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so i know many of you might remember my recent blog post on my tiny nyc closet and some ways i try to make it work being a city dweller with a small space but also an avid lover of all my clothes and the way they lend to self expression. in my post, i talked a bit about how i decide on what’s worth bringing into my closet and also how i try to make room for new things by rotating items and getting rid of things regularly.

following up on that post, i wanted to share a big game changer i discovered a few months ago when it comes to secondhand fashion, and that game changer is called thredUP. have you heard of or tried them out yet? they are the largest online marketplace to buy and sell high-quality secondhand fashion. and, they carry all of my favorite brands and designers like anthropologie, j.crew, kate spade, lululemon and mara hoffman always up to 90% off retail price!

i’ve partnered up with them today to show you a few of the pieces i found on their site recently, and also share a discount code with you for an extra 40% off your first order!

but first, let me tell you exactly why i feel like this secondhand online store sets itself apart from the rest. first of all, everything they receive they triple inspect to make sure every single thing on their site is in pristine condition. many of the things i’ve ordered so far have even come with the original tag still on the item! what i also admire about the site is that you can filter your search by brand as well as by size, color or price. this makes it easy for me to sift through all the pages of clothing (they seriously have so much!) really quickly since i know what brands i love and have an idea of what i’m usually looking for. and lastly, i’ll show you down below what their clean out kit looks like and how it works! but it’s the best part of thredUP in my opinion because they make the process of cleaning out your own closet a complete dream (which is wonderful news for us urban dwellers who have tiny closets and always are trying to find ways to manage that closet situation!)

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i scored this darling wool heart alice + olivia sweater i’m wearing here for 79% off the original price and the condition looked brand new! also, this blue and black anthropologie sweater with the faux fur collar i’m holding up and wearing in some pictures below still had the original tags on it (original tags said it was $70, but even with the new tags on, i got it for $25! so, 64% off!)

but the best thing i found were these black 100% leather pedro garcia boots (you can see them below) that still had the price tag on the bottom that showed they were originally going for over $600 but i snagged them for $124. this is extra exciting for me because i struggle to find boots like this that fit over my ginormous calves (like seriously, it is always a problem), so i was extra excited to find these!

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here is the darling wool heart sweater by alice + olivia that i got for 79% off the original price!!!! (originally $428, but was $86 through thredUP.)

LOVE TAZA 8gh34h-7

like i mentioned above, probably the best news for a clothing hoarder like me though, was discovering the thredUP clean out kit which they send to you with return postage already in place, so you can fill it up with your “like-new” clothing that you no longer want or wear and just drop it off at your post office or place it on your front door for pick-up. then, you earn a cash comission from every piece they sell. the clothing items that don’t meet their quality standards are donated to a cause, so it’s a total win win, either way!

here are two big bags i filled up to send in that are full of clothing items i love but just don’t wear often enough or have room for any more. i actually decided while cleaning out my closet recently that i should probably always have a few of their clean out bags on hand at all times. lol. josh is going to be so happy!!!

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and a quick close up of the pedro garcia boots because i still can’t believe what a good fit they are and what a deal they were. my calves are also very happy with them. ;)LOVE TAZA 8gh34h-4

thredUP is offering an extra 40% off your first order to the first 100 people who use the code LOVETAZA40 (discount up to $50.) if any of you give them a try, you’ll have to come back here and let me know what you think! they also have a huge selection of top brand children’s clothing so if you have little ones, it’s a fun place to browse and shop for the family as well!

thank you so much to thredUP for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. Seems amazing and very “sustainable/zerowaste’ way to buy clothes ! I really enjoy if there is the same in france !

  2. Julie

    Hi Naomi! What a great concept! It makes getting on top of your wardrobe a real breathe and since like you we live in a small flat with our 3 kids it would really appeal to me. I really hope they kick expanding into Europe soon! Hugs from London, Julie


  3. what good finds! you seriously lucked out. i love thread up, its such a good concept. love that sweater!

    xo, brittany
    spring coat roundup on my blog today!

  4. Great post! I recently cleaned out a ton of clothing from my own closet, and I need to see if I can send some things into Thread Up. I’ve heard of them, but haven’t really heard much about other people’s experiences, so this is helpful! Glad you could find some quality pieces- loving that polka dot sweater.

  5. Lauren

    I used to donate/sell on ThredUp a lot until they changed their policy and now charge $12 to send in a clean out kit. I sent in probably 50 items, ranging from Forever 21 to like-new designer pieces and they only ended up giving me $30. Once they took their cut for the shipping, it just wasn’t worth it. It’s a shame because they used to cover the cost of shipping themselves.

