double sinks.

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it’s an on going joke between josh and me that we’ll know when we’ve truly made it in life when we have double sinks in our bathroom.  actually, it’s more like, when we have a second bathroom and all five of us in our family aren’t sharing the one very tiny and usually terribly crowded bathroom which is our current situation in our city apartment. ;)

obviously we love being in new york and making our smaller apartment work, and there are worse things in life than having just one bathroom. but everyone who has to share a tiny mirror and sink with their spouse gets what i’m saying, right? especially when you both always manage to somehow need the sink and mirror at the very same time and it’s like, “love you lots josh davis, but please! move over!” so yes, it’s become a big running joke between the two of us, and when we are away from home and stay at a place with double sinks, one of us always walks into the bathroom for the first time and is all, “oooooohhhh! double sinks!” to which we usually either high five or roll our eyes, depending on our mood.

when we were in palm springs last month, the home we stayed in had double sinks (as well as similar square footage in the master bathroom to what our living room and master bedroom at home look like combined!) and i have to tell you, it was rather nice to have designated sinks and mirrors and spend time in there together without bumping elbows and hips.

besides a sink, we also share toothpaste. it’s pretty much always been like that. maybe because it made us feel even more married or as a way to save a little space in the bathroom? whatever the reason, we have to agree on what toothpaste to get. after partnering with JĀSÖN last month and discovering how much we both love their normalizing tea tree shampoo, we discovered that they have SLS-free and gluten-free toothpastes that we can both use as well. our favorite is their powersmile anti-cavity & whitening toothpaste in powerful peppermint.

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here is josh using jason’s new total protection sea salt mouth rinse. it doesn’t have alcohol that burns like a lot of other mouth washes, but instead there’s a bunch of natural extracts and ingredients like witch hazel, dead sea salt, glycerin, and peppermint oil. LOVE TAZA 27thg-10LOVE TAZA 27thg-3

for those of you who want to make your morning routine a little more green but aren’t wanting to sacrifice the results, this is a brand you should try out.  it’s been so wonderful to discover all the great products that JĀSÖN carries which use so many natural ingredients and stay away from the harmful ones. we are big fans. also, big fans of double sinks in bathrooms and just you wait, someday josh davis! someday. until then, we’ll play nice when sharing toothpaste and bumping elbows.

thank you to JĀSÖN for sponsoring this blog post!

  1. Megan

    I love JĀSÖN products! They are the best and they always work so well! I haven’t tried their mouthwash yet, so I will need to do that. Thank you for sharing these photos with us.

  2. Kirsten

    Just think how much of a house and gorgeous giant bathroom you could have if you weren’t in NYC. Like..a mansion really.

    -Kirsten //

  3. Kari

    My husband and I have always shared our toothpaste. I thought that was normal. Is it not?! lol

  4. Jasmine

    We were on vacation in San Diego a few weeks ago and got sunburned (ah!). I highly recommend their aloe! I’ll have to look into their other products!


  5. Bridget

    Loved this post! My husband and I do the same when we travel :) Pretty much any hotel room is bigger than our apartment. Can you share where you stayed in Palm Springs as a recommendation?

  6. Kuleigh

    I might have to try this out! We’ve been switching back and forth between the LUSH Atomic Tooth Powder and Tom’s Fluorid-free toothpaste. We’re definitely open to exploring more natural daily beauty products.

  7. Melissa

    So we used to live on 71st, right around the corner from Trader Joe’s. We craved more space though and found it further Uptown. We still don’t have double sinks, but with three bedrooms and two bathrooms I can’t complain! I highly recommend taking a look!

  8. Cait

    I would think it was weird for a family not to share toothpaste, haha! Totally get the shared, small bathroom woes.

  9. Lauren Bee

    I’m totally on the green bandwagon! Keen to give that toothpaste a go.

    Have you tried bamboo toothbrushes? Americans throw out about one billion plastic toothbrushes every year and they all end up in landfills, and oceans where they will remain forever since they never decompose, and get in the tummies of all the marine life. And that’s only America! When you factor in the rest of the world’s plastic waste it’s truly mind-boggling what we’re doing to this lovely planet.

    Just something to consider :)

  10. these pictures of you guys are adorable! and yes, my husband and i share toothpaste too, ha!

  11. Kirsty

    So cute! :) We have the same situation in our home and simply put another mirror thats not above the sink on a differnt wall. that works really well for us.

  12. Kelli H

    It’s funny because my husband and I share toothpaste too. I never thought about having our own.

  13. Darlene

    Ha! L ove this. We just finally bought a house after renting a little Denver bungalow for the last several years and now we have a huge master bathroom and I Still get giddy seeing it in the mornings. For months we kept saying “our very own bathroom!’ But I gotta tell you going from 1 to 4 bathrooms to clean is Not be most fun..

  14. Rose

    I wrote it before, and I’ll write it again…huge JĀSÖN fan! We are somewhat on the same boat with sharing a full bath. We have half a bath downstairs that is primarily used for when we have guests. I have to say though, having shared a small bathroom for years really makes us appreciate a lot! I grew up with a shower, and bathroom outside, so I’ll take one huge bathroom where I can pee during the day over going outside to do my business in the middle of the night any day! Ha! Ha!

    You guys are doing great cause it seems like y’all are used to it with the littles. When they are teenagers I think that’s when you seriously need to upgrade! Then again…my sister and I stayed in the same house with said shower, and toilet outside until we left the house and got married/went to college!

    Time will tell…’-)

  15. Kelly

    You two are adorable and I know what you mean about double sinks – I feel the same way along with having a washer / dryer in the apartment, then I’ve made it!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  16. Girl soooo with you on the double sink thing. I can’t imagine how you are sharing one bathroom with four otherpeople! My husband and I share one tiny bathroom and sink, and every morning it’s a constant battle of me trying to put on my makeup while he’s trying to shave, haha. The struggle is real.


    We have two bathrooms, but my husband seems to always get both of them dirty….he grew up in a chaos kind of house as a child and my parents are complete neat freaks, it always makes my heart race, but now I just laugh it off and get him to clean it up….because beard hair in the toilet is just weird!

  18. Maridith Lane

    Looking for the link to the Easter episode you did with Target. Could you repost it?