bear crawl with me.

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if i’m being totally honest, sometimes when life happens and i get out of my routine of working out or eating well, i often just throw all my goals out the window and i’m like, well that was fun while it lasted. and then as i try to gradually get back into my routine eventually, i feel so hard on myself for not being more focused or diligent or keeping to what i originally set out to do. it can be a hard cycle to come in and out of, and i’m trying to be gentler on myself in the process with so much going on. i think it’s important for all of us to remind ourselves often that we still got this and it’s worth stepping up to the challenge, even if it’s a little rocky here and there. because just starting again is progress, and that’s something right there to be proud of.

i’m going to show you guys my bear crawl today (which is a great workout you can do anywhere that seriously activates your entire body and core, since it’s kind of like a traveling plank).  you begin in table top position, and while keeping your back as flat as possible, lift your knees off the ground so you are perched up on your hands and feet, with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. then, crawl forward the opposite arm and leg each stride, while keeping your knees off the ground and also trying your best to keep your back straight as well (all the naturally swayed back girls, hey hey! it’s a struggle to keep form, i know. but i try!) keep your core as activated as you can and you’ll feel it in basically every muscle group from your lower to upper body and core.


click on the GIF button to watch me bear crawl!

in partnership with kohl’s where under armour athletic wear is now available, you guys can join in and show me your own bear crawl on twitter or instagram, and you could win a $1000 kohl’s gift card! kohl’s is also giving away 10 $100 gift cards to ten runner-ups, as well! make sure to tag @kohls and use the hashtags #GetYourStart and #BearCrawlSweepstakes so your entry is in the running!


something else that is a great quick workout you can do anywhere is just running steps. on a nice day outside, the museum steps are perfect for this sort of thing, and a fun cardio exercise to pair with some bear crawls. i also like to pair some crab walks with these things to create a quick little circuit. the crab walk is basically the bear crawl flipped over so you’re sitting on the floor with your legs in front of you, arms just behind you and prop yourself back up on all fours lifting your hips up off the ground as you crawl forward. it feels more awkward than anything, but it works everything!!!


after i do any type of cardio or movement that involves several joints, i make sure i leave time for stretching. maybe it’s just because i am getting OLD, but if i don’t stretch afterwards, i feel it in all the wrong ways.


and that right there is a fun simple circuit anyone can do, pretty much anywhere!

excited to see some of your bear crawls on social media through kohl’s contest hashtag i mentioned above! official contest rules right here.

thank you to kohl’s and POPSUGAR for sponsoring this blog post.

i’m wearing this under armour tech 1/2 zip top in white, this sports bra in ballet pink, solid capri leggings in black, and these running shoes in grey. a few of my other favorite under armour pieces below…

  1. fefe

    Why does watching someone crawl around scare me so much?! Haha – either way, these photos are gorgeous as always!

  2. Pamela

    where in NYC do you live? Moving there may be an option for us and i want to make sure I pick a good area.

    • josh

      Upper West Side! It’s also the Upper BEST Side.

  3. I’m the same! I get on a roll and routine and then I get so busy that everything – healthy eating and yoga, workout gets neglected!

    This bear crawl is new to me! gotta try it out :)

  4. Anna

    So fun! Coming into summer I’m hoping to get outside with my almost one year old and my pregnant body! And I love under armour gear! It’s so comfy. On a separate note, what colour of nail polish are you wearing?! It’s amazing!!!

  5. I used to be the same way – the first sign of a slip-up, I’d just throw everything out and revert back on all of my progress. I’ve since learned that it’s a constant JOURNEY, that these “slip-ups” aren’t really mistakes to begin with, and physical health is something we just have to keep working towards. I actually shared a whole post about it today – hope it helps anyone else going through the same struggles. :)

  6. Wish I could do this exercise! I love the offer!

  7. Liz

    Try some NIA, it’s life changing, and the dancer in you would love it :)

  8. Kristina

    I’m starting to slowly incorporate some fitness back into my life after having twins five months ago. It’s hard to find time (and energy) for exercise! But working out always helps me relieve some stress and I usually sleep better too so I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine : )

  9. Great tips! I’m feeling inspired to mix up my workout routine with some bear crawling! ;)

  10. Olivia

    Did you use Lightroom Presets to edit these? I love the coloring. If you purchased a preset package, will you please post a link?

    Can’t wait for another post about photography!

  11. Danielle

    You guys seem way too nice to endorse Under Armour. Anyone who backs our president right now is not nice, which Under Armour has done. Yuck.