh my, lol
    Thanks for the nostalgia btw hahaha

  7. Jas

    You have a crown braid here! I remember your instastories where you were admiring the one you did for your sister lol. My favorite photo/throwback post is the one of Eleanor when she is in the grocery cart. Do you remember that one? She was just a wee baby in that photo and she is just so stunning it hurts my womb lol! You birthed cherubs Mrs. Davis ;)

  8. Joanne

    Awesome throwback! Your kids are the cutest… now and then! Whenever you mention your DC days, it always makes me think ‘Whatever happened to Kingsley?’

  9. Lindsay

    I also remember the post Adrianna mentioned above. It was called “it’s ok,” and it was saved on my bookmarks bar for many years. The message of that post was exactly what I needed to hear when you posted it, even though we were going through completely different situations (you, a mama of 2; me, a struggling college first-year). I shared it with my roommates & we wrote “your best is good enough,” on our dorm room mirror. Your honesty and rawness as you described your interactions with then-toddler Eleanor & your reassurance to other mamas and people that their challenging moments were normal made all of us feel like we were going to make it through, too.

    Anyway. I guess I wrote all of that to say thank you. So thank you!

  10. Anna

    Naomi, that photo of the kids of the slide made me think – what difference do you see in their personalities now that they’re older? How different was your understanding of their pre-vocal personality/motivations to how you might see them now? So for example, does Eleanor still always want help in a similar situation, or do you think that was an age thing and she’s more confident now? I have a 3yo and a 9mo and am excited to see what kind of kids they’ll be like (although of course wishing every minute that they would just STOP GROWING and stay my babies forever!).

  11. Cait

    I remember that Cronut post and being so intrigued at the time, before I ever imagined that I would live in NYC! Now I’m obsessed with the Dominiwue Ansek bakery myself and have waited in line early in the morning (taking the train from all the way uptown), and preordered on their website as well, haha. I want to try everything he makes, he is so innovative and talented. And it’s delicious most of all, haha. Speaking of cronuts though, a petty that rivals it in my opinion, is at a bakery way up in Inwood, ChocNYC, and they have a chocolate covered kouign amann, which they call ‘chocolate covered carmalized croissant.’ Dominique Ansel is where I first heard of kouign amann, but this place makes their own chocolate and dips them in a thick layer and it’s just to die for. Anyway, thank you for introducing the desire for cronuts into my life! I’m so glad I get to experience the same NYC with my three littles now as well!

  12. Cait

    Oh gosh, autocorrect butchered some of my comment up there. Dominique Ansel, pastry, and carmelized. Ha!

  13. magali

    Oh my god…I remember when you posted those photos! Times flies… Sometimes I’m looking through your archives.. I love your pictures so much!
    Keep on blogging please ;)
    Take care
    magali (Switzerland)

  14. I want to see the photos Eleanor took with the diana mini camera haha :D Also that story behind her pointing to the ice cream truck and smiling :’) She looks SO happy! <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  15. It’s CRAZY to me to read these throwbacks and 100% remember them from the first time you posted them. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I originally read those posts. It’s crazy how fast time flies and it’s crazy how long I’ve been a diligent follower for. Forever a favorite blog right here!

  16. I read blogs on and off throughout the years, but I always always read your blog. I remember reading all of the posts you’ve mentioned above and this throwback post definitely makes my Sunday!

  17. Kelly

    Holy crud the kids look so little and I love the throwback posts! My how time has changed and I feel the same way – I have been blogging for five years and I love using it as an archive!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  18. I love looking back on old pictures… I wish I did a better job at documenting our lives on my blog… I’m sure I will miss a lot of what is happening now when we move away or our kids will be all grown up… :D Better go grab that camera and snap away! :D