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i’m so excited to share today’s post, because you know how much we love taking photos and also how much we have loved using our Instax Mini cameras over the years (dating all the way back to when josh and i were babies documenting a trip to mexico pre-kiddos right here and here). we get to share the camera love today because we have partnered with FUJIFILM to share an Instax Mini 70 giveaway for you AND a loved one, details at the bottom of this post!

josh and i ventured out with the boys earlier this week to get some wiggles out at the playground (okay, and maybe stop by shake shack for some deliciousness, too!), and brought with us a few of our new Instax Mini 70 cameras for the day. we actually got eleanor and samson their own Instax Mini 8 cameras last summer, and i love how it offers them a way to be creative and independent when we are out and about (or at home, where they most definitely enjoy taking photos of all their toys, so they can “always remember them!”). conrad is only two, but he loves getting in on the photo-taking action, and surprised us with a few really darling shots he took all on his own.

one of the reasons i have always loved Instax, is because you get such beautiful instantaneous snapshots, and holding something tangible like a photo of a loved one or something special is really valuable in this digital age.
LOVE TAZA 83hfj4-21LOVE TAZA 83hfj4-23

i swear, tire swings are what samson’s dreams are made of!

LOVE TAZA 83hfj4-24LOVE TAZA 83hfj4-25LOVE TAZA 83hfj4-26

these two spinning round and round together was the sweetest thing.

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samson is so thoughtful about each and every photo he takes (i admit, it’s taken some practice…do you remember how many photos of the carpet in our hotel room in bermuda he insisted on taking because he wanted to remember it forever? haha!) but he has such a darling little artistic eye these days and that means pretty much every photo of his is something worth holding onto and keeping!

also, do you see the little mirror on the front of the Instax Mini 70?! this feature on the camera makes for incredible selfies (samson will tell you that! he has perfected his!) as well as using the “selfie mode” setting on the back so you can insure you’re in focus for your perfectly framed pictures!

LOVE TAZA 83hfj4-28LOVE TAZA 83hfj4-29LOVE TAZA 83hfj4-30

sometimes the only way for me to win at playing tag with these boys is to jump up on the outside of the playground to tag them!

LOVE TAZA 83hfj4-15

so many squirrels out and about (who made themselves a bit too at home by trying to hop into our stroller several times while we played). the boys loved taking pictures of them.


handing me his squirrel photos!

LOVE TAZA 83hfj4-10LOVE TAZA 83hfj4-13

conrad takes after his papa and loves his french fries and ketchup something awful. ;)


after our time playing and taking pictures in the park, we stopped by the FUJIFILM Wonder Photo Shop near madison square park where they have a fun station inside where anyone is welcome to make scrapbook pages with their photos. they also have a bunch of printing materials and albums so you can print photos straight off your smartphones and create something tangible with them as well.  i could seriously spend a solid portion of my day browsing all the fun things they have in the Wonder Photo Shop.
LOVE TAZA 83hfj4-4LOVE TAZA 83hfj4-3i had to share this photo josh took of conrad’s scrapbook page! he had given him some direction about placing the tape in the corners of his photo, and when he looked back, conrad had proudly placed all the pieces of tape in the exact same upper right corner. haha! his face was so proud. it was very sweet.
LOVE TAZA 83hfj4-5LOVE TAZA 83hfj4

excited to continue to add to these scrapbook pages over the coming months!


AND, i’m really excited to share that FUJIFILM is giving away an Instax Mini 70 camera to one of you AND a friend or loved one of your choice, with a 10-pack of film! to enter, just comment on this instagram photo and tag your friend or loved one you’d like to share your price with. be sure to be following @Fujifilm_Instax_NorthAmerica and @wonderphotoshopnyc in order to enter! you can enter however many times you’d like, the winner will be drawn at random and messaged directly on 3/20.

thank you so much to FUJIFILM for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. fefe

    I’ve always wanted one of these! I really like the colors of these – I feel like I always see the pastel ones instead!

  2. Sabrina Edens

    Yes! I’ve been hoping to get these for my twin 18-month old girls! They are already so interested in mirroring my behavior, so this will let them do just that!

    [email protected]

  3. Sabrina Edens

    Yes! I’ve been hoping to get these for my twin 18-month old girls! They are already so interested in mirroring my behavior, so this will let them do just that!


  4. Julie

    Hello Naomi! As a passionate photo taker like you, I love nothing more than seeing my little ones showing some interest in photo taking. Upon their request we got the older 2 a camera each and they go through phases when they take it everywhere with them. I also enjoy seeing them experimenting and showing me their shots. Our youngest is more interested in looking at the photos we take of her, as soon as she spots me with my camera pointing at her, she races to me to have a look at the pic :)! Having a tangible photo is straight away is pretty exciting and I am sure the kids would love us to have one of those Fuji Camera!! How cool is it to be able to pin a freshly printed photo on your fridge door or add it on the mantle piece! I love the idea! Since both you and Josh take great pics, I have no doubt your adorable little ones will be brilliant budding mini photographers. This was a great post, as always 💖.Have a great weekend! Hugs from London, Julie xx

  5. Cailin

    This is so great! There’s something timeless about instant film. I remember taking pictures at summer camp. I would love to still have those pictures!

    Also, Conrad’s squinty photo-taking-face is the cutest!

  6. I especially love this post. I’ll always have a soft spot for film.

  7. Raghuveer Rachakonda

    Amazing picture quality compared to my lomo instant.

  8. Cathleen Cramer

    I love using a 35mm camera to take pictures of my growing family and I’d love to try the instant prints because finding time (and places) to develop film is becoming harder and harder. Check it out [email protected]

  9. So darling. I can’t believe how big samson looks these days, naomi!! xo

  10. Alexandria Mitchell

    I had one of these when I was young and it brings back lots of fun memories. I always admired how Kirsten Dunst used her Polaroids to scrapbook in the movie Crazy Beautiful. Check it out!

  11. your kiddos are so sweet- and i love your jacket! these cameras look so fun!

    xo, brittany
    weekend links + steals on my blog today!

  12. Laura

    Oooh what beautiful photos and family Naomi! *insert heart eyed emoji*

  13. Janet

    @Fujifilm_Instax_NorthAmerica @wonderphotoshopnyc @rbaek123
    I would love to have this very much to share with friends and family. Especially with my daughter to capture memories. I only see her once a month. Thank you!

    All My Best,

  14. A.

    is it international :)

  15. leslie rossi

    fun! I hope I win haha, love an instant film camera, great for travel and parties!


  16. Annie G

    These cameras seem so cool and my friend and I would love to try one out! @tg206

  17. Maria Goldsmith

    Now this is great! i would tag my daughter, but she is only 8, lol. but this would be great to have and introduce her how i used to take pictures when i was her age. Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Angela Cmarko

    Awesome giveaway!!! I would love to win and share with my daughters!!! They are 11 & 12 and recently the 12 year old got bangs to be like Taza. Very fun to find a blog that inspired my daughter to try a new hairstyle!! Thanks for sharing all of your cool tricks.

  19. Kelly Smith

    I have wanted one for awhile! So would @kaelasmith0319 like one!

  20. Heather

    Please can you tell me where your coat, jeans and shoes are from? You look divine!

  21. Melissa

    I just love my instax camera. i love having an instant photo of a memory and its hard to look ugly in an instax photo!

    I love this new look. Conrad looks so cute taking photos of his fries. I’m a big fry gal myself!

  22. Egle

    My husband and I both share love for photography, he takes photos on film, while I take with my digital camera, so when we travel we don’t need to wait for each other while taking shots as we both are busy with our own cameras! We had Fuji Instant camera as well and we actually took it to our friend’s wedding and everyone was obsessed with it, but unfortunately we broke it, so it would be amazing to win a new one! and i would share it with my best ever niece Greta, love her dearly and i know she would be forever thankful :)
    Greetings from Dublin! Love your family! xx

  23. Laure

    That’s so cool!!
    Is it open internationally? Thanks!

  24. So fun! I bet my son would love one. I love washi tapes and scrap booking my polaroids. Such a cute idea to let your kids capture moments and scrapbook them!

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  26. Pam

    I was actually JUST thinking of buying myself this cute little camera for my birthday!
    Love love love the pictures your babies took <3

  27. This is fabulous! I love this minicamera! Thanks!

  28. marie g.

    such a sweet post/giveaway. i am all about creativity and expression and would love to win this giveaway.

  29. Amy

    how awesome are those cameras?! my kiddos would just love them. thanks for the tip!!

  30. Rachel

    I think my favorite picture is the first one because of how Conrad is holding his camera lens as if he is trying to adjust the focus, like he probably sees you & Josh doing all the time! So interesting how their brains work and pick up details even at 2 years old! For the Instax pictures, the one of the building is my favorite and I love how simple and cute the scrapbooks are!

  31. Such sweet photos! Your kiddos are adorable snapping all those photos!

  32. lanakauf

    LOVE that coat! Where did you get it? Your blog is fantastic!

  33. caroline

    Love all the pics with the kids and the camera

  34. Aw, these are so cute! Love that you nurture your kids’ creativity by letting them use their own cameras. :) We used an Instax Mini for our wedding to take photos of all of our guests for our guestbook. It was a lovely addition to the book instead of just having a list of their names. <3

  35. Alyssa Maine

    such a fan!

  36. Teri

    My daughter has one and that convinced me: I need one, too! (so does @aubrylybbert)

  37. My friend and I have been counting down to when sunshine and longer days are here again! Would love to snag one of these for her and I, to romp around the city and document our escapades. Also, it’s her first summer as a New York City gal. :) @skowronsk (Instagram)

    Thank you Naomi!

  38. Dunia

    I would love to win and share it with my friend Kailin. We both love taking photos! And this camera will make our outings with the kdis a more fun and easy to remember. Thanks for the opportunity, Naomi!

  39. inci

    I have always wanted one of these…Love love love

  40. The kids are growing up so fast. I had to do a double take to make sure it was Conrad and not Samson!

  41. Sara


  42. laurie murley

    this sounds like a great camera would love to try it

  43. Jessica

    Where is your coat from?

  44. Diana Valle

    Its incredible how people are so generous like you♡♡