bagels with my love.

LOVE TAZA bageldate-2

josh and i have tried out the upper west side’s new h&h midtown east bagel spot a few times now over the last few months since it has opened (we think they have a yummy cinnamon raisin bagel) and ventured back over the other day for a quick lunch date together! we seriously will take a date in any shape or form, it doesn’t have to be getting dressed up and going out to something fancy after the kids are all in bed (although i do not oppose those sorts of dates! i love them, too!). but honestly having a 30 minute stretch together in the middle of the day to sneak out for a new york bagel is probably more our kind of date than any other!

also, it should be noted josh got his ham and egg and cheese with avocado, lettuce, and tomato sandwich ON a cinnamon raisin bagel. a very interesting combination if you ask me, but whatever floats your boat, babe.

LOVE TAZA bageldate1-4

the hat is not a problem. i repeat, the hat is not a problem.  ;)

LOVE TAZA bageldate2-2LOVE TAZA bageldate-3LOVE TAZA bageldate1-8

who is with me that a turkey sandwich on a bagel is 100 times better than on bread?! i get that it’s also 100 times more carbs, but i’m gonna live life, gosh darn it.

LOVE TAZA bageldate-4

blue denim jumper is also 100 times more fun that plain denim jeans, in my opinion. just sayin’. ;)

LOVE TAZA bageldate-5LOVE TAZA bageldate1-6

this man. i walked around the counter to take a photo of him and he was all, “i just wanna eat it!” OK JOSH. FINE. ;) good thing he looks cute eating and good thing we didn’t take photos of me eating.

LOVE TAZA bageldate2LOVE TAZA bageldate2-3

the mini bagels were extra cute!

LOVE TAZA bageldateLOVE TAZA bageldate2-4LOVE TAZA bageldate1-5LOVE TAZA bageldate1-7LOVE TAZA bageldate1-9

see? a raisin cinnamon bagel with a ham sandwich inside! crazy. a little salty/sweet combo in one, i guess. at least that’s what josh said.

LOVE TAZA bageldate1-2LOVE TAZA bageldate1

he’s the handsomest and i feel so lucky.

LOVE TAZA bageldate1-3

i think we gotta make bagel dates more of a thing! there are so many great spots around us in the city to enjoy them (although still holding out for an einstein to open up here so i can get my chocolate chip bagel fix!) thanks for being my bagel partner, josh!



blue denim one piece jumper

striped long sleeve bodysuit underneath

white leather sneakers

fedora hat

and this lipstick in the shade mauve matte

  1. Corina

    Love this, Naomi.

    The hat is not a problem! :)

  2. Rena

    Love this amazing place for a date night – perfect that you can stay casual! Nevertheless you look fantastic!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Claire

    Ok so it’s 10 am here and I’m already starving just looking at this avocado bagel. Not thank you Naomi…
    You look stunning in that jumper btw.

  4. Love the colours of your outfit! It’s cute how your hat lightly presses down on Josh’s hair :P not. a. problem!! I get the logic behind Josh’s salty/sweet combo! I think I’d like to try that same thing but with turkey instead of ham! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  5. Hannah

    Oh I would love to try this when I visit next week!!

  6. yuuuum, bagels! and i love your jumper!

    xo, brittany
    spring fashion favorites for littles on my blog today!

  7. amanda

    this made me laugh out loud! we went a few nights ago before parent-teacher conference and i second the turkey bagel sandwich comment. also, mike was mocking me for just STARING at their light fixtures and menu (that wood lettering was so great)! such a good little spot.

  8. Julie

    How sweet! You 2 still look like 2 lovebirds who just started dating <3 Looking at your photos of super delicious bagels really made me salivate!!! I eat bagels for breakfast which I buy from the supermarket (NY bakery & co) and now my 2 eldest love them too! Gotta be a good excuse to travel to the US rather sooner than later I reckon;)) Hope you're having a good week!
    Julie xx

  9. Rose D'Angelo Designs

    You two are so dang cute!!

  10. Looks like a really fun date, and who would say no to bagels! A very interesting bagel combination from Josh, I’d be curious to try it out :p

  11. Krista

    You guys are just too cute :) And I LOVE what you are wearing! I may have to get my hands on that jumper.

  12. Tracy

    Such a great day date idea!! When I lived on the Upper East Side I loved Tal Bagels and then when I visited my friend in midtown we always went to Ess-A-Bagel around the corner from her apartment!

    Jersey has great bagels but I miss the bagel stores of NYC!

  13. Carrie

    I love this denim jumper on you, Naomi! It’s so cute. I definitely agree with you that turkey sandwiches are 100% better on bagels!

    Carrie |

  14. kate

    Love daytime dates- the best and easiest way to fit in that alone time. My man and I do lots of lunchtime dates while our girl is in school.

    I wrote a post about some fears surrounding my current pregnancy and how i am nervous to navigate this new life. Currently 37 weeks pregnant with my second and my first is 6 years old- any tips on bringing a new baby in the house is appreciated! Check it out :)


  15. Jessica

    My hubby recently got pb&j on an everything bagel. Kind of the opposite of Josh, kind of weird. But, as you say, whatever floats your boat babe!

  16. You guys are seriously such a beautiful couple. A bagel sounds so good right now, and somehow I didn’t eat even one on my last trip to NYC. Also, really digging that denim jumpsuit – love the fit!

  17. oh gosh, you guys are constantly the cutest!!! <3

  18. Kevyn

    I’ve always loved how colorful and bright your pictures are! I feel like it reflects a lot about your life because even your home decor is colorful! If you dont mind me asking, what do you edit your photos with? Looking forward to your next post!

  19. Love this! I agree, dates can come in many shapes. Last Friday we just spent time at a book store with a cup of tea talking about our hopes for the future. And it was amazing. We need this time, especially when we have little ones around our legs all day long lol

  20. Pam

    Oh, those bagels look SO GOOOOOD! You’re making me hungry!
    PS: love your outfit <3

  21. Rachel Simmons

    How is that place so empty?!

  22. Mel

    These bagels look delicious! I got to the H&H on the upper east side every Sunday and it is my absolute favorite bagel spot :)

  23. Addison

    Just wondering, do you have a nanny or babysitter close by that stays with the kids while you go out. Would love to do that more often but theres no one to stay with the kids that last minute!! You two are so cute!!! xoxo

  24. Melissa

    Hats are never the problem! Husband should figure out a way to work around the hat! That’s how you know you have a keeper. I just love the bagels! We’re going on our first solo date since Arren was born on Monday, we are planning on going on a little bagel date and going home for a little uninterrupted nap time. The most decadent date ever!

  25. Jemima

    Awesome photography! What camera are you using for most of the pictures on your blog (like say this blog entry)?

  26. Carly

    You two are darling!
    & your jumpsuit & nail color!!!! 😍😍😍

  27. Carly

    Oh, & what lens do you use on your camera?
    I love the focused front, blurry background!

  28. When in Utah have you guys ever stopped by Cubby’s? There’s one in Provo! SO if not, you must add it to your list of things to do next time! They have this 3 cheese grilled cheese sandwich with avocado, bacon, caramelized onions, balsamic vinegar and it’s on CRANBERRY white bread. Your hubby’s ham sandwich on the oatmeal raisin bagel reminded me of that. It is honestly the yummiest sandwich. Such an odd combo, would’ve never thought to eat a grilled cheese on CRANBERRY bread but it’s seriously so so yum.