family time at the met!

LOVE TAZA met2965j-17

please tell me your kids also frequently ask you to pick them up just to basically lunge straight out of your arms wanting back down. it’s like the most confusing game on the planet, but also an incredible work out. lol. i think it’s a phase that my kids go through around age 2, because i have vague memories of both eleanor and samson also doing this endlessly. anyway, it is conrad’s favorite game at the moment. that, and waking up in the night asking for “oooh tella” which is how he says “nutella.” i won’t even go into how that game plays out because it’s AWFUL and we’re trying hard to have him forget all about that one. ;)

anyway, we spent saturday afternoon at the met museum together. it felt like the coldest and windiest day of 2017 so far, so we wanted to do something together indoors but also close to home. can’t beat one of the most incredible museums in all of the city just across the park from us. it’s a goal of mine this year to really branch out beyond the exceptional children’s museums in new york and spend more time exploring all the others with them. we really don’t spend enough time at the met!

we lasted only an hour on saturday, but you know, baby steps. maybe next time we’ll be able to do more than 2 wings! ;)

LOVE TAZA met2965j-20

conrad’s face here! the best!

LOVE TAZA met2965j-33LOVE TAZA met2965j-31LOVE TAZA met2965j-32

also, that side eye. ;)

LOVE TAZA met2965j

and these handsome dark eyes!

LOVE TAZA met2965j-28LOVE TAZA met2965j-29LOVE TAZA met2965j-30

love how she studies the exhibit labels about each painting or sculpture trying to read and make sense of all the words. then when she looks at them like this, with all her wheels turning. :)

LOVE TAZA met2965j-37LOVE TAZA met2965j-38LOVE TAZA met2965j-36LOVE TAZA met2965j-35LOVE TAZA met2965j-2LOVE TAZA met2965j-26LOVE TAZA met2965j-22

there was a hole in this sculpture and conrad was fascinated with it!

LOVE TAZA met2965j-7LOVE TAZA met2965j-8

samson here trying to step on every crack (to break his mama’s back) as we walked through. haha! he knows how to make all of us laugh.

LOVE TAZA met2965j-9LOVE TAZA met2965j-10LOVE TAZA met2965j-3 LOVE TAZA met2965j-4 LOVE TAZA met2965j-6LOVE TAZA met2965j-11LOVE TAZA met2965j-23 LOVE TAZA met2965j-12 LOVE TAZA met2965j-13 LOVE TAZA met2965j-14

love this one of my boys altogether. thanks for holding literally everyone all the time, josh.

LOVE TAZA met2965j-18LOVE TAZA met2965j-16

nothing here, just sliding back out of my arms AGAIN.

LOVE TAZA met2965j-21

matching stride and shoes. :)

LOVE TAZA met2965j-24 LOVE TAZA met2965j-25 LOVE TAZA met2965j-27LOVE TAZA met2965j-19 LOVE TAZA met2965j-34LOVE TAZA met2965j-15

hope you all had a great weekend!

WEARING: my faux fur sweater coat, jeans and white leather sneakers. pink bag (c/0 kate spade) here.

  1. Natali Karppinen

    Their little faces and wondering looks speak louder than words! Great place to bring your little ones to and great way to spend quality family time as well. :)

  2. Rena

    Yes, there kins have definitely that phase :) Love the pictures and what you teach your children!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Julie

    Hi Taza, great post! You did so well to capture so many nice pics in just over 1h!! I love taking the kids to the museum but like you we can never really stay that long. But I am more than ok with it. Small doses is cool too and as result it’s not overwhelming for neither the little ones nor the parents. I appreciate museums which aren’t too rammed. We went to the London National History Museum on New Year day and it got so busy by early afternoon that I started panicking I was gonna loose one of my 3. Going to the less kid orientated museums often means less crowds and I think it’s fabulous to expose the kids to as many forms of arts as possible. I really love sharing my love for cultural activities with my kids and like you, by living in a big city (we live in London), we are spoilt for choice – although it’s sometimes easy to take it for granted. Can’t wait to see which museum you explore next! Julie xx

  4. yes! my daughter constantly wants to be picked up then set free again. toddlers!

    what a cool way to spend an afternoon.

    xo, brittany
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  5. Great photos! I love the Met! SO many things to see!!

  6. Emily

    I went to The Cloisters during a recent visit to NYC, I’m sure that would be so much fun with kids since you’re basically wandering around a castle! :)

  7. Amy

    I love your nail polish! What color is it?

  8. Lauren

    Loving your outfit here Naomi, looks very casual and comfy but the pop of pink really brings the look together! those jeans remind me of the topshop mom jeans aswell!

    I’d love to visit the met, we didn’t get the chance to last time we visited NYC but hopefully next time :)

  9. L

    Literally obsessed with those jeans. Mom jeans are everywhere in the city right now.

  10. Celia

    When did E’s hair get SO LONG?

  11. hanna

    This looks like such a fun time –Like Hanna

  12. Harriet

    Wow, there sure is a lot of… “anatomy” on display in the parts of the museum where you were! Haha, does that lead to some interesting questions?

  13. Mollie

    Love this! It would be a nice rainy day activity. You are doing an amazing job of exposing your children to the arts at a young age! I will have to remember to do that one day :)

    xoxo Mollie

  14. I’m coming to New York in only one week, I can’t wait to visit the MET and who knows, maybe I’ll see you? :)

  15. AnnaV

    Love so much about this post. Your casual, yet totally put together outfit, Eleanor’s gorgeous hair & headband, and the “oooh tella” story that is just so adorable!


  16. V

    I love the MET! Could spend forever in there, its huge! I don’t think I’ve even seen it all and I swear I was there all day.

  17. TR

    I live in Jersey and often take my 2 and 5 yr old into the city to explore new neighborhoods. The three of us took on the Met for an hour too. It’s such a fun thing to do with little ones. Thank you for sharing your fearless exploration of the city. It gives me inspiration to know I’m not alone (Most moms from Jersey look at me like im nuts when I tell them I get around the city on my own with two little kids.) Keep sharing ideas!

  18. Marcy

    MoMa is a good one…..and it is free admission on Fridays from 4-8pm! They have Starry Night there!!!

  19. It is wonderful to have such a lovely museum so close! Love the photos!

  20. Zoe S

    Love that you are supporting your children’s love of the arts and critical thinking skills with an informal trip to the museum. Casual family visits are an excellent way to model lifelong learning and arts patronage.

    Do not let your children get that close to statues in museums, or even touch the plinth (as they’re doing in at least one picture). Oils and organic matter on kiddos’ hands can stain or damage stone, and one small slip can turn into a collision course with history. Museums like the Met collect, conserve, and interpret the cultural heritage of the world for the enjoyment and edification of all. It’s important to treat objects with respect, even as we’re giving them a close look and our affection.

    – Museum educator and family programmer

  21. I always like to see what grabs a kid’s attention; it’s different from adults! How fantastic that you live in a city where there are so many museums :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  22. Smile :)

    The photos is absolutely adorable!

  23. I wish we have more museums in Indonesia, it’s not that common here to go to museums. But definitely something interesting to do! I wonder how Conrad, Samson and Eleanor seem to grow up so seems just like yesterday that Eleanor is a cute little baby.

  24. lexie

    love that you are educating your children and exposing them to different things! please as someone who works in a museum do not let them get that close to the statues or plinth! not only can it lead to a horrific accident with the work but it also encourages others to do the same which is the last thing curators and educators want