little letters, planetarium edition.

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dear splash pad on the rooftop of the natural history museum,
who knew that all i needed to do to have you all to myself was visit you when it was 40 degrees outside!

dear body,
sorry for still not dressing properly in 40 degree weather.

dear regina,
i’m counting down the hours until i get to see you perform this saturday. saying i’m excited is the biggest understatement.

dear new and annoying frequent eye twitch that is driving me insane,
like seriously. what is happening.

dear cadbury mini eggs,
you get me into a lot of trouble! but not buying you in bulk would just be plain rude.

dear LA,
i’m back for a few days working on something fun! (behind the scenes videos on my insta stories today!)
also, your weather wins all the awards in my book and i feel like we are stupid for not living here year round.

dear josh,
can we talk about moving to california?

dear left ankle,
i twisted you a few weeks ago on a snowboard and you are still tender to the touch. is this just a sign i am getting old or should i probably have you checked out by someone more official than my google webMD page?

dear readers of my blog,
you guys are just the best. and i feel so lucky to have you here. do you know how much it makes my day to meet you?! thanks for being so wonderful online and in person. i freaking love you.



mara hoffman dress with these white leather sneakers and similar sweater here.  also wearing this matte lipstick in the shade mauve.

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  1. Eye twitches may be a sign of magnesium defficiency. Maybe have a blood test and get it checked out? Take good care of yourself :)

  2. Gabriella

    dear taza,
    thanks for being the best. you make motherhood seem so fun and inspire me almost daily to look for all the positive in my life.

  3. Emily

    A few months ago, I got an eye twitch- so so annoying! A friend told me it was either dehydration, lack of sleep, or high stress. I decided to tackle the hydration thing first. I drank a ton of water with electrolytes in it and the twitch was gone within a day or two. Whew!!! Just wanted to share in case that could help you! =).

  4. Enni

    The eye twitch can go away if you take magnesium!

  5. that dresssssss. so dang pretty!

    xo, brittany
    beach getaway must haves for mama + mini on my blog today!

  6. So sweet. Love this post. Good luck, left ankle!

  7. Corina

    i don’t normally use swear words, but I think this is appropriate:)
    we freaking love you and the whole Davis family
    you are the only one (i should say blogger, but i feel you are more like a friend) that gets me excited about reading a new post or checking a new photo
    you rock, Naomi Davis

  8. Shira

    I met Conrad and Josh in NYC a few weeks ago with my dog and it made MY day!

  9. Jessica

    The Cadbury mini eggs….Doom!! But must buy a huge bag every time I go into any store.

  10. Samantha

    Your hair is getting so long! Much love to you and the Davis Fam. These little letters are the best!

    P.S. I also have an eye twitch and it is the most annoying when it won’t go away!

  11. carlyngreer

    I had a really annoying eye twitch this summer. My friend told me I was probably dehydrated, I made an effort to consciously drink lots of water and it went away! They are soooooo annoying though because you can feel it but no one can see it, so you look crazy haha

  12. Rylee

    love love love the last photo! I haven’t been there yet in the city, it’s on my list now!

    p.s. pretty sure meeting you made MY day! <3

  13. Julie

    Like others said—magnesium, more water, and use an app that reduces blue light emission from your screens, like flux. Those three things made my twitch go away! Also less caffeine and more sleep.

  14. Bethany

    Please move to CA!

  15. lovely! I feel you with those Cadbury mini eggs, can’t stop buying them and it’s still a month till Easter!

    eye twitch can be stress related too.


  16. fefe

    Gahh, I love this. Also, speaking of meeting readers IRL – when I first moved to NYC two years ago I saw you on the train and I totally panicked and didn’t say anything! You were my first celeb sighting! I’ll try to say hey if it ever happens again! haha. :)

  17. Joy

    Welcome to LA! Definitely move here. :) And I feel you on the eye twitch…usually related to sleep deprivation for me!!

  18. Sylvia

    Funny! I told my husband that we should move to New York because of your blog posts…LOL! He’s actually from there but has been here in the South for about 22 years. But then I stop to think that I’m way too much of a Southerner to move up North. We may have some crazy weather here but I could not deal with the amount of cold and snow that y’all get. I will just stick to visiting :-)

    That dress looks amazing on you!

  19. First off, this dress is beautiful. In LOVE with that last photo. Secondly, love Regina Spektor with all of my heart – so happy to hear you are a fan. Thirdly, welcome back to LA! The weather this week has been sooo glorious. <3
    Oh, and I had a very frequent eye twitch for WEEKS. I was getting a little worried, but it eventually went away. Probably from not enough sleep and stress.

  20. Jo

    The magnesium thing makes sense. I had an eye twitch for about 6 months. I started taking a multivitamin for unrelated reasons and the twitch went away within a few days!

  21. Caroline

    I love your Little Letters so much! Currrently on the train to your beautiful city for a track meet!

  22. Selene

    ¡ALOTS NEWS!–gets better for u and the kiddos!
    life and enjoy. the place is doesnt matter if u are toghether and work in team <3

  23. Lu de la rosa

    love you too!

  24. Tereza

    I saw Regina perform in London in Autumn and it was oh so wonderful!! You will love it :)

  25. Sarah Nicole

    No it’s a magnesium deficiency it’s a need for B12. Not kidding. Big ur a lot as a kid. Get the liquid kind at the pharmacy. It does taste terrible at all. I’m not saying it’s delicious but not bad at all.

  26. Sarah Nicole

    Wait, i meant its NOT a maganesium deficiency.

  27. Sarah Nicole

    Oh my gosh, delete my previous comments. Lol auto correct completely changed some words. Here’s the correct one:

    Eye twitching is not a magnesium deficiency but a need for B 12. I know because it happened to me a lot as a child. Get the liquid kind that they sell at any pharmacy. It doesn’t taste bad at all.

  28. Ruth

    Cadbury mini eggs… THE BEST!

  29. your outfit is the CUTEST!! + i’m super jealous that you’re seeing regina in concert — have the best time!

  30. Abigail Thompson

    Love love love Regina Spektor. So inspiring, hope you had fun!

  31. Holly

    I absolutely love your Little Letters! And that dress, swoon! XO

  32. Lauren

    I live in LA and truly truly is the best. I am so in Love with it. It’s my home