48 hours in paris! part II!

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if you missed the first part of our 48 hours girls trip to paris, you can find that post here. today i am sharing the rest of the photos i snapped and other things we saw and did and ate, if you’re interested!


my friend mary martha took this jumping picture of me in front of the arc de triomphe and she timed it so well with the traffic to make sure no cars were behind me. that is a true friend right there! haha! thanks MM!


perhaps my only regret was not popping into this little bakery we happened upon and trying one of these pretty eclairs. by the way, there was an angelina bakery around the corner from our hotel (we stayed at the westin vandome), so we started each day with a warm pain au chocolate (or two) from there and we all agreed that angelina’s pastries were our favorite of our trip.


we had steak frites at relais de l’entrecôte on our first evening in paris. it’s actually a place josh and i found a few years ago and loved so much! it helps with my anxiety at restaurants when they only serve one thing, and keep coming back out as you finish your plate to dish up more steak and fries. it’s a good gem, this place.


le marais is such a fun and historic area to walk and explore. we had crepes at la droguerie which were our favorite crepes of the trip. it’s also just down the road from the best falafel place, l’as du fallafel where i made sure to get josh a few t-shirts with their name on it because it’s one of his favorite spots. :)


i remember my experience seeing the waterlilies by monet several years ago on my very first trip to paris in the summertime. i was hot and sweaty and the air-conditioning felt so good. i remember standing in that bright lit room and not wanting to leave because i felt so moved by everything surrounding me. i got teary eyed again standing there this trip with all of those beautiful paintings in front of me at the musée de l’orangerie.


wandering around paris on our final morning where the weather could not have been more perfect.


on our second night before dinner, we stopped by the galeries lafayette, which is a beautiful parisian department store in the most gorgeous picturesque dome. it was so fun to wander around and see all the beautiful french brands. i fell in love with everything by the french designer manoush, who i had never heard of before. it’s a good thing i only had a carry-on suitcase to help me keep to not buying any clothes. lol.


a few more photos from the falafel place i mentioned above!


between the bikes and the motorcycles and the blossoms on the trees with those pretty balconies and rooftops. WHEN CAN WE MOVE IN.


we made a reservation for brunch one morning at laduree. the place is absolutely beautiful, but if you have limited time/days, i wouldn’t really recommend it.


the lines were so long for the louvre! we’d all been inside before, so we skipped the museum this trip although we did walk by it a few times since it was close to our hotel. the ground are absolutely beautiful!!!


last night, as i was picking up endless spaghetti noodles that a dear sweet certain child of mine had playfully flung all over the table and floor towards the end of our dinner, i was like “PARIS!!!!! TAKE ME BACK!!!!” haha! but no, in all seriousness, this quick trip seriously was everything i needed and more and i am so thankful i was able to go! love these girls so much, and my man back home who from the minute i mentioned the text chain about a possible girls trip to paris, was so supportive and encouraging of me going.

feels so good to be back home in new york with my babies and love though. feeling extra refreshed for the day to day adventures i get to have with them and also possibly trying to eat cleaner for a few weeks to make up for the amount of sugar i consumed on the flight home (i mentioned what i ate in my last instagram. lol.)

also, some links to what i wore below. a lot of you have asked about my girlfriend mary martha’s nude sneakers. i asked her about them and she says they are by cole haan! my girlfriend jenna shared everything she was wearing in paris on her own site right here.

  1. Marion

    Hi Taza!

    Haha glad you enjoyed Paris and were lucky with the weather 😊and you seem to have seen so many things in such a short time!
    Also, not surprised you appreciate Manoush, the perfect mix between style and funny colours🤗 too bad it’s too expensive for me.

    Bise de France!

    • TAZA

      i know, right?! such beautiful clothes! wish the price point was a little lower as well!!!

  2. Amy

    These pictures are INSANE! I’m seriously I’ve never been huge on going to Paris (I knew it was beautiful of course, there are just so many places on the world) but your pictures have actually convinced me!!! How dreamy and romantic – seriously ALL of your pictures are. Wow. Thanks for being so cool and sharing.

  3. Corina

    Love your photos! This looks like such a fun little girls trip! Now I’m itching to make a similar trip with some friends.

  4. what a fun girls trip! I also remember seeing the waterlillies for the first time and crying in that room.

    it’s hard to describe to someone that feeling… it’s just such a beautiful space!


    • TAZA

      so hard to describe the feeling, right?! such a special place for sure.

  5. Lian

    I love reading your travel posts, it’s always so inspiring and fuels my wanderlust! I’m heading down to Colombia for two weeks on Monday, and was wondering how you carry your big camera around while you travel. Do you just put it in your purse? Have a special bag or pouch for it? I never quite know what to do with mine and want to look cute while traveling with it! :)

    • TAZA

      i actually use a cross body camera strap like this one which is nice since i can have it out at all times and on my hip, but swing it up to shoot with when i want to take a photo!

  6. Siheme

    You should movie to Paris. Ask for a visa! You have a company, they won’t refuse ;-) I am French and I live in the USA , so trust me on this one.


  7. seriously so beautiful. i love the galleries lafayette- walking around, picking out all the things i would buy if i were rich, ha!

    xo, brittany
    affordable throw pillow round up on my blog today!

  8. Jessica

    This looks like it was such a fun trip! There is a delicious steak frites place on 52nd and Lex that looks very similar to the one you went to in Paris. You may already know about it, but I thought I’d mention it just in case you hadn’t! http://www.relaisdevenise.com/

  9. Alisha

    Have you ever visited the little island behind Notre’ Dame…the Ile St. Louis? We stayed there this past summer and it is absolutely darling! So many cute little shops, plus Berthillion is located there as well!

  10. Rebecca Y

    Your pics are beautiful! The food and desserts look devine!! You seriously seem like the best on a trip because you gotta be with people who will indulge in local food and goodies! Ha, and then back to real life… good luck!

  11. Natali

    Paris never disappoints and is always so magical and romantic! Beautiful photo diary!


  12. Megan

    Oh my goodness… you are making me want to go back to Paris! I am going there with my sister in a few months, so I will definitely be referring back to some of your suggestions. Thank you so much for sharing!

  13. efi

    lovely pictures Naomi, thanks for sharing!

  14. Ah this post makes me so excited! I moved to London from America for work and my parents seldom visit me because they usually want me to come home <3 but my mom is coming next week and I'm surprising her (for mother's day and her birthday) to a trip to Paris! I just sent her your post (we actually have been following your blog together for a few years… well, since E was born) and said "aw, she went to Paris!" I'm going to start dropping hints starting with your blog! xx

    PS – she already saw your post, so I know she won't see this comment haha

  15. Marisela

    I studied abroad in Paris my junior year of college and completely fell in love. Seeing your pictures and reading about your time there takes me back to that beautiful time. I am dying to go back someday! Thank you for sharing! <3

  16. Elizabeth

    Did you know that relais de l’entrecôte has a restaurant in NYC?? :)

    • TAZA

      i cannot believe this!!!!! HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN HERE?! thanks for sharing!

  17. Sabine

    Hello Taza, I have a question: Where did you put you luggage/ overnight bag after checking out of the hotel the last day, before heading to the airport? I am assuming you did not drag it along for sightseeing?

    • TAZA

      we left for the airport before check out time, but most hotels are happy to hold onto your bags after you check out for the day. they actually held our bags when we first arrived while we went out to explore since our check in time wasn’t until the afternoon!

  18. It looks like you had an amazing time! I can’t believe I’ve never been to Paris with it only being a few hours away from the UK! The crepes look absolutely amazing!
    xo April | April Everyday

  19. Alexandra

    Would you mind sharing where (in your experience) is the best spot for Eiffel Tower photos? Love yours here and thought to ask since we’re going in May!


  20. Cheyanne

    I love your blog and Instagram posts. What camera do you use to capture all the great pics? I’m trying to get a camera because I love to take pictures but not sure which one to get at a good price. Also what is it like to see the Eiffel Tower? I want to see Paris so bad.

  21. Jessie

    My ultimate favorite place I tried macarons at in Paris (and other amazing desserts) was Pierre Herme! If you ever go back, you have to try it. It’s amazing. Absolutely love your photos, and love the idea of a quick weekend trip!

  22. Jenna

    Love the photos! Looks like it was a fantastic trip! For the ASOS trench coat you are wearing, would you mind sharing what size you went with? I always struggle with selecting sizing when ordering from ASOS since I feel like it’s all over the place. It looks like such a great staple coat for spring. Thank you! :)

  23. Dan Dan

    Your girl trip looks amamzing!!! My husband and I want to plan a trip with our 7 month old and wondering how you guys deal with the stroller situation on the metro since they have so many stairs!!!. I don’t remember them having elevators. Also those group pictures, did you just ask random person on the street to take them? Since they look so good!

  24. Clara

    hey, I’m literally in love with your high rise jeans! i was wondering if you could tell me what size you got and maybe how tall you are…? i’m sorry, i know these are weird questions!

  25. Oh my, I absolutely love your jumping pose in front of Arc de Triomphe (and okay, all the other pictures look SO SO NICE!). This trip looks so fun and I am glad that you enjoyed it, can’t wait to go back!

  26. Tarnya

    Your photo’s are so beautiful! You looked like you had an amazing time.

  27. Katie

    I had the privilege of living in the Marais for a bit, and gosh I’m not sure there’s anything better! I love Paris so much! Love your photos from your trip!!

  28. Kelly

    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous and giving me such wanderlust!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  29. That leaping photo is amazing (girl, you still got it!). I also can’t believe you got it without any cars!! Magic. But really, all of your Paris photos (and outfits!) are beautiful. I ate at Relais de L’entrecôte on my last trip too, and it was AMAZING. My husband and I are stopping through Paris on our Europe trip this fall, so I’m for sure going to have to take him there. Saving this list to reference as we plan our trip! <3


  30. Sasha

    I really love your girlfriends sunglasses. May I ask where they are from?Cheers!

  31. Lauren

    You have to share how you pack your 🎩 hats without them getting wrinkled!

  32. Ella

    Beautiful photos! I dream of seeing Paris one day. Do any of you speak French? Are the stores ok with English speaking visitors? I’d love to travel there on my own itinerary but worried about not speaking French, that a trip there may have to be through a tour company.

  33. Rachel

    Already had the shoes and found a knock of hat that looks like yours for $5 at H&M today! Ready for my trip to Barcelona!

  34. Nalin Ure

    Hi! Can I ask which Le relais de l’entrecote you visited, I know there are 3 in Paris city and just wondering if they are all the same (menu and price), and do you recommend one?
    Going to Paris very soon and trying to stake out the best eateries!

    Thank you