the whitney.

LOVE TAZA whitney1

something josh and i have been wanting do to more of in this amazing city we call home is take advantage of all of the museums nearby. i talked about this a little bit when we visited the met a few weeks ago, but we really don’t know our way around the museums and galleries the way we do all of the children’s museums and exhibits around town.  i think it’s mostly just because of the chapter of life we are in right now, where we spend at least one afternoon each week at the natural history museum or catch an art class at the children’s museum of art with the kids because we want that for them and they love it so much.

so josh and i took a trip over to the whitney museum of art without the kids and explored several of the floors together which was very exciting and interesting. i admit, one of my most favorite things about visiting art museums is actually the people watching of other art observers who are around us. and at a place like the whitney, it is the perfect place for this! seeing people of all sorts of backgrounds and styles and interests observing art is kind of my jam. the art itself is often impressive, but i usually leave thinking more about the people i saw and what they might be like or where they come from or what they do. i get faces stuck in my head and they stay with me forever, i swear. new york in general is a great spot for this, but maybe because the whitney was extra crowded while we were there, i just felt it more than normal!

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roof top vitamin D, don’t mind if i do!

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trying to explain how cool this piece of art was will be impossible for me, so i leave you with this photo. which also does not do it justice. in my next life, i’m going to have a way with words and i’ll explain my thoughts on this piece then. ;)

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this room full of springtime trees made me so very happy. it also made me really long for washington dc, as i always do this time of year because hi. cherry blossoms!!!!

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this reminds me, i think the cherry blossom festival is taking place next week in DC? if anyone goes, please share your photos with me! i’ll pretend i’m there vicariously through your experience.

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such a sucker for the oldies. these two make me so very happy.

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also a sucker for avedon and this one is my favorite! when i was looking through the photos after we left the whitney, josh and i both were like, “huh. this one is interesting!” referring to josh’s angle that he chose to take this photo with. haha! he was obviously feeling very artsy. ;) we had a good laugh so i want to include.
LOVE TAZA whitney1-10

but seriously. how much do you love this photo? have you seen the one where both elephants look like they are dancing because they both have their feet lifted up in unison? it’s my all time favorite.
LOVE TAZA whitney1-4

josh is not touching this painting, by the way. he is just explaining to me how much he loves all of the strong geometric shapes and lines in this one. i’m not kidding, he stood by this one for a really long time.

LOVE TAZA whitney1-5LOVE TAZA whitney1-2

also. this was not my idea. (love him so much.)

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if you visit the city, the whitney is definitely worth your while. i can’t believe how big and well lit it is, and how much art they have on display. it also doesn’t hurt that bubby’s is literally one block away (we sadly didn’t get to go!), but make sure you carve out time for that when you go.


black cape (old, similar HERE), high rise boyfriend jeans and red leather sneakers. my red lipstick here in color “bing”. floral scarf is by kate spade (old, but very similar HERE).

  1. Rachael

    Hi I was hoping you could do a quick story on how much or how many outfits you packed for the kids on your last European holiday. I am about to do a similar trip with 3 kids as well. I don’t want to pack alot but I have no idea how to go about it. Thanks

  2. I kind of love josh posing with the guys- and the old fashioned couple you loved too! your sneakers are also, as always, so good! glad you two found time to get away!

    xo, brittany
    our first day in mexico on my blog today!

  3. Fefe

    I know touching the art is a definite no-no but the photo of him pointing out the lines does look like he’s touching it, which makes it even funnier to imagine him standing there forever talking about it. Haha!

  4. Julie

    Hi Naomi! I love that you guys are able to have this kind of dates. My hubby used to come to exhibitions with me before having kids but now, with the cost of childcare being so high we don’t really do cultural dates anymore in the middle of the day. I tend to go on my own at the weekend when my husband can look after the kids. However, like you, we also do take the kids to a lot of museums and galleries which is how we enjoy those outings as a family these days. What a glorious day to enjoy the roof terrace, your outfit is super cool – I particularly love your red trainers! Julie xx

  5. I did go to a Bubby’s my last trip to NYC (on a quest for a good photobooth!) but didn’t go to The Whitney. Love that rooftop view, and so agree about that elephant photo – SO BEAUTIFUL. <3

  6. Megan

    Such beautiful photos. That exhibit look like so much fun!

  7. Rylee

    hahaha josh as elvis ! this exhibit looks awesome. Making my way to the whitney asap !

  8. Mollie

    I’ve honestly never even heard of the Whitney! But after seeing your photos, I’m definitely adding it to my to-do list for the next time I’m in NYC. Looks right up my boyfriend and my alley! Gorgeous photos.

    xoxo Mollie

  9. Jasmine

    I really like the portrait with the woman and the elephants! It reminds me of Reese Witherspoon’s Vanity Fair photo-shoot for ‘Water for Elephants,’ I was obsessed with that shoot for the longest time. In regards to the cherry blossoms, unfortunately, that freak snow storm ruined some of the blossoms that had already bloomed. *Fingers crossed* that the tress that didn’t freeze too terribly will bloom soon.

  10. Jasmine

    Vogue not Vanity Fair*

  11. Kelly

    This does sound like a great afternoon and I can not believe I have never been, I will have to add it to my list!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. Ellen

    Love the blog, I’ve been reading for years (since before the littles!) and I love watching your beautiful family grow.

    If you’re interested in art, both old and new, check out my educational Art History Instagram page @ArtHistoryLesson

    You’re so lucky to live in NYC, surrounded my beautiful art and museums.

  13. Allison D.

    I live next door to the Whitney! I can see my building peeking into your last pic a little bit! You can see into our windows from the outside levels, I close the blinds at night, but figure if people can see me folding laundry during the day, hey I’m just part of the art!

  14. Ella

    I want to love that elephant picture, but seeing the chains on their feet saddens me. On a lighter note, I love that you two were able to get out on an adult museum date. Something my husband & I are long overdue for! I completely agree with you about people watching, especially in crowded places.

  15. Nile

    I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this, but I was reading your “dive into the archives” post which at the end references other posts so I went to one of them (the one about going to San Francisco in 2012), Josh is wearing this same sweater… that means he’s had it and is still wearing it for almost 20 years!! that just doesn’t happen anymore ;)