  6. Reb

    This seems like a great idea. I am from Canada and wanted to get some more info on the company, Very disappointed that the company completely blocks you from seeing the website if you are not from USA.

    Why not let anyone see the website regardless of region to better understand the brand? Once the brand decides to sell in other countries, then they will already have loyal followers that will quickly translate to customers.

  7. Cait

    I am a huge ThredUp fan, even though I usually end up having to send half my box back for fit. It’s still worth it and I don’t have one to shop with kids or want to spend a lot on cute, quality stuff. I’m also not sure where to go for sustainable clothing so reusing is just easier to me!! I love that anthro sweater. I’m actually wearing a J Crew shirt from ThredUp right now! I got it a few years ago for $15 ;)

  8. Kasey

    I’d be curious to know how much money you get from ThredUp for the two bags you sent to them! They once accepted 10 of my items but only gave me $7. Quite disappointing. :( Definitely a “buyer’s market” shop. haha

  9. i absolutely love thredup!!! i have shopped and sold with them for a few years now, and they just keep getting better!! you look so beautiful in these shots, by the way!! happy wednesday!!!

  10. Kianiwai Spangler

    Those jeans! What brand/style are they? Thanks!

  11. I discovered ThredUp two years ago and I had way too much fun on it! I bought so much those first few months o.o But then I forgot about it until now. Although I know about ThredUp, I didn’t know about their Clean Up Kit. This spring break I was actually planning to clean out my wardrobe and sell clothes in my college’s Free/For-Sale Facebook group. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  12. I LOVE sites like these. I’ve only ordered/sold my stuff to ThredUp once, but thanks for the reminder. You can find such awesome things (and obviously, for amazing prices) without the hassle of searching through an actual thrift store. Best way to buy clothing you love that you can’t afford retail (I never pay full price). It’s too easy!!

  13. hanna

    This seems really cool. Looks like you got some good finds –Like Hanna

  14. Jordan

    Love this! Definitely going to check out ThredUp. What jeans are you wearing in this post?? Love the fit!

  15. Claire

    Not yet available in France.. * crying *
    I love the wool heart sweater.

  16. Megan

    This is so awesome! I have been trying to find a good place to donate my higher end clothes. Plus they have some great deals!

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I will definitely have to use that discount code.

  17. Love ThredUp! Been using them for years, both to shop and recycle. Lately they have been a reliable source for maternity/not maternity pants, as I expand with child #2. I am grateful for the resource of brand selection that I love, in larger sizes (instead of buying “maternity” pants).

    Thanks for calling out the kids selection–a staple source for clothing my son as he grows. ThredUp rocks.

  18. Caitlan Walker

    Thank you for posting this! I love this idea!

  19. Alyssa

    This could. It have come at a more perfect time! Doing some serious cleaning out the last couple weeks and didn’t want to just throw out some of my Anthropologie pieces. Thank you thank you for posting this!!


  20. Elaine

    I just got some Mephisto sneakers at ThredUp. They were a great buy especially with your promo code. I think I’ll have better luck buying than selling after reading the comments but thanks for the heads up! Fortunately/or unfortunately my closet is a lot bigger than yours!

  21. Marissa

    Nooo what about taza’s closet?! I always liked having first dibs on the items you were getting rid of.

  22. Stacey

    I have to ask – what are the jeans are you wearing?! I LOVE the fit and the colour!

  23. What an amazing deal! Going to check them out!

  24. Whitney

    I can never find anything I actually like on ThredUp. I’ve looked quite a bit. I see other people getting great stuff but…I can’t find it. Any tips?

  25. Thank you for sharing Naomi

    Kisses from France

  26. This is a really cool system to get rid and get “new” clothes!

  27. Ans Pauwels

    I hope they will be available in Belgium very soon… Lots of my favorite designers you mentioned!


  28. virginie

    sounds a great way to shop! (#teambroke !)
    too bad they are not yet shipping to Canada :(

  29. Stefanie

    Thank you for this great post! Definitely going to look into thredUP. Where are your beautiful sunglasses from? :)

  30. katrina

    i LOVE ThredUp as a buyer, and am currently debating ordering my first closet clean out kit. Curious to know if you can share what your total number of items that you sent in were and what you received for them?

  31. Wendy

    I hear you on the calves that don’t fit boots thing. I totally buy every boot I see that fits and get them resoled multiple times before getting rid of them